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Monthly Meetings
Other Opportunities

Please take a moment to fill out the form below to volunteer for TIARA. We say it often, but it is true - TIARA is YOUR organization and it is only as good as its volunteers. You do not necessarily have to live in the Boston area or attend meetings to volunteer your time and talent.

You can print the following form and mail it to TIARA ATTN: Volunteer Chair, 121 Boston Post Road, Suite 3, Sudbury, MA 01776.

Monthly Meetings:
Refreshment Coordinator—set up/cleanup refreshment table at monthly meetings and coordinate goodies, maintain supplies & brings them to the meetings. Costs for supplies are reimbursed.
Bring refreshments—bring baked/purchased items for monthly meeting
Setup/Cleanup—arrive 45 minutes prior to monthly meeting for setup of room
Greeter—arrive 45 minutes prior to monthly meeting to welcome members & assist with signing in
Recorder—Help tape record or videotape a TIARA lecture
Photographer—Take digital photos of TIARA speakers, or other events.
Other Opportunities:
Foresters Project - this is a monthly opportunity. Volunteers may come to UMass Boston or the TIARA office in Waltham, MA. We will train you on tasks such as data entry, scanning and placing Forester documents in archival folders. Contact for more information."
Write an article, column, nugget for the newsletter. Type up your thoughts and email them to the newsletter editors. They can assist you in putting the article together.
Help out at a mailing party—held in Waltham, MA 4 times a year to get out the quarterly newsletters. They take place on Thursdays in the early afternoon and last approximately 2-3 hours.
Help maintain and develop the TIARA website.
Help staff a table at a TIARA-sponsored event—These are tables at conferences, seminars or festivals that would require as little as 3 hours of your time on a day of your choice that the event is being held. These events are announced in our newsletter and on our website. If you volunteer, we will contact you as events come up and check to see if you can assist us.
Volunteer at TIARA's Library in our Waltham office.—This would be a Sunday afternoon from approximately 1pm to 3pm. We welcome people who come to the library and assist them in using the material we have available. We would train you on the items that are available for use. Even if you can only do an occasional Sunday, let us know. You will be contacted as to when we will be open.

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