Surname Database

Provided as a means of connecting to other researchers who may have common ancestors, the Surname Database is a way for users of this web site to query TIARA Members about surnames and origins in which they have an interest.  Users may browse the table for entries that interest them.  To contact the TIARA member who posted the surname, click on the member number in the last column to send an e-mail stating your interest to TIARA.  TIARA will then contact the member to see if they wish to contact you. If so, TIARA will provide your e-mail address and you may begin a collaboration. Only TIARA Members may post a surname on this database.  To do so, please contact the TIARA Corresponding Secretary or use the Contact Form on the Contact Page and give the Subject of Surname Database.

TIARA does not provide individual research.

This table was updated June 5, 2017