St. Patrick’s Cemetery and Calvary Cemetery Brockton, Massachusetts

Headstone Inscriptions

This project is dedicated to Saint Patrick’s Church of Brockton, Massachusetts, on its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of serving to the spiritual needs of its parishioners.

Seventy – two headstones at St. Patrick’s Cemetery contained inscriptions indicating a place of birth in Ireland, and one headstone at Calvary Cemetery. The information varies on each stone. Among the identifying information is: county, townland, parish, town, dates of birth and death.

The spelling is presented as written on the headstone. For a known misspelling, the correct spelling is in brackets [] or noted by sp. Underlining denotes a guess. In the cases of some unreadable dates of death on the headstones, research was conducted at the Massachusetts State Archives in Boston.

The index at the end identifies all the people mentioned on each headstone and the number where they can be found in the table. Contact Richard K. Hayes for more information.