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1984111New TIARA PublicationEditorsAnnouncing the first TIARA Newsletter.
1984112Emigrants from Dromore, County TyroneEditorsIrish landowners in 1835 East Boston.
1984113Rathlin Islanders in CharlestownEditorsUlster Folk Museum seeks descendants' memories of ancestors' origins and traditions.
1984121County Longford Emigrants in BostonMarie DalyBunker Hill and Mount Auburn Catholic Cemeteries' inscriptions.
1984122(Beyond the Ballot Box: A Social History of the Boston Irish, 1845-1917) Book ReviewEditorsDennis Ryan's thorough study of Boston's Irish 'beyond the ballot box'.
1984122Response to Query on Richard WelchMarie DalySenator David I. Walsh connections.
1984132(Children of the Dead End) Book Review.EditorsPatrick McGill's 1914 autobiographical account of the exploitation of children of poor Irish families in the 19th & early 20th centuries.
1984132Daniel O'Connell's Repeal SocietiesEditorsBoston Pilot coverage of Repeal Society activities available at Boston Public Library.
1984142The Origin of the Hedge SchoolsMary DwanFirst of two parts on Irish education and the rise of the Hedge Schools.
1984143The Causes of Death of Irish Buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery.EditorsInformation based on death certificates in chart form using statistics for men and women.
1984144Historical NotesMarie DalyThe role of the Erenagh in the medieval Irish church.
1985212Distribution of Irish Buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery by Residence [USA/Irish Province]Marie DalyIrish birthplace vs. USA residence.
1985212Repeal Society Meeting ReportsEditorsFrom the Boston Pilot-Jan. 1842-Dec. 1845; to be found at the Boston Public Library.
1985213The Origin of the Hedge SchoolsMary DwanSecond of two parts on Irish education and the rise of the Hedge Schools.
1985222Did You Know That...Eileen MedleyPlanning a Family Reunion.
1985223Sometimes You Just Get LuckyMargaret Jenkins
Finding ancestor information on Prince Edward Island.
1985224Gravestone Inscriptions: Kilbrogan, Co. CorkMarie DalyFirst probable listing of Kilbrogan headstone inscriptions.
1985225Nineteenth Century Medical DiagosisMarie DalyDiagnoses extracted from Stedman's Medical dictionary, 1982.
1985227Answer to Query Regarding Fr. Edmund WalshMarie DalyBoston-born Jesuit opened Foreign Service School at Georgetown.
1985232Boston's Historic CemeteriesEditorsList of Boston cemeteries.
1985233Did You Know That...George SanbornAlbert Ward, St. John, New Brunswick is the only surviving remnant of the 1861 provincial census. Contains 945 names, most of whom were Irish immigrants.
1986311Carney Hospital ArchivesEditorsPapers of Andrew Carney and Carney Hospital records.
1986313Book ReviewEditorsEmigrants and Exiles: Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America. Kirby Miller, 1985.
1986321TIARA Income StatementEditors1985 Income statement and balance sheet.
1986323Irish Family History SocietyEditorsNew society formed in 1984, based in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. The article includes a listing of genealogical research activities by county.
1986333Extracts of the Totten Family in IrelandEditorsTithe Applotment and Griffith's Valuation records of Tottens in Cos. Armagh, Antrim, Down, & Tyrone compiled by Claire Kaplan.
1986335Births, Deaths and Marriages from the King's [Offaly] County ChronicleEditors1849-1855 records compiled by the Offaly Historical Society.
1986343Repeal Society Meeting ReportsEditors1843 Boston Pilot lists of names, counties of birth, and donation amounts of donors.
1987415The Transatlantic Communities of Boston and IrelandThomas Brown, Ph.D.TIARA Lecture 9 Jan. 1987. A comparison of late 19th century political developments in Ireland and Boston.
1987417Book ReviewEditorsThe Last of the Name - an examination of the influence of oral history of Clonmany parish, Co. Donegal from 1750 to 1850.
1987423The Irish in Worcester, Mass.Tim MeagherTIARA Lecture of February 1987. History of Irish in Worcester from late 18th to late 19th centuries.
1987425The Irish in BostonPatrick RussellTIARA Lecture of April 1987. History of Irish in Boston from Colonial times to early 19th century.
1987432Did You Know That...EditorsThe Grinian of Aileach - 3,700 year old Donegal fortress.
1987433The Irish in Prince Edward IslandBrendan O'GradyTIARA Lecture of May 1987. The 18th century Waterford connection; pre-1765 immigration; 1765-1830 immigration.
1987436Research in the Valuation OfficeEditorsResearch suggestions.
1987441New Officers Elected; TIARA, Inc.; Thank YouEditorsOfficers' list; by-law change; resignation of Marie Daly as Newsletter editor.
1987442Massachusetts Military ArchivesEditorsRecords held at the archives.
1987443What Is in a NameEditorsDiscussion of Irish placenames by Dr. Breandan O'Ciobhain.
1987444A Night in the DarkEditorsFour members discuss recent trips to Ireland.
1988515In Honor of GoodyPatrick G. RussellLast witch hanging in Boston, 1688, of Goody Glover, an Irish Catholic
1988523Tips for Effective Use of Probate and Deed RecordsWilliam SchoefflerLocation and types of records held.
1988525Irish HeraldryEditorsHistory and resources of the Herald's Office.
1988526Genealogy Centre, North West Centre for Learning and Development, DerryBrian MitchellPlans for the Centre.
198853&41Annual Report of the PresidentJoe HowleySummary of year's events and happenings.
198853&43Forced Irish Emigration to the Caribbean in the Seventeenth CenturyLeslie WatsonTIARA Lecture of May 1988. History of indentured servitude starting in the 1630s.
1989611Leitrim Heritage CentreEditorsOpened 1989.
1989612The Kennedys of Boggin, Tullaroan, County KilkennyFrank KennedySuccessful search for Ggf, Patrick Kennedy.
1989613Early Celts in EuropeMargaret Casey TorioTIARA Lecture in December 1988.
19896141834 Census of Ballymodan, County CorkEditorsMainly return of 445 Protestant families.
19896151,000 Letters Later: The Power of Genealogical CorrespondenceJim HolmesSuccessful techniques for making genealogical contacts.
1989616Database Project on Irish EmigrationEditorsUlster-American Folk Park, Omagh, Co. Tyrone project to document Irish emigration.
1989623Genealogical Research in New BrunswickDuane CrabtreeHistory and resources for New Brunswick research. (Updated in 2008)
1989633The History of East BostonMichael LauranoTIARA Lecture of May 1989.
1989636The O'Neils of Kilmore, County WexfordLawrence J. BarrettResearching O'Neil side of family through St. John, New Brunswick to County Wexford.
1989642Annual Report of the PresidentJoe HowleySummary of year's events and happenings.
1989643TIARA Elects OfficersEditorsJoseph Howley, Sheila Fitzpatrick, John saunders, Judi Keane, and Janet Hourigan.
1989644The Farrens of Culdaff, County DonegalBarbara O'Brien SchweizerInsight into Donegal life found in Handbook on Irish Genealogy.
1990713Models for MoversIde O'CarrollPart 1 of a TIARA Lecture of October 1989. The role of women.
1990721Models for Movers (Cont.)Ide O'CarrollPart 2 of a TIARA Lecture of October 1989. The role of women.
1990725Nineteeth Century Irish Immigration: The Literary EvidenceCharles Fanning, Ph. D.Part 1 of a TIARA Lecture of December 1989. Irish immigration experience as seen through the writings of the immigrants.
1990733Nineteeth Century Irish Immigration: The Literary EvidenceCharles Fanning, Ph. D.Part 2 of a TIARA Lecture of December 1989. Irish immigration experience as seen through the writings of the immigrants.
1990736Massachusetts State Archives: Its Resources, Its People, and Its FacilityWilliam MilholmePart 1 of a TIARA Lecture of September 1989. A detailed overview of the building, contents, and staff.
1990742Book ReviewEditorsThe Story of the Irish in Boston: Rise of the Irish middle class in the late 19th century.
1990743Massachusetts State Archives: Its Resources, Its People, and Its FacilityWilliam Milholme2nd of two parts of a TIARA Lecture of September 1989. A detailed overview of the building, contents, and staff.
1990747Gaelic MassElizabeth O'Keefe MaceyHearing the Mass, for the first time, said in the language of her ancestors.
1991811Annual Report of the PresidentJoseph HowleyReview of 1990 activities.
1991813Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors: Passenger Lists and NaturalizationsWilliam SchoefflerTIARA Lecture of April 1990.
1991819TAB at NEHGSEditorsThe complete set of the Tithe Applotment Books on microfilm acquired by NEHGS.
1991821TIARA Surname RegistryEditorsFirst TIARA surname registry, pages 2-9.
1991821Irish Festival at Stonehill CollegeEditorsSponsored by the Irish Cultural Centre.
1991831New BooksEditorsVolume 2 of The Search for Missing Friends (1851-1853); Together in Exile, New Brunswick Irish immigrant genealogies; Hard Times. Hard Men: Maine and the Irish 1830-1860.
1991833A Shipwreck on Our ShoresDavid WadsworthThe wreck of the St. John, carrying Irish immigrants, on the Grampuses in Cohasset.
1991834Harrison Willis Lawrence PellsLouise Redfern PellsRemembrance of TIARA member Harrison Pells.
1991835Irish Research in Atlantic CanadaGeorge SanbornTIARA Lecture of December 1990.
1991842Finding Lost RelationsEditorsUsing the Social Security Death Index.
1991842Did You Know ThatEditorsFr. James Donnelly, Irish priest, travelled in USA 1853-1855. His journal is available at NEHGS.
1991843Stability and Change: The Impact of the Famine in IrelandKevin O'NeilPart 1 of TIARA Lecture of June 1991. An examination of the 19th century Irish history.
1992912New York Newspaper RecordsEditorsA review of Index to Marriages and Deaths in the New York Herald, Volume 2, 1856-1863 by James P. Maher.
1992912Our Readers AskEditorsResearch questions answered by editors.
1992913Stability and Change: The Impact of the Famine in IrelandKevin O'NeilPart 2 of 2 of TIARA Lecture of June 1991. An examination of the 19th century Irish history.
1992915Larne-American CommerationEditorsLarne, Co. Antrim commeration of first emigrant ship from Larne to Boston.
1992916A Problem with Irish RecordsJoseph A. KingIrish land measurement.
1992922Glasgow Catholic Archdiocese Registers IndexedMarie DalyRecords of "Glasgow Irish" now available.
1992922Stories of Early 20th Century Life: An Oral History of Arlington, MassachusettsEditorsArlington life in the era of the coal stove and kerosene lamp as recalled by elders.
1992923Genealogical Research in County Cork, IrelandNora HickeyTIARA Lecture. Resources available for Cork research.
1992932The Irish in AmericaEditorsPatrick J. Blessington's guide to Irish-American literature.
1992932In MemoriumEditorsTwo TIARA members remembered.
1992933The Irish in BostonThomas O'ConnorTIARA Lecture of April 1992. The trials and successes of Irish immigrants in Boston.
1992937Drum Heritage GroupEdward EganRestoration of the Old Drum Cemetery, Co. Roscommon.
1992941Massachusetts Vital Records Bill Sparks ControversyEditorsDiscussion of the bill which will adversely impact genealogists.
1992942Mystery GirlSheldon ChaplinLong-distance research: El Paso to Boston.
1992943Irish Maritime Emigration to AmericaMary MalloyTIARA Lecture of September 1991.
1992947Springfield Genealogical CollectionEditorsHoldings of the Connecticut Valley Historical Museum in Springfield.
19931011Mass. Vital Records Bill FiledEditorsDiscussion of effect of HB93 on the genealogical community.
19931012Obituaries: Bountiful Sources for Irish GenealogistsBob GallagherAncestors too poor to afford newspaper obituaries. However, obituaries may exist and provide "A wealth of information."
19931013Boston's Aid to Ireland During the Great FamineHenry LeeTIARA Lecture of January 1993.
19931017Site of Irish Canal DiggersEditorsArchaeological project at Lockport, IL, site of canal diggers' graves.
19931021H-193 to Be RevisedEditorsEffect of bill on genealogists.
19931022Missing Friends Volume lll AvailableEditorsVolume III - 1854-1856.
19931023The Rascal King: James Michael Curley and Irish-AmericaJack BeattyCurley's rise to power from the Boston slums to the statehouse.
19931032Plans for Grosse Ile National Historic Park Ignite ControversyIrish Echo, August 1993Protest surrounding de-emphasizing tragic events.
19931032Civil War Letters of an Irish SoldierMarie DalyReview of Irish Green and Blue: The civil War Letters of Peter Welsh.
19931033Rathlin Islanders DowneastMarie DalyThe history of Rathlin Island and the connection of islanders to Maine.
19931035Names and Ages of Irish Natives in the 1860 Federal Census of Washington Co., Bearing Rathlin NamesEditorsA list of names and ages.
1994112 & 31EditorialSheila FitzPatrick, PresidentEditor change
1994112 & 33Farmhouse White CakeSylvia Zalla submitterRecipe
1994112 & 34Civil War Soldiers SystemBob Gallagher, submitterNational Park Service database of soldier information from both North and South
1994112 & 35Aran StitchesBoston Globe 30 June 1965Tradional stitches used in Aran sweaters
1994112 & 36QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
1994112 & 37Ellis Island: Making the ConnectionEleanor Morrissey, Arlington, MA; by permission Sugrue Family NewsletterReflections on immigrant arrivals
1994112 & 38The Remarkable Mrs. NicholsonCarlyn Cox, submitter. From Irish TimesAmerican Protestant Missionary in 1840s Ireland
1994112 & 310Identifying Your Irish Ancestor\'s Townland: Sources in the U.S. and IrelandR. Andrew PierceTIARA lecture, 10 Sep 1993; PART 1 (see also V 11, #4)
1994112 & 314Derry Genealogy Center UpdateEditorsList of records held at Center
19941141A Find in WalthamCarolyn Schofield & Dolores Cifrino Hayes, Bandon. Co. Cork
19941142Publications of InterestBetty FurdonHistory Ireland; Bandon Historical Journal; Galway Roots
19941143Identifying Your Irish Ancestor\'s Townland: Sources in the U.S. and IrelandR. Andrew PierceTIARA lecture, 10 Sep 1993; PART 2 (see also V.11, #2&3)
19941146The Robinettes of IrelandWilliam James Robinette #249Robinette; King's [Offaly] County; Methodist; Church of Ireland
19941147Genealogical Resources Boston Public LibraryJoseph G. V. Maciora #1033, submitterBPL Social Sciences Dept., Bates Hall. PART 1 (see also V 12, #2)
199411411Our Experience Researching in the Catholic Parish Records in IrelandLarry Barrett, submitterNational Library; Local rectories; Heritage Centres
199411412WWII Registration CardsJames M. HolmesWaltham Branch of National Archives; New England registrations
199411413QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199411414Galway Family History Society (West)Carlyn V. CoxDetails of Society's holdings
19951211Looking for Mother Mulcahy & Finding So Much MorePaul E. CurranClonmel, Ireland; Fr. Cuddihy; Milford, MA
19951213Tracing Anglo-Celtic RootsBrian O'Regan, submitterBritish Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
19951216Thousands of Rare Maps To Be Restored and Put on Public ShowFrom The Irish Times 30 September 1994, by Uinsionn MacDubhghaill16th Century Maps at the National Library of Ireland
19951217Caveat Emptor: The Book of Haslingers Second in a SeriesFrom Vol 24, #4 NGS Newsletter, by Helen Hinchcliff, Chair, NGS Ethics CommitteeBeware of 'Surname' books
19951218Irish Heritage Research / O'Dubhda Clan NewsletterBy permission O'Dubhda Clan Newsletter #6, Conor McHale, Ed.O'Dubhda, O'Dooda, Dowd, O'Dowd research
19951218Second Irish Genealogical Congress 1994By permission O'Dubhda Clan Newsletter #6, Conor McHale, Ed.Highlights of the Congress
19951219Irish Soda BreadCatherine Flynn Volgstadt #946, submitterRecipe
19951219The TruismsLouis MacNeice, Collected PoemsPoem
199512110QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199512110Church of Ireland Notes: Huguenot Archive is Launched in DublinEastside Genealogical Society Vol XII, #1, June 1994 (Bellevue, WA)Huguenot records at the Representative Church Body (C of I) Library, Dublin
199512111Plastic Sheet ProtectorsMary C. CurtisRecords protection and preservation
19951221Take Me Home to MayoSheila FitzPatrick, PresidentObituary of Past-president, Joseph F. Howley, 3rd
19951222Publications of InterestEditorsIrish America Magazine; Agnewsletter; Inside Ireland; & Harney Update
19951223An Overview of the Libraries and Their Services at Boston CollegeJim Walsh, Head, Reference services Tufts Arts & Sciences LibraryTIARA lecture, 9 Sep 1994
19951226Searching for Roots in IrelandLeonard W. RileyKilpatrick, Co. Wexford; Cooper; Porter
19951227Genealogical Resources Boston Public LibraryJoseph G. V. Maciora #1033, submitterSocial Sciences Dept., Bates Hall. PART 2 (see also V 11, #4)
199512211The National Library of IrelandBy permission O'Dubhda Clan Newsletter #6, Conor McHale, Ed.Facilities and procedures at NLI
199512212QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199512214Clans of Ireland and GenealogyBy permission O'Dubhda Clan Newsletter #6, Conor McHale, Ed.The Clans of Ireland office sponsored by Bord Failte and Dept of the Taoiseach
199512215Finding a Cousin through the MailJanis Duffy Hourigan #336Mailing family search inquiries; Nova Scotia; Duffy; O'Brien
19951231A World of Wonder in a Dresser DrawerBetty Furdon Furdon; Barna, Co. Galway
19951232Publications of InterestEditorsAssociation of Gravestone Studies; The Irish Link; & NGS Quarterly
19951234In GratitudeSheila FitzPatrick, PresidentLetter from outgoing President
19951234Toll Gate a.k.a. St. Mary's CemeteryMartin Grealish Transcription & photography of all headstones at St. Mary's
19951235QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
19951236Records and Research in the Archives of the Archdiocese of BostonRobert Johnson-Lally, ArchivistTIARA lecture 10 Mar 1995
19951238Meditations on the Tragedy of Grosse IleJim Holmes Insights and critique of the memorial and park
199512310From 'The Confession of St. Patrick, ca 490 A.D.'by permission Irish Heritage Research #4, March 1995, Conor McHale, Ed.St. Patrick's Confession
19951243Genealogical Research in Massachusetts Court RecordsElizabeth C. Bouvier, Archivist, Div. of Archives & Preservation, Mass. SJCTIARA lecture 8 Jun 1995
19951246QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
19951247Leaving a LegacyMae Prendergast, by permission Journal of the Galway FHS, 1993The meaning of family history / genealogy
19951248An Unexpected TreasureRichard F. Mooney, by permission New York Times 21 Sep 1995Bank records as a genealogical resource
19951248Massachusetts National Guard Military MuseumNugget, editorsThe Salisbury Street Armory - contacts, hours
19951249Sir Richard John Griffith and Griffith's ValuationBy permission O'Dubhda Clan Newsletter #5 (May 1995), Conor McHale, Ed.Griffith biography & summary of Valuation
199512410The Ogham StonesCarlyn Cox, submitterEarliest Irish written language
19961311Lament of the Famine VictimsAnn M. BurnsOriginal Poem - 22 Oct 1995. 150th Anniversary. RI Irish Gen. Society
19961313Family History on PBSSylvia ZallaSynopsis of ten-part instructional series on family history, broadcast in 1996
19961315History on a PlacematMargaret Grey, submitterSuccess story of nine Young Ireland members transported to Australia
19961316The Fitzgeralds of Boston to 1870Editors, based on TIARA lecture by Mike Johnson #574Computer databases of Fitzgeralds based on vital records, censuses, directories, etc for city of Boston
19961318QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199613213Who's Who in TIARA and If You're IrishYou Can Be in Two Places at the Same TimeEditorialsBernie Couming, Pres.; 13-14 Sept Irish Gen. Conf.
199613214Publications of InterestEditorsCarlow, Past and Present; Leitrim Guardian; aROUNDtheTABLE; The Cork Genealogical Society; & Hungry Hill.
199613218Decades-old Irish Adoption Files DiscoveredBoston Globe 9 Mar 1996, submitted by Betty Furdon #218Irish records of forced adoption 1948-1962
199613219Carlow County Heritage Society (see Publications p 14)Michael Purcell (CCHS)Services provided by Society
199613219County Carlow Success StoryMaureen SpeedBennett; Rosdellig, Co. Carlow
199613220Significant Dates in Irish Historycompiled by editors1601-1948
199613221Faith and the GenealogistJohn Cusimano, by permission. Sylvia Zalla #373, submitterApproaching genealogy from a historical perspective
199613222The Bardic Clans of IrelandIrish Heritage Research #8, by permission. Dennis Ahern #826, submitterOverview of Bardic history - 1050-1650 A.D.
199613223The Search for the Cyber-Holy Grail or How to Pick an Internet Service ProviderDean Novelli, by permission. Sylvia Zalla #373, submitter.Part 1 - finding & evaluating ISPs. (see also V 13, # 3)
199613225QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199613226The Black IrishBy permission O'Dubhda Clan Newsletter #3 (Feb 1995), Conor McHale, Ed.Based on 1994 Irish Roots 1, 2, & 4. The history of the Irishness of Montserrat
199613329England's Irish Slaves - American Ireland Education FoundationPhyllis Doherty submitter. Robert E. West, PECIrish in Aruba; Irish Catholics in West Indies
199613333Survey of June TIARA AttendeesCarlyn CoxGenealogy involvement and resources used
199613334The Money Tree and The Lost Book of ClonenaghIrish Heritage Research, March 1995, Conor McHale, EditorThe 'fable' of the money tree of Co. Laios
199613339QueriesEditorsName searches
199613340The Search for the Cyber-Holy Grail or How to Pick an Internet Service ProviderDean Novelli, by permission. Sylvia Zalla #373, submitter.Part 1 - finding & evaluating ISPs. (see also V 13, #2)
199613342Lexington Museum Traces Irish HeritageOtto Peter Erbar, Lowell Sun, 1 Aug 1996The story of the Famine at the Museum of Our National Heritage
199613445Yesterdays PastPaul CurranSt. Mary's Cem; Milford, MA
199613446Publications of InterestEditorsNew Hibernia Review
199613447National Museum of Civil War MedicineSheila FitzPatrick, submitterExhibits the story of hospitals and medical advances during the Civil War
199613448Genealogical Research in IrelandMarie DalyTIARA lecture, 9 Feb 1996. Library & Archival holdings in Ireland.
199613453Names of Children in Ireland before the FamineBy permission, Irish Heritage Research, #9, May 1996, Conor McHale, EditorTraditional naming patterns
199613453Boston Area Computer-Based Genealogy ResourcesBill GerberOn-line genealogy bulletin board services
199613454QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199613455Genealogically SpeakingMartin Grealish, submitterVariation on 'I'm My Own Grandpa'
199613456Are You Looking for the Right Surname? A LightheartedNora M. Hickey; submitted by Carlyn Cox #750Secondary surname usage in Ireland
199613457St. Nicholas' ChurchChristine Hunt, by permission, Journal of the Galway FHS, 1993Overview of the history of St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church, Galway
199613458Book review - The Irish American Family Album by Dorothy and Thomas HooblerKathleen A. ZallaCelebrates The nameless whose lives form the bright threads of green and gold in the American tapestry.
19971411Winifred Rush Marries John Hurney 11/24/1879Carlyn CoxMaking contact with relatives in TIARA
19971412Publications of InterestEditorsFamily Chronicle
19971413Women in Ireland's Information IndustryEileen Truath, professor Northeastern UniversityTIARA lecture 10 Feb 1995. Influence on Irish culture by Irish women in the workplace.
19971414Claddagh Ring Story - exerpt (pp40-42)Cecily JoyceCladdagh, Co. Galway - an overview
19971415Persistence PaysJan FortadoKenney-La(o)ngevin; Spellman-Hughes local and Irish searches involving internet, letter-writing, & phone books
19971415The Formula of 8870P.E.I. Gen. Soc. Newsletter #55, Nov 1990Finding ages, DoB, & event dates using formula
19971416The Mary Bassett ClockSubmitted by Michael F. Dwyer #1253Mary Dwyer Basset, 'shirt-tail' relative's family legacy; Co. Kerry
19971417QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
19971419Some Families from IrelandBy permission O'Dubhda Clan Newsletter, Conor McHale, Ed.History of derivation of some Irish names, based on The Surnames of Ireland, Edward MacLysaght
199714110Farmhouse White CakeSylvia ZallaSoda bread recipe
199714111Shedding Light on the Dark AgesDennis AhernDevelopment of the TIARA website
199714112Hard-to-Trace Irish RootsBoston Sunday Globe, 1 Dec 1996, from the Los Angeles TimesOvercoming reluctance of Irish government to release family information to Irish-born adoptees.
199714220Social Service Records in BostonPeter Holloran, Professor, Pine Manor CollegeTIARA lecture 19 Dec 1994. Concerning the initial efforts, in mid-19th century, of Boston charitable and church organizations to provide for destitute children.
199714224Copyable formsEditorsForm for abstracting R.C. Church data from Griffith's Householder's Index
199714226QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199714227Irish AdoptionsNugget - Boston Globe - two articles1 Dec 1996 & 31 Jan 1997
199714227Passing Strangers No MoreBoston Globe, 31 Jan 1997, by Lois R. SheaThe reunion, in NH, of Irish sibling adoptees 44 years after their adoptions.
199714230Book review - Angela's AshesJanet Rush HealyWe are sadthankful, and proud of Frank McCourt [for the] truth, without pretense.
199714333Persistence Pays OffPhyllis & Ed Doherty #432Monastrevan, Kildare - Kelly find
199714334Publications of InterestEditorsThe Claddagh Society& The Immigrant Experience
199714335The Graveyard as a Genealogy ToolCornelia Jenness, Association of Graveyard StudiesTIARA lecture 7 Apr 1995. Graveyards as sources of information; primer on gathering data
199714337Miracles Do HappenTerrance CaseyCullen; Carroll; Co. Kilkenny; Lancashire, England. Serendipitous meeting at the Archdiocesan Archives.
199714338Calendar TheoryJoe GrahamJulian and Gregorian Calendars
199714339QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199714340Linked At LastJudith Connors Lubinski #1308Connors; Grady - Newtown, Kilgogen Parish, Co. Galway; Finn; Farrell; Noonan - Oranmore, Co. Galway; Archdiocesan Archives; Galway FHS.
199714341About the IrishJanis Duffy Hourigan #336Poem
199714342Overdue Apology to the IrishDavid Nyhan, Boston Globe, 4 Jun 1997Tony Blair's apology for Britain's responsibility for the Irish Famine
199714343The Query That LingersBernie CoumingMassachusetts' historical / genealogical resources.
199714343The Five James LongsThelma CraderComplications in research, Are they five different individuals, or are one or more of them the same person?
1997143461900 CensusEditorsCopyable census form
199714449Garden of the HeartBill CarolanMurphy, Gortnagree, Cahircaveen, Co. Kerry
199714450FolkloreNora M. Hickey, APGThe collection at the Arts Building, UC Dublin
199714456Queries Open DoorsJames FortiA 'Query' answered.
199714456Notes from Our Latest TripLarry BarrettSuccesses at: Registry, St. Joseph's Hospital, Dungarvan, Waterford; Donegal Ancestry Center, Ramelton; Valuation Office, Dublin.
199714457QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199714458Nineteenth Century Medical DiagnosesMarie Daly & EditorsCommon diseases and conditions afflicting many immigrants.
199714460Book Review - Going to Ireland: A Genealogical Researcher's Guide by Sherry Irvine and Nora M. HickeyBrian O'ReganI recommend you add this guide to your list.
199714461TIARA Responds to the Irish Heritage CouncilBernie Couming, , Paul O'Connor, Sylvia Zalla, Dennis Ahern, and Mary Ellen GroganTIARA responses to Council's call for views of Irish genealogical records and resources.
19981511Bearer, John RiordanSusan SteeleRockgrove House, Glounthaune, Co. Cork
19981512Catalogues of Interest to the Irish GenealogistEditorsCash's of Ireland; Blarney Gift; Rego Irish Records; Creative Irish Gifts.
19981514Passenger Lists for the Port of Boston: What the Indexes Don't Tell YouJanis Duffy Hourigan #336TIARA lecture 9 May 1997. Importance of going beyond index and referring to original manifests.
19981517The McAuley Family of Belfast and QuincyPatriot Ledger, Quincy, MA, 1961 by Maureen McAuleyBelfast and Glasgow shipyard workers divided by the foot they dug with. Assuming aliases to enhance employment chances.
199815110First ImpressionsJan FortadoThe beauty of the sights, sounds and smells of Ireland
199815111QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199815112National Genealogical Societyby permission NGS, Submitted by Bernie Couming #561Standards for Using Records Repositories and Libraries, NGS
199815113Norman Surnames?History IRELAND, Vol 1 #4 Winter 1993Letter to the Editor re: Cody, Corish, Costello, Delany, Tracy, Gaffney
199815113Ireland and the Normans: Progress or DeclineHistory IRELAND, Vol 1 #3 Autumn 1993 (pg. 48)Anglo-Norman to Anglo-Irish names
199815217America's Only Irish Round TowerPaul CurranSt. Mary's Cemetery, Milford, MA
199815220National Genealogical Societyby permission NGS, Submitted by Bernie Couming Standards for Sound Genealogical Research, NGS
199815221Irish CitizenshipFrank Faulkner, professor, Holyoke C. C. Author Irish Citizenship HandbookTIARA lecture 12 Apr 1996
199815225Little Did We ThinkChristine Sullivan and Patricia Sullivan #1509Herlihy, O'Mahony, O'Donovan, Charlestown, Skibbereen, TIARA meeting Skibbereen connection.
199815226Never Overlook Probate Records!Jean LeboucherRelatives found through death records and Probate Court follow-up.
199815227Go dtuga Dia fairsinge do chro I gcna duitContributed by Richard HayesIrish greetings & blessings
199815227Reestablished RootsAmy Higgins TullHiggins; Connaughton; Waltham; Loughrea, Co. Galway. Waltham Rediscovered by Kristen A. Peterson
199815229A Lonesome Train in Room 105By Adair Lara, San Francisco Chronicle, 12 Mar 1998Searching for grandfather at Room 105, Vital Statistics, Dept of Health, San Francisco
199815230BtharSubmitted by Bernie Couming #561Limerick group dedicated to Helping People to Help Themselves.
199815333BOSTON DISCOVERIESDorothy HoganHogan-Moore; Ireland, NH, MA
199815338Immigrant History of Boston's North EndPatrick Leehey, Rsch. Crdntr., Paul Revere HouseIrish, Italian, Jewish immigrants to North End
199815341QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199815342AnnaCathy Corcoran, guest columnist, Patriot LedgerAnna Moran Naughtin - found because [she] wanted herself known.
199815343NuggetSusan SteeleForest Hills Cemetery's 150th Anniversary - burial place of Eugene O'Neill and Andrew Carney
199815344Clues in Census Records, 1850, 1850-1920Claire Prechtel-Kluskens, NARA ArchivistCareful searching reveals much based on DoB, PoB, DoM, Immigration, Naturalization, etc.
199815449One Day Soon! (Finding living relatives)Cynthia L. O'CaseyTheresa Casey, Boston, MA
199815450Catalogues and Book Lists of Interest to the Irish GenealogistEditorsThe Irish Bookshop; Irish Books and Media; Dufour Editions, Inc.; Roberts Rinehart, Pub.; Irish Studies by Syracuse Univ. Press
199815451News from the President's DeskBernard CoumingResults of TIARA's Customer Satisfaction Survey of Irish Heritage Centres
199815452You Should Go Back AgainDennis AhernHiggins, McAteer/McIntyre in Glenravel & Glenballyeamon, Co. Antrim
199815453The Wreck of the St. JohnFrom an Edward Rowe Snow story. Contributed by James Thomas Doane #1205October 1849 wreck of the St. John from Galway on Grampus Rocks, Cohasset, MA
199815455A Genealogist's Christmas EveBetty Jo Beck. Submitted by Bertram Temple #777Poem
199815456Famine Graves on Deer IslandJohn McColgan, Ph.D, #142Article based on queries about TIARA lecture of 11 Apr 1997
199815457Surnames in MongoliaBernie Couming1920s Communist plan to break-up clan allegiances by banning use of surnames
199815458QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199815459Tracing Ancestors in LeitrimSen O'Suilleabhin, County Librarian, Co. LeitrimTIARA lecture 12 May 1995
19991611Julia, Julia, Julia, JuliaCarlyn V. CoxSources, search, Ireland & Boston
19991615Galway Marriages in LiverpoolJo McCannAnglo-Irish Group of Liverpool & S.W. Lancashire FHS marriage indexes of 'Galway' people
19991617Customer Satisfaction Survey of Heritage Centres in IrelandTIARABackground on Centres and TIARA member responses to survey questions
199916111Civil War Soldiers SystemFrom ISOA (In Search of Ancestors); BYU Elderhostel Instructors' PublicationNational Park Service database of Union & Confederate soldiers
199916112Go Raibh Maith AgaibhSusan Steele & Carlyn CoxThanks to the Newsletter staff and volunteers
199916113QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199916114Ballykilcline SocietyNuggetBallykilcline, Kilglass Parish, Co. Roscommon
199916114Kavanagh ClanNuggetContact information
199916217A Fateful Cup of CoffeeDennis J. AhernAhern, Mt. Auburn Cemetery find!!!
199916220CostumeLife and Traditions in Rural Ireland, by Timothy O'LearyHistory of early Irish dress
199916221How they Lived: Food 2Jane O'BrienHistory of Irish food
199916223QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199916224Irish Families in Ancient Quebec RecordsQFHS - Connections, Vol 21, #1, Sept 199817th & 18th century Irish immigrants to Canada
199916226The Elusive AncestorMerrell KentworthyPoem
199916227The Irish in Lawrence, MassachusettsTom LeavittTIARA lecture 12 Sep 1997. Lawrence from 1845-1855
199916337Black '47 and the Boston City CouncilJohn McColgan, Ph.DTIARA lecture 11 Apr 1997, Part I. The role of the Council in dealing with poverty and disease during the early years of Irish immigration. (see also V 16, #4)
199916341QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199916343National Genealogy Centre Plan RejectedJohn Burns, The Sunday Times (London), 11 Jun 1999Dublin self-service genealogical research center plan rejected by the Arts and Heritage Ministry
199916344RootsCathy Corcoran, The Patriot Ledger (undated)Crossmolina, Co. Mayo, Moran, McLaughlin, Walsh, Shaughnessy
199916345Deer Island Death/Burial IndexIndexed & published by IGSI, St. Paul, MNSheets 1 & 2. Others to follow in future TIARA Newsletters. (see also V 16, # 4 & V 17, #1)
199916449Finding Irish Relatives: Serendipity and LuckDavid CollinQuirk; Mocollop, Waterford; Framingham / Belmont, MA
199916452There's More to Genealogy/Family Research Than Meets the EyeNot listedFamily medical histories uncovered through genealogy.
199916456QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
199916457The Irish Music Collections at Boston CollegeGaelic Roots, 20-26 Jun 1999 p 11Irish Music Center at the Burns Library; O'Neill Library holdings
199916458The Massachusetts Archives: into the Twenty-first CenturyJohn Warner, Jr., Ph.D #1956; Archivist of the CommonwealthProfessional and personal views on the value of records at the State Archives
199916460Some of Us Are Lucky Enough NOT to Have Names Like Murphy and O'NeilCarlyn V. Cox All Massachusetts birth, death, marriage, passenger list, and census records for the Rush name.
199916460When You Want to Take a BreakGENEALIB, compiled by Barbara DonleyGenealogical fiction list.
199916461Deer Island Death/Burial IndexIndexed & published by IGSI, St. Paul, MNSheets 3 & 4. Others to follow in future TIARA Newsletters. (see also V 16, #3 & V 17, #1)
20001711A New Look for TIARAJudith Barrett, PresidentTIARA's new logo
20001715Boston Cemetery ResearchMarie DalyTIARA lecture Jan 1998. Catholic cemetery research; resources
200017112New Family History and Genealogical Centre at the National Library of IrelandWilliam T. and Rita V. O'Connell #661NLI's progress toward more 'user-friendly' genealogical research facilities.
200017112Don't Forget Surname DatabaseEditorsSubmitting information to TIARA's Surname Database
200017113Deer Island Death/Burial IndexIndexed & published by IGSI, St. Paul, MNSheets 5 & 6. (see also V 16, #s 3 & 4; V 17, #2)
200017115QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200017217The Davis Family in Nova Scotia or One Successful Search Using MapsJoe SheaMap use in genealogical searches and map sources
200017220Nugget - Irish Heritage TrailSusan SteeleBoston's Irish Heritage Trail website
200017220Classmates.comJim McDonoughSubscription to leads to discovery of 1st cousins
200017223Ellis Island - Isle of Hope - Isle of TearsBob GallagherThe 'immigration process', National Monument status; Immigration History Center.
200017224Before Ellis IslandJohn A. Barnes in Irish American LandmarksCastle Garden immigrant station
200017225QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200017226If You're Looking at Cork, Don't Forget the Casey CollectionRay Marshall, by permission, Minnesota Genealogical Society. Submitted Bernie Couming #561O'Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher and the Upper Blackwater. Invaluable 16 volume resource by Casey.
200017226The Casey CollectionMary Taylor BradfordBiographical sketch of Casey
200017227Nugget - Gloucester Fisherman's MemorialElaine Comeau & Carlyn CoxWebsite and other information
200017227An E-mail SmileEditorsSpinning' a family story
200017227Nugget - Council of Irish Genealogical OrganizationsEditorsCIGO series Exploring Irish Genealogy; contact information
200017228Publications of Interest to the Irish GenealogistEditorsOrdering information - Richard Griffith and His Valuations of Ireland by James R. Reilly; Index of Irish Wills 1484-1858; The Graveyard Shift.
200017228Old Families of Newry & District - Gravestone Inscriptions, Wills and Biographical NotesRSJ Clarke, Ed; Ulster Historical Foundation, Pub.Ordering information
200017229Deer Island Death/Burial IndexIndexed & published by IGSI, St. Paul, MNSheets 7, 8, & - Conclusion. (see also V 16, #s 3 & 4; V 17, #1)
200017231Deer Island Historyby MA Water Resources AuthorityTimeline - 1630-1999
200017333The Game is in the Chase...'Bob GallagherBundick in Virginia from England; Gallagher; Martin Keefe, U.S. Army.
200017334EditorialJudy BarrettTIARA accomplishments; need for continued volunteer support.
200017336The Burning of the Ursuline Convent in CharlestownChristian G. SamitoTIARA lecture 9 Apr 1999. Anti-Catholic prejudice before and after the fire. Early Nativism & Know- Nothingism.
200017346Researchers Trace Roots of the Irish to SpainNicholas Wade, New York Times, 2 May 2000Trinity College, Dublin research. Y chromosome DNA research shows Connaught males origin in Spain. (see related article in this newsletter)
200017347Snippets of HistoryFrances Sugrue, Clann O'Siochru Newsletter, Vol 9, #2, Winter 2000Sons of Milesius of Spain settle in Ireland ca 1,000 B.C. (see related article in this newsletter)
200017449My Dear and Loving Childrena story of perseveranceMichael DwyerFlynn; Cassidy; Fall River; Cloonduane, Co. Mayo.
200017452Take Part / Volunteer / ShareCarlyn Cox & Susan SteeleThank you to all participants. Continual need for volunteers.
200017453Family History Research - National Library of Ireland (NLI)Susan SteeleParish Registers in the NLI.
200017454Strangers in the BoxUnknownPoem
200017454Nuggets - McManus & Crowley ClansPhil McManus & Tom CrowleyContact information on both clans.
200017455Mount Calvary Cemetery in Roslindale:Irish Placenames Carved in StoneR. Andrew PierceTIARA lecture 8 Oct 1999. Catholic cemeteries as a resource for specific Irish birthplaces.
200017459What is an Ahnentafel?By permission, Illinois Genealogical Society Quarterly, Spring 1998Vertical, numbered ancestor chart
200017461QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200017461The Irish ChristmasFrom The Year in Ireland by Kevin Danaher, Mercier PressTraditional Christmas celebrations in Ireland.
200017462Latin Phrases & NamesBy permission, Boston Archdiocesan ArchivesCommon terms used on Church Baptism and Marriage records
20011811William Sullivan of Kilboy, Ballyfeard, Co. Cork (The Bulldog Factor)David CollinsSullivan; Meskill; IGI; Ryan's Irish Records; English PRO & MOD; Naval Communications Specialist volunteers, Plymouth, UK; Fr. Daniel Burns, Belgooly.
20011814So, You Think You're Irish?Sue Webb BodishbaughChanging names and nationalities.
20011815Letters of Some Irish Emigrant McAteers of Killoughagh, CushendallDennis AhernTIARA lecture 12 June 1998. Letters from America to Ireland.
20011819The County of MayoFrom Ireland in Poetry, Charles Sullivan, Ed.Translation from 19th c Irish by George Fox
200118110QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200118111Manuscript Collections Newly CataloguedDr. Noel Kissane, Keeper of Manuscripts, NLIIncludes information on many significant estate collections.
200118111Can You Stump Dr. Heald?Bruce Heald, Weirs Times, Weirs, NH, 11 May 2000Alfred Kelly's headstone found in house foundation.
200118112Serendipity has no limitsMayo Newsletter News, 20 Oct 20001st cousins reunite after 47 years
200118112MWRA Memorial to the Victims of Deer IslandPeter F. Stevens, Boston Irish Reporter, Dec 2000Memorial proposal.
200118113Preservation InformationHeritage Preservation News Release, Summer 2000Preservation recommendations.
200118113What Is a..EditorsPrimary and secondary sources.
200118114What Does It Mean?Andrew Sanger, Exploring Rural Ireland, Passport Books, 1991Irish topographical, architectural terms
200118217The Cousin ConnectionMary ChoppaWard; Connolly; Sullivan; Sharon, PA; Cuyahoga Co., OH; Merthyr Tydfil, Wales; Lismore, Co. Waterford; Tom Reilley, new-found cousin.
200118221QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200118222New York Passenger ListsWalter HickeyTIARA lecture, 10 Dec 1999. 'Custom List' - 1820-1897; 'Immigration List' - 1897-present.
200118228Once We find Them What Do We Call Them?EditorsRelationship terms explained.
200118229Nugget - But, Who Is My Cousin?N. Rutstein, A Prescription for the Disease [Racism]We all were, 30 generations ago.
200118229Nugget - Irish Relatives and FriendsEditors8,500 Irish names appearing in the Irish American, 1850-1871
200118229Nugget - Help Bring the Valuation Maps to AmericaMarie DalySale of Maps to NEHGS
200118230With Apologies for our OversightEditorsPoem, A True Irish Song; immigrant ship Essex
200118230Nugget - 18th century Irish adoptionIrish Roots, Summer 1992History of Irish adoption.
200118333Go West Young Woman! or What Grandma Didn't KnowSusan SteeleDesmond & McShane research from Co. Cork to Malden, MA to Hancock Co., ME to Wright Co., MN. Minnesota Nice.
200118335In Memory of ElaineA Wednesday Volunteer - Elaine Comeau 1933-2001Carlyn V. CoxA tribute to Elaine Comeau
200118339Irish Estate Papers: Identifying Landowners and Locating RecordsKyle J. BetitTIARA lecture 8 Jan 1999.
200118344Nugget - Catholic Cemeteries to Consolidate FunctionsThe Pilot 11 May 2001All Archdiocesan Cemetery records located at Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden.
200118344How DNA Research Offers Clues to Irish AncestryMark J. O'MalleyNotes on Dr. Richard Roderick's lecture of March 2001
200118346QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200118346Nugget - http://www.theirishemigrant.comPaula HigginsShipwrecked Irish in Bahamas - James Cardinal Gibbons
200118449Jan and Mary's Excellent Adventure in New YorkJanis P. Duffy & Mary ChoppaGenealogical research in NYC
200118453QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200118454Irish Famine OrphansPeter MurphyTIARA lecture 11 Feb 2000. St. John Immigrant Orphan Asylum Ledger - 1847-1849. History of Irish immigration to Canada.
200118460Holiday Shopping IdeasSusan SteeleGenealogy for Kids - book list.
200118461Indexes to Estate Records in IrelandBeth L. Mullinax, IGSIUpdate to Kyle Betit's talk of Jan 1999
200118462TIARA Members ProjectsCarlyn V. CoxOngoing genealogically related projects by TIARA members.
20021911Right in Front of My NoseJudith S. Izenberg Successful search at Brandeis; NARA, Waltham; NARA, Pittsfield; BPL for 'Wignet'/'Veendam', father's immigration ship
20021914If at first you don't succeed Try, try againCarlyn V. Cox Inspired by Judith's story, Carlyn found Rush ancestor 1865 arrival in NY.
20021915Nugget - Passenger List UpdateWalter HickeyNewly obtained and expected passenger list films at NARA, Waltham
20021915Nugget - Probate RecordsEditorsDefinition and location of records
20021915Nugget - Abstract from Chapter 99Laws of MassachusettsEditorsResponsibilities of reporting births defined
20021916The Rogue's March: The St. Patrick's Battalion in the Mexican-American WarPeter F. StevensTIARA lecture - 10 Mar 2000. Part I (see 2002 Vol 19 #4)
200219112QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200219112Nugget - Quick Research Tips from Using the Social Security [Death] IndexEditorsObtaining copies of original application
200219113Shrove Tuesday / Shrovetide WeddingsFrom The Year in Ireland by Kevin Danaher, Mercier Press, 1972Traditional pre-Lenten observations
200219114Why I Love GenealogyGordon Scotland websiteGenealogy enables us to find ourselves
200219114SUCCESS is Being PreparedSusan SteeleBeginning a successful research trip.
200219217John McCormack - FenianG. Douglas IdeJohn McCormack of Fitchburg, MA
200219218Nugget - TIARA projectDennis AhernIndexing Irish death notices
200219218In MemoriamEditorsE. Claire Kaplan #166 and Barbara Marchand #1032
200219222Nugget - Steamship PhotosEditorsUniversity of Maryland Steamship Library
200219223Famine Lifelines: The Transatlantic Letters of James PrendergastEdward T. McCarronTIARA lecture 8 Dec 2000. Letters, 1841-1850, from Ireland.
200219227Nugget - We Think We Have ProblemsContributed by Dolores Cifrino #6211871 Buffalo, NY wages.
200219228Midnight Madness at the ArchivesJanis DuffyMidnight, April 1, 2002 release of 1930 Federal Census at NARA, Waltham.
200219229Milestones in American History Recorded by the CensusBy permission, Wright County, MN Historical Society1787-1990
200219229TIARA Member ProjectsEditorsNames, addresses & projects of members
200219230QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200219230Virtual Bouquets: The Kindness of a StrangerBy permission, Barb ThomaseBay sale of family Bible
200219333The Bulldog Revisited: The Successful Search for Agnes Sullivan NicholsDavid CollinsFederal Censuses; NC, VA, PA resources; RAOGK and other internet connections
200219334Thank you Judy Barrett / Welcome Janis DuffyEditors & Janis DuffyJudy Barrett steps down; Janis Duffy assumes acting presidency
200219335Discovery Works in Both DirectionsBy permission, Margaret JenkinsFamily connections established from Enniskillen to Boston
200219338Nugget - 1930 CensusEditorsList of the 12 states indexed for 1930 FC.
200219338Nugget - 1850s Travel in IrelandBy permission, Henry McDowell, Inside Ireland, 19801850s coach trip from Westport, Galway to Dublin
200219338A Search for Missing Friends Success Story - ISheila FitzPatrickMissing elements to FitzPatrick story found in Vol 7 of The Search for Missing Friends
200219339Family Research Using the Boston Public LibraryHenry Scannel, Curator of Microtext and Newspapers, BPLTIARA lecture 12 Jan 2001. Genealogy resources at the BPL
200219342Nugget - Bridget/DeliaEditorsThe nickname, Delia, for Bridget
200219343Foundfrom The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, 1846A sample of the contents - Innisboffin, Co. Mayo
200219343ObituaryBoston Globe, 15 Apr 2002Thomas Kearney, born on Great Blasket Island
200219344Governor Pataki Dedicates Permanent Irish Hunger MemorialPress Release, 16 Jul 2002Battery Park City
200219345QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200219345TIARA Member ProjectsEditorsNames, addresses & projects of members
200219346Don't Forget the Pub as a Research Facility!James W. (Jay) Lucas #2536(Mc)Lucas; Deehan; Inishowen, Ballybrack, & Balleighan Co. Donegal; and The Drunken Duck Pub
200219449A Tale of Two WomenLibby GaffneyThe legacies of Ggms, Catherine O'Callaghan Ambrose and Johanna Troy Ambrose
200219452With Modesty19th Century Diaries from Normal SchoolRichard Higgins, Boston Sunday Globe, 9 Jan 2000Diaries of the first nine students - 1839-1850 at Lexington Normal School - on display at Framingham State College Library
200219453Irish Immigrant Women in the 19th CenturyMarie DalyThe change in status of Irish women: employment, marriage, education.
200219458TIARA Member ProjectsEditorsNames, addresses & projects of members
200219459Maggie FoleyPeter F. StevensTIARA lecture - 10 Mar 2000. Boston political activist. Part 2 (see 2002 Vol 19 #1)
200219461Book ReviewsEditorsThe Wicklow World of Elizabeth Smith; Mary Carbery's West Cork Journal 1898-1901; & Min, the Blasket Nurse.
200219461Tis Herself: The Irish Woman in 19th Century Family HistoryEditorsA select bibliography
200219462Saint Brigid / St. Brigid's CrossFrom Celtic Saints, Pitkin Guides 1995Biographical material on the saint and the tradition of the cross in various Irish counties
20032011They Gave Us the Gift of This CountryMary ChoppaSeptember 11, 2001 - Successful researching in England and Ireland; 4th Irish Genealogical Conference; sympathy of Irish and English.
20032015Genealogy AdventuresRobert GallagherThe 'serendipity' that befalls a diligent researcher.
20032016The History of TIARAMarie Daly20th anniversary retrospective of the origins and growth of TIARA.
200320111QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200320112You Never KnowGreg AtkinsonThe thrill of the genealogical hunt
200320112TIARA Books - Best Seller ListBob, Liz and Mary - Ways and MeansTop ten sellers for 2002
200320113Master John Sullivan of Somersworth and Berwick, and His Family - excerptJohn Scales, Dover, N.H.18th century letter of apology from Mrs. Sullivan to Mr. Sullivan, complete with run-on sentences!
200320113Obituary DatabaseDennis AhernUpdate of the TIARA Obituary Database
200320114TIARA Member ProjectsEditorsProjects currently undertaken by TIARA members
200320114The Beginning of a Long JourneySusan Steele20th anniversary Powerpoint presentation of TIARA history by Judy Barrett and Janis Duffy. (available on CD at ICC Library)
200320217Exploring Local History Sources - A Beautiful Union: Irish Catholics in a Yankee Protestant TownSusan SteeleAn overview of the growth of the Catholic community in Malden, MA from 1850. Resources used in the in the project.
200320221NuggetEditorsAnnouncement of McManus Clan gathering at Boxborough in 2004
200320222Shanty Irish in Lawrence, MassachusettsJoseph BlanchetteTIARA Lecture 12 May 2000. Excerpts from his book, The View from Shanty Pond, on Lawrence Irish as seen through his Uncle Peter's poetry.
200320228NuggetsEditors1. Research hours for summer 2003 at the State Archives, BPL, Vital Records, and NEHGS. 2. Visit of 'Jeanie Johnston', a replica immigrant ship, 24 July-4 August 2003. 3. Deer Island Irish Memorial Project.
200320229Internet ResourcesDennis AhernUsenet newsgroups and E-mail servers.
200320229TIARA Member ProjectsEditorsProjects currently undertaken by TIARA members
200320230Celebrating 20 YearsEditorsList of over 100 newsletter contributors
200320333Population & Emigration in 19th Century IrelandDavid Collins -after Vaughn & Fitzpatrick19th Century statistics - census, emigration.
200320337From Ireland to Prince Edward IslandJames E. McElroyBook Review - PEI obituaries 1835-1910 and gravestone inscriptions.
200320338St. Vincent de Paul Parish: The Immigrant Church of South BostonJean Clougherty OueletteA church visit and the story of the move of St. Vincent's from High Street to South Boston in 1872
200320339Emigrant Patterns from Ireland to CanadaMary ClancyTIARA Lecture 9 June 2000. Cholera ships; Grosse Ile; Atlantic Provinces' Irish History.
200320342Dress in Ireland: A HistoryCarlyn Cox, contributorBook Review - Clothing, textiles, and fashion of our Irish ancestors
200320343Follow the Clues - Dating Your PhotographsMaureen TaylorUsing photographs in genealogy
200320345QueriesEditorsTIARA members' name searches
200320346TIARA's 2003 Fall scheduleMary ChoppaMeetings and Banquet
200320346From the WebDennis AhearnWebsite news
200320346Monthly Meeting NoticesKathy RoscoeNew format
200320449The Madden Family in Safe Harbor, Lancaster Co., PABarbara A. McCarthy #1869The successful search for the Pennsylvania records of Johanna (Grammy) O'Donnell.
200320452If, at First, You Don't SucceedRobert GallagherCemetery search - St. Paul's, Arlington, MA
200320453Any Strangers in the Grave?Joe SheaThe cemetery records of a headstone with only the family name, reveal many previously unknown family members
200320453The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc.EditorsA list of cemetery records now maintained by the Archdiocese at Holy Cross Mausoleum, Malden, MA
200320454A Problem with a Family PlotNancy FennesseyDifficulty finding heirs to family plot.
200320454Expert Advice: Types of CemeteriesBy permission, Betterway BooksFive types of cemeteries.
200320455From Irish Wakes:A Luxury of Friendship and GriefDoris V. Cummins with permission from IFHF Jan/Feb 1998Irish Wake Customs
200320456Cemetery ScribingClaire Smith TIARA Lecture June 2003. Gravestone scribing at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dorchester.
200320456TIARA Cemetery ProjectsEditorsTIARA members' cemetery projects and contact information.
200320457Townland SearchEditorsTombstone inscriptions as a resource of family origins.
200320458The Guide to Massachusetts CemeteriesDavid A. LambertTIARA Lecture October11, 2002.
200320459Wish We Had a PictureSusan SteeleA look at an 1881 funeral in Malden, MA
200320460St. Patrick Cemetery, Lowell, MADavid McKeanAn update of the TIARA Lecture June 13, 1997 including website address .
200320462Nugget - Cemetery TermsEditors - from Rochester's History ~ An Illustrated TimelineA short list of cemetery terms.
200320462NuggetJim HolmesDunham's Green Book, a listing of active cemeteries in New England published annually by Dunham, New London, NH
200320462More Than a CemeterySusan SteeleForest Hills Cemetery - year-round programs.
200320462When They Want to Be FoundMarion ConerySerendipity in cemetery searches.
200320463A Random Act of Genealogical KindnessMary Ellen PetersRAOGK volunteers and volunteering.
200320463A Must-Read Article from Cemetery Resources around New EnglandLaura Prescott in New England Ancestors Fall 2003The Association of Gravestone Studies - preservation, reading, and photography of gravestones.
200320464VQA Seeks Volunteers to Inventory Old Cemetery MemorialsMilwaukee Journal/SentinelContact information
200320464Overseas CemeteriesEditorsContact information for maps and locations of American Memorials and Cemeteries.
200320464The Commonwealth War Graves CommissionIrish Family History Forum March/April 1999Burial/Memorial information for Commonwealth Forces deaths in WWI and WWII
200320464NewgrangeEditorsPrehistoric Irish Passage Tomb.
200320465A Picture Is Worth a Thousand WordsEditorsFuneral directors' records as family history resources.
200320466Irish Research Builds CharacterJames LucasPersevering over the years to find Ggm's grave.
20042111Our Mysterious AnastasiaMichael DwyerConnecting Dwyer family of Caherdaniel, Kilcrohane, Co. Kerry to Dwyers of Willimantic, CT and Newport, RI (See Vol. 23 #1)
20042114NUGGET - Bere Island Martello TowerEditorsProposed restoration of a Martello Tower
20042114NUGGET - Saturday hours at Archdiocesan ArchivesEditorsContact information - new hours begin January through May 2004
20042115Headstone HitsRosemary NunnallSubmission information for headstone inscriptions which list locations in Ireland
20042115Project: St. John's Cemetery, Worcester, MAEditorsProposal for project with contact information
20042116Emigration-The Passage-New York-The War-PriceSubmitted by Dennis Ahern #826 from The Cork Examiner 23 Jan 1864 by James LearyA letter from Boston to Killarney. A cautionary tale of advice to future emigrants
20042118Passenger Rules and RightsEditors from The Cork Examiner 18 Jan 1864Conduct to be observed aboard every passenger ship leaving the United Kingdom
20042118NUGGET - Now what? Online: Grave SignsSharon DeBartolo CarmackQ & A
20042118QueryEditorsVarious names
20042119Wealth of the Irish Poor LawGeorge B. HandranTIARA Lecture 14 April 2000
200421114QueryEditorsTownland queries
200421114Irish Tax RecordsBeth & Paul RoudaUsing the Records of Household Occupancy-Rate Payerat the Valuation Office, Dublin
200421217You Can Do It TooJudith S. IzenbergPlanning a family reunion.
200421218We RememberCarlyn V. CoxIn Memory of Elizabeth M. Furdon (see Betty's reprinted article on p 29)
200421218Special OpportunityEditorsState Archives open for TIARA members on Sat., June 17
200421219Keep an Open MindRichard D. KellyLDS searchable databases for 1880 U.S. and 1881 Canadian censuses
200421220Expert Advice: Don't Get Lost on the WebExcerpted from Finding Your Roots Online by Nancy Hendrickson10 tips on staying on course while web-surfing
200421220Tip of the Week: Evoking MemoriesViolet Milne McIntyre by permission of Family Tree MagazineUsing recollections and memories of other family members.
200421221Approaching Your Research through Genealogy and Local History:The Example of BallykilclineMary Lee DunnTIARA Lecture - 12 April 2002
200421227Nugget - Boston Boundary ChangesCarlyn V. CoxUsing 'Map of Boston Boundary Changes 1634-1946' to aid searches
200421227Focusing on a Twig, Branch or LimbBy permission of RootsWeb ReviewGuidelines for reaching genealogical goals for 2004
200421228Headstone HitsRichard D. KellyGravestone information from various regional cemeteries. HELP NEEDED TO MANAGE THIS COLLECTION
200421229A World of Wonder in a Dresser DrawerElizabeth M. FurdonA reprint of Betty's article - see 1995, Vol 12, No. 3, Pg 1
200421230NuggetSusan SteeleTranscription volunteers needed
200421230It's All in a NameDavid CollinsSome unusual names from various records.
200421333Margaret Barry and the Lessons She Taught MeKathleen RoscoeInteresting twists in search of GGGgm's burial place.
200421334From the Desk of the PresidentJanis DuffyReflections on presidency and TIARA history
200421335Desperately Seeking Storage SpaceSusan SteeleTIARA needs space for office and record storage
200421336You Be the Judge (How Important Is This Forester Information?)Examples of the information found in the records of the Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters.
200421336NuggetEditorsSigning with an 'X'
200421336Books on Oral HistorySubmitted by Marcia MelnykBibliography dealing with preservation of family oral histories
200421337Using Oral History in GenealogyMarcia MelnykTIARA Lecture - 12 February 1999
200421344Celtic HistorySubmitted by Jack Cooney. Reprinted with permission of The Septs, Vol. 21, #1Review of a survey of Celtic History lecture by Roderick Mac Rae delivered at an IGSI quarterly meeting.
200421345Lament for a Picket FenceJames W. LucasA story of Grandfather Lucas, a Boston bootlegger.
200421345NuggetEditorsRecent additions to the TIARA website
200421346Headstone HitsRichard D. Kelly Jr.Augusta, ME, St. Mary's Old Catholic Cemetery
200421346Headstone HitsHelen C. BenoitNorthampton, MA, St. Mary's Cemetery
200421449Manslaughter in MaldenSusan SteeleSuccessful research of 19th c. newspapers at the Boston Public Library.
200421450Nugget Janis Duffy & Susan SteeleTIARA's office open in Auburndale.
200421452NuggetDennis AhernUpdate of Irish death notices on TIARA's website.
200421452Library Loans More Than BooksEvelyn McElroyCanadian Archives newspaper collection on microfilm is available for loan at local libraries.
200421453Newspapers in Family History ResearchReprinted with permission of The Irish Family History Forum.Overview of genealogical information to be found in newspapers.
200421454The Brooklyn Daily Eagle - 1842-1902 OnlineBob GallagherA report on the searchable database of 147,000 pages of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle.
200421455NuggetEditors19th c. Irish letters and artifacts newly acquired by the Burns Library.
200421455NuggetEditorsA project to create a database of the names, publishing history, and availablility of all U. S. newspapers.
200421455Nugget Evelyn McElroyAccess to the BPL's website.
200421456A Search for Missing Friends Success Story - IIMarie Daly #1. Reprinted by permission of NEHGS A discovery in Vol. 5 of The Search for Missing Friendsfinds Murphy family ancestors in Co. Cork.
200421457Ornaments to the Department: The Search for Images of Boston Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty, 1825-1972Margaret R. Sullivan #2444TIARA Lecture - 14 February 2003
200421466CarolanWilliam CarolanUncovering 19 c. Irish records leads to discovery of 'lost' ancestor in Chelsea.
200421466Your Ancestor's World RevealedEditorsSynopsis of John Philip Coletta's talk, 'Using Nineteenth-Century Newspapers' given at the NE Regional Genealogical Conference in 2003.
20052211Patriot, Poet, and Public Servant John E. Gilman (1844-1921)Richard C. GilmanBiography and family history of John Gilman of Boston.
20052212Foresters ProjectSusan SteeleMoving the records from Boston to TIARA's office in Auburndale.
20052215Courage, My Boy, Don't Fear the OceanMary T. WhelanThe serendipitous search for grandfather's roots in France and Switzerland.
20052217Marriage Customs and FolkloreVarious sourcesIrish and French Canadian customs.
20052219Ongoing Irish Newspaper DatabaseDennis AhernMore than 50,000 records available on
20052219NuggetEditorsHistorical value of the dollar.
20052219A New Source for Worcester, MAEditorsDatabase of tombstone inscriptions from St. John's Cemetery, Worcester at TIARA's office.
200522110Research Tour to DublinMary Ellen Doona and Eleanor Correia2004 NEHGS Genealogy trip to Dublin.
200522112NuggetCarlyn CoxBetty Furdon's book and paper collection at the TIARA office library.
200522113Enlisting SupportBy permission of Family Tree Magazine Email UpdateNARA's new WW II enlistment records' database.
200522113QueriesEditorsMember family search queries.
200522114Office Open HouseEditorsTIARA's office open house - January 16, 2005
200522114Donovan/O'Donovan Clan ReunionEditorsJuly 5-9, 2005 contact information for Cambridge reunion.
200522114Old NewsEditors1840s Irish newspaper extracts on Famine activity.
200522217Finding Ancestors in the Police Notes Isn't Always BadMaureen QuinnTIARA Website provides webpage information for Australian family searches.
200522218Saved from the Shredder?Susan Steele & Carole Sullivan, Foresters Project Co-directorsSaving the Foresters Records from destruction.
200522219Write Your Own Obituary?Bob GallagherObituary writing on your own. Avoiding the pitfalls of incorrect information.
200522220TIARA's First(but definitely not last) Research Trip to IrelandCarolyn Woznick & Ben WoznickSuccess and 'great fun' on Dublin Trip.
200522221QueriesEditorsMember family search queries.
200522222Welcome New MembersEditorsNames of new members
200522222Thank You for Your Donations EditorsAppreciation for new records donated to TIARA Office.
200522223Beginning Your Scotch-Irish ResearchLinda MerleTIARA lecture - 14 June 2002
200522229NuggetsEditorsBoston Passenger List is online, etc.
200522230Some Genealogical Resources at the State Library of MassachusettsEva MurphyMaterial available at the State Library.
200522333Never Give UpMary L. MeserveyThe trunk in the attic leads to Irish relatives Diamuid Grainger and Clayton Love.
200522334From the President's DeskMary E. ChoppaThanks to volunteers.
200522335Welcome New MembersEditors
200522335NuggetEditors1911-1915 records at Mass. Archives.
200522335NuggetEditorsForesters Project update
200522336NuggetEditorsNaturalization Certificates
200522337In, around and after Dublin 2005John Hoye & Audrey McCarthy #62Ireland research trip 2005 successes.
200522338Sullivans Are TraceableMary Tyrrell Ireland research trip 2005 - finding Beara O'Sullivans.
200522339Ordnance Survey Memoirs of IrelandSusan SteeleAvailable at O'Neill Library; based on Ordnance Survey Maps - Natural features, economy, population, topography, economy, and migration.
200522339Jack O'LanternBy permission Macon County Chronicle. By Melissa FallsAn Irish legend.
200522340White Lies: The Liberties with Facts That Confound Irish Family ResearchMichael DwyerTIARA lecture - 14 May 2004
200522346Book Review: Tracing Your Limerick AncestorsJohn ThompsonA list of references Limerick County justifies the cost.
200522449Tales from the Pension FilesFrank ConeryFamily records of Civil War service found in pension files at NARA in Waltham and Washington.
200522451NuggetFrom 'Around the Table', Genealogical Roundtable NewsletterThe major killer of the War between the States was sudden and uncontrollable disease.
200522452Sister AnthonyPeter StevensA continuation of a TIARA lecture given on 10 March 2000.
200522454NuggetJoan WintersWilliam Francis Skehan's Civil War records found at the U.S. Military Institute, Carlisle, PA and NARA
200522455Civil War Soldier, Christopher Byrne, Writes HomeRuth-Ann M. HarrisA record of Christopher Byrne's life from his birth in Ireland to his death in Idaho.
200522458Civil War ResearchDennis AhernTIARA lecture - 12 March 2004
200522462Five Finnegan Brothers in the Civil WarMadeleine F. McBride #276Letters and family history of the Finnegans. Census, pension records, and probate court searches.
200522464NuggetEditorsVermont Soldier's Stories by Donald H. Wickman
200522464NuggetEditorsNARA online orders for Civil War pension files.
200522465Civil War and Its ConsequencesBrooklyn Eagle April 15, 1861A critique of the war at its outset.
200522465Let Us Honor the Dead by Imitating His ExampleBrooklyn Eagle April 17, 1865A tribute to Abraham Lincoln.
200522466Obverse of the Flag by TiffanyMassachusetts State House's Flag ProjectHistory of the 4th Regiment Irish Brigade flag.
200522467CharlestonHenry TimrodCivil War Poetry
20062311DNA Studies A New Research ToolMarion ConeryUsing DNA to identify ancestral relationships.
20062312Words of GratitudeCarlyn V. CoxThanks to Forester Project volunteers and donors.
20062313The Forester Project GrowsSusan SteeleThe history and future plans for the Foresters Project.
20062315On Your Irish BookshelfSharon DeBartolo Carmack, CG #2828New Newsletter feature: Book reviews on all things Irish.
20062316Donegal in Boston Life and PoliticsJohn McColganThe contributions of the Inishowen people to Boston.
200623111Storm EffectsFrom 'Around the Table' Vol 13 #2 October 2005The Allen County Public Library's donation efforts to record restoration following the Gulf Coast hurricanes.
200623112Anastasia: The SequelMichael F. DwyerSearch strategies to find more information on cousin Anastasia Dwyer.
200623112NuggetFrom Olochlainns Vol 7 #6 Aug-Sep 1992Ireland's Other Famines: Dates of famines including 1846-47 from 1318 to 1879-80.
200623113Extracts from the Immigration Report of 1853British Parliamentary Papers 1854, XLVI, ((1763)Progress of Irish immigrants into Canada who were forwarded to other sites in Canada, USA, and Australia.
200623114Report on Irish TeleconferencesSharon SergeantReport from
200623217Keep an Open Mind and Positive AttitudeBob GallagherMore success on the second TIARA Ireland Research trip.
200623221Forester FindingsSusan SteeleTestimonial about successful Foresters search.
200623221Pilot Program TIARA Members OnlySusan SteeleHow to request a Forester search.
200623222My Foresters FindKathy RoscoeTestimonial about successful Foresters search.
200623222NuggetBy permission of Family Tree Magazine EmailAncestral Autographs - suggested resources for finding ancestors' signatures.
200623223Hudson Woman Finds Lost Relatives in Northern IrelandBy permission of Community News Company; Rosemary Rimkus & David Collins #1369Marie Wells' life-long search for her mother's family.
200623225The Irish in Benedicta and Houlton, MERichard D. KellyThree publications dealing with the history of Irish immigration to Aroostook Co., ME
200623226On the Irish BookshelfSharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGFour memoirs of Irish life.
200623226NuggetTiara Library - Mary Rita Grady, CSJ #1794An update on the cataloging of the holdings, which are nearly ready for browsers - and for volunteers.
200623227Royal LectureSusan HoodTIARA lecture - 10 Oct 2003. The holdings and history of the RCB (Church of Ireland) Library in Dublin.
200623333Procrastination: You Could Be the Loser!Brian ReynoldsGathering and organizing family history information before it's too late.
200623334Welcome New MembersEditorsList of new members since the last issue.
200623335Theme Issue for DecemberCarlyn V. Cox Request for articles related to 'Irish Arts' theme.
200623336Will the Real James Morris Oakley Please Stand Up?Bob GallagherThere must be a preponderance of evidence to establish a certain link to an ancestor. Getting sidetracked by identical names and settling for the wrong person can lead to the ruin of an otherwise excellent genealogy.
200623337On Your Irish BookshelfSharon DeBartolo Carmack, CG, #2828Sharon's reviews of Grenham's 3rd Ed. of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors; David Ouimette's Finding Your Irish Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide; Marie Daly's video, Getting Started in Irish Genealogy; Brian Mitchell's Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy; and Radford and Betit's A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Irish Ancestors.
200623339Lease for Three LivesAudrey McCarthyAn explanation of the three types of land tenure: Freehold, Leasehold, and Tenancy-at-will.
200623340Pre-Famine Seasonal Migration to England and ScotlandRuth-Ann M. HarrisTIARA lecture of 13 May 2005.
200623346We Try HarderSusan SteeleSuccessful searches of Forester records.
200623449The ShopLiz BreadonLife in the family store in Cooneen, Co. Fermanagh
200623451Am I Irish???Robert Lynd, Home Life in Ireland, 1908Who is the real Irishman?
200623453On Your Irish BookshelfSharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGReviews of Irish related books.
200623453Genealogy Research Trip to IrelandEditorsItinerary for the 2007 research trip.
200623454Celtic Decorative Art in the Christian EraRobert GallagherAn overview of early Celtic art - Crosses and the Book of Kells.
200623455Riverdance and the Image of IrelandDr. Sally K. SommersTIARA lecture of March 2003
200623460What's in a Name?Susan Steele, Foresters Project DirectorProgress of the project and surname information.
200623461The Irish National AnthemEditorsThe text and history of the anthem.
200623462The Bride's Death-song and An Irish Adept of the IslandsLady Francesca Speranza Wilde {1887]Irish legends
20072411Irish DivorceJoyce Curran Cannon #1579Joyce's discovery of her grandfather's grave and the sadness surrounding his life and death.
20072412TIARA UpdateEditorNew staff and library announcements
20072415On Your Irish BookshelfSharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGReviews of Irish related books.
20072415NuggetEditorA book recommendation from Joyce Curran Cannon, The Louisburgh-Clinton Connection: A Social Study. 3,000 immigrants from Louisburgh, Co. Mayo to Clinton, MA
20072415NuggetEditorA book recommendation from Mary Ellen Grogan, The Highland Lady in Ireland: Journals 1840-50. Notes of a Co. Wicklow landlord's wife during the Famine.
20072416Where the Family Tree Is PlantedMary Rita Grady, CSJ #1794Notes on two County Cavan books at the TIARA Library.
20072417Mind Games 101Bob GallagherDouble-checking your research process. Finally finding a tombstone, Four feet in front of the stone were the footprints I had made just an hour ago.
20072417Make That Extra EffortJoan WintersCivil War pension search via Google.
20072418Success IsEditorNetworking about the 2007 Ireland research trip.
20072419A Foresters Project UpdateSusan SteeleSuccessful searches
200724111Irish CitizenshipFrank FaulknerTIARA lecture of April 12, 1996. Article repeated from V 15 No. 1.
200724114My Famine Irish AncestorsKitty MurtaghThe story of Betsy O'Connor McDonnell's immigration in 1850.
200724115NuggetEditorHelpful Irish librarians.
200724115NuggetEditorRelocation of Boston City Archives.
200724217The Cork SoldierRosalthie Sorrento Local, state, and federal resources used to research Civil War veteran, Michael McDonald. Boston Catholic Cemetery Office records help to find McDonald family graves.
200724219Hungry JulyPeter F. StevensChristian Celtic observances in the month of July.
200724220The Background of the TinkersNuggetBrief background on the history of Irish Tinkers (Irish Gypsies).
200724221On the Irish BookshelfSharon DeBartolo Carmack, CG #2828Book reviews: Dwelling Place of Dragons by Marjorie Harshaw Robie (2006); The Prendergast Letters : 1840-1850 (2006).
200724222Another Unadvertised SpecialJohn ThompsonNewsletters and periodicals held in the TIARA Library.
200724224Transcriptions, Family Bible Records etc.Robert GallagherThe benefits of using manual transcription, especially with older family records: Manual transcription requires reading and understanding of the text material.
200724225A Genealogist's Guide to IrelandMary Ellen GroganResources available at the National Library of Ireland.
200724226Come Back to Erin, MavourneenJoe Shea - from the Septs, April 2005Fr. Joe Scannell's letter about his 1954 trip to Killorglin, Co. Kerry, the birthplace of his mother, Mary Agnes (Shea) Scannell.
200724227Why Peat Can Be Used As a FuelNuggetLack of oil and coal in Ireland makes carbon-based peat a good fuel candidate.
200724228St. Mary's Cemetery, MilfordBarbara MinnehanTIARA lecture of May 12, 2006.
200724230Another Satisfied CustomerSusan SteeleForesters Project Update
200724231Expulsion of TenantryEvening Post, September 20, 1847Ninety-nine houses pulled down.
200724333The Journal of a Mariner from YoughalSubmitted by Audrey McCarthyExcerpts from the journal (ca 1850-1870). Patrick Meade's travels and adventures at sea.
200724334Where Did the Summer Go?Mary ChoppaReview of summer's activities and plans for upcoming year.
200724335MGC ConferenceJohn ThompsonReview of TIARA's participation in July conference.
200724335ICONS FestivalMary ChoppaThanks you to volunteers.
200724335New and OldEditorNew officers.
200724340Welcome New MembersEditorList of new members.
200724341On the Irish Bookshelf: Learning about Ireland's History through FictionSharon DeBartolo Carmack, CG, #2828Reviews of seven books of Irish historical fiction.
200724342What's in a Name?: Using Irish Naming Patterns in Genealogical ResearchThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhD. Usefulness of Irish naming patterns and caution in relying on them.
200724344A Genealogist's Guide to IrelandMary Ellen Grogan, Vice-presidentThe National Archives of Ireland
200724345A Treasure TroveSusan Steele, Foresters Project Director #1025Project progress and significant information found in records.
200724346Famine FolkloreSubmitted by Tom Toohey #2705Two brothers burying their mother during the Famine.
200724346Meeting ScheduleEditorOctober, November, & December meetings.
200724347And Now There are ThreeThelma CraderContinued search for the Long family 1744-1988
200724449Family Finds, Never FinishedCarolyn Jack TIARA Ireland 2007 - Success in Mayo & Donegal
200724450Top Ten FunMary Choppa, PresidentWhy it's so much fun to go on a group research trip.
200724452The MeetingConnie KoutoujianA 'plain and homely wife'.
200724453Rockgrove RevisitedSusan SteeleTIARA Ireland 2007 - More success. Revisit Cork after 15 years for Riordan/Reardon research.
200724455Primary Records - The Real ThingJoan WintersTIARA Ireland 2007 - Relatives found; family stories heard in Athlone.
200724456Three Windows and a Door of OpportunitiesJudith IzenbergTIARA Ireland 2007 - Success in Roscommon and Mayo.
200724459History through the Foresters EyesSusan SteeleInteresting findings in the records.
200724460My Momma Done Told Me or Family Stories-101Bob GallagherGallagher connections to Annie Oakley, Rembrant Peale, and Charles Willson Peale.
200724461Priests' Records Make for a Fascinating ReadRoxanne Moore Saucier by permission of the Bangor Daily NewsRecords of the Priests of Benedicta and Houlton, Maine - 1833-1861.
200724462Thank YouCarlyn V. CoxCarlyn reminisces about her 13 years as TIARA's Newsletter editor.
200724463TIARA VolunteersMary ChoppaA thank you to Carlyn Cox.
200724463Thirteen Years, Fifty-four Issues and Countless HoursSusan SteeleCarlyn Cox' co-editor, Susan Steele's tribute to Carlyn.
20082511From the PresidentMary ChoppaThe history and the future plans of TIARA.
20082512A TIARA samplerDavid CollinsArticles from past Newsletter issues.
20082513Foresters UpdateSusan SteelAn up-to-date review of the Foresters Project.
20082513QueriesEditorTIARA members' name searches
20082514Passenger Rules and RightsEditors from The Cork Examiner 18 Jan 1864Conduct to be observed aboard every passenger ship leaving the United Kingdom
20082514Famine Graves on Deer IslandJohn McColgan, Ph.D, #142Article based on queries about TIARA lecture of 11 Apr 1997
20082515The Wreck of the St. JohnFrom an Edward Rowe Snow story. Contributed by James Thomas Doane #1205October 1849 wreck of the St. John from Galway on Grampus Rocks, Cohasset, MA
20082516Meditations on the Tragedy of Grosse IleJim HolmesInsights and critique of the memorial and park
20082518In Honor of GoodyPatrick G. RussellLast witch hanging in Boston, 1688, of Goody Glover, an Irish Catholic
20082519Genealogical Research in New BrunswickDuane CrabtreeHistory and resources for New Brunswick research. (Updated in 2008)
200825110World of WonderBetty FurdonFurdon; Barna, Co. Galway
200825111Any Strangers in the Grave?Joe SheaThe cemetery records of a headstone with only the family name, reveal many previously unknown family members
200825112Tales from the Pension FilesFrank ConeryFamily records of Civil War service found in pension files at NARA in Waltham and Washington.
200825113Procrastination: You Could Be the Loser!Brian ReynoldsGathering and organizing family history information before it's too late.
200825114A Story of Ireland: The ShopLiz BreadonLife in the family store in Cooneen, Co. Fermanagh
200825115Planning a Reunion: You Can Do It TooJudith S. IzenbergPlanning a family reunion.
200825116The Irish in Worcester, Mass.Tim MeagherTIARA Lecture of February 1987. History of Irish in Worcester from late 18th to late 19th centuries.
200825118County Longford Emigrants in BostonMarie DalyBunker Hill and Mount Auburn Catholic Cemeteries' inscriptions.
200825119Welcome New MembersEditorsNew members 2007 & 2008
20082522President's MessageMary ChoppaHappy Anniversary
20082522TIARA's Success StoryEditorVolunteers
20082523The History of TIARAMarie Daly1983-2008
20082527QueriesEditorsMember queries
20082528Presidential ReflectionsSheila FitzPatrick1991-1995
20082528Reflections from a Past PresidentJanis Duffy2004-2006
20082529My Three Years at the HelmMary Choppa2005-2008
200825210TestimonialTom TooheyPersonal Reflections on importance of TIARA
200825211Foresters Project - Seedling to TreeSusan SteeleDirector's reflections on progress of the project.
200825213TIARA Workshops and ConferencesMary Choppa, Mary Ellen Grogan; Beth McAleer; and Kathy RoscoeParticipatory and organization-sponsored workshops and conferences
200825214TestimonialThelma CraderPersonal Reflections on importance of TIARA
200825215Research Trips to IrelandMary Ellen GroganTrips first offered in 2005
200825216The TIARA WebsiteDennis Ahern and Carolyn Jack Begun in 1996 - history and improvements
200825217TIARA BooksLiz Breadon; Bob Burke; Mary McCarthyBooks offered by TIARA
200825218The TIARA Collection of Books and MediaMary Rita Grady, CSJ #1794The organization of the TIARA Library
200825219The TIARA NewsletterCarlyn CoxThe history of the Newsletter 1984-2008
2008253 & 41President's MessageMary ChoppaReview of 2008; Preview of upcoming year
2008253 & 42TIARA Officers 1983-2008EditorsComplete list of TIARA's officers
2008253 & 42Townland Maps of IrelandEditorsDonated to Boston College
2008253 & 43TIARA, the Next 25 YearsGreg AtkinsonReflections on TIARA's past and promises of the future
2008253 & 44Pictures of the Anniversary EditionJohn ThompsonStories behind some of the ancestral photographs included in the Anniversary Edition
2008253 & 47Foresters FindingsSusan Steele, Foresters Project DirectorIrish Foresters who returned to Ireland
2008253 & 48QueryEditorDescendant searches
2008253 & 48NuggetEditorSearching graduation lists - Mary Dorion
2008253 & 411Members-OnlyEditorStaffing hours of the TIARA Library
2008253 & 411TIARA Meetings 2008-2009EditorSpeakers and meeting locations
2008253 & 413TIARA 2008 Salt Lake CityMary Choppa et alReflections on the success of the 2008 trip to SLC
20092611President's MessageMary ChoppaReport on the Irish Genealogical Cruise
20092612Ancestor PhotosJay McLucas, Jan Kenney Fortado
20092613The Mescalls and Sullivans of Butte, AmericaDavid CollinsThe successful search for the Mescalls and Sullivans in Butte
20092616Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters in Chelsea: 1880 thru 1930Audrey McCarthy Stories of MCOF members; a snapshot of the Irish Catholic population in Chelsea 1880 -1930.
200926112Eureka! Or What I Found in the Forester FilesLiz BarnettForester Records of John and Mortimer O'Shea had information that doesn't exist elsewhere
200926112Forester Project UpdateSusan SteeleIndex for over 16,000 MCOF members now available on TIARA website.
200926112Mary Coughlin CrowleyMaureen WeinbergPhoto and details of a Skibbereen ancestor
200926113The Tomb in the VeeThomas TooheySamuel Grubb's funeral wishes and burial story
20092623President's MessageMary ChoppaReview of TIARA's activities for early 2009
20092624Ancestor PhotosMarie AhearnThe life of Bridget Murrin Jacques
20092625Adventures with Photo RestorationBrian ReynoldsLearning Adobe Photoshop to restore old photos
20092628Show Me The ProofSusan SteeleExamples of documents used to verify age, vaccination and death found in the MCOF files.
20092629My McPhee FamilyCarlyn V Cox Elizabeth F. McPhee and other children of Neil McPhee of Glascow, Scotland and Margaret Casey of Tipperary
2009262a1President's MessageJerry Holly & Kathy RoscoeUpdate on activites , thanks to all volunteers
2009262a2The Development of Irish Nationalism in the 19th Century and the Place of Women within that Vision of the Irish NationDr. Richard FinneganTIARA Lecture of January 6, 2006
2009262a7Meet the New Co-PresidentsEditorTIARA election results and introducing new Co-Presidents
2009262a8Obtaining Irish CitizenshipLawrence O'KeefeThe steps learned for claiming Irish Citizenship even without the required birth/baptismal documentation.
2009262a91911 Irish Census UpdateVirginia Wright1911 Irish Census for all 32 Counties now online
2009262a9Galway ResearchersCarlyn CoxNetworking meeting for Galway researchers
2009262a10Foresters updateAudrey McCarthy and Susan SteeleRecords being prepared for digitization. The name index years 1931-1935 will be added to the TIARA website. Places of birth now being extracted from the mortuary files to be added to TIARA website.
2009262a10AnnouncementsMarie Daly and Margaret SullivanUpdate on Moore's Mauraders. Information on the 90th anniversary of the Boston Police Strike. Records of the Boston Police Commissioner for 1919 now online through Internet Archive
2009262a12Member QueryHelen JenningsVarious names
2009262a12A Tale of Two BrothersAnne HanlonMention of an uncle on Bridget Agnes Judge's passenger list leads to the discovery of immigration of two brothers from an earlier generation
2009262a13Worth repeatingEditorTypical Irish naming pattern for sons and daughters
2009262a13Ancestor PoemAuthor unknown
20092631Message Executive BoardKathy Roscoe, Jay Lucas, Tom TooheyChanges in Board
20092632Questions to Ask Your EldersDick Eastman155 questions to ask relatives & their friends
20092636The Guy with the Green EyesAnne DuffyRelatives & strangers help pinpoint Sligo townlands for Duffy, McDonough, and Lavin families
20092637Galway NetworkingCarlyn CoxTIARA Workshop on County Galway Resources
200926311In Praise of VolunteersSusan SteeleBenefits of Being a TIARA Volunteer
200926312New PRONI at Titanic Quarter BelfastValerie AdamsUpdate on PRONI's Move
200926313Welcome HomeDanielle DoranSearch for Doran family of Maine and Kilkenny
200926315Moore's Maurauders and Staff Sargeant William LynchRyan BachRevisitng prison camp of World War Two prisoner of war, Sargent Lynch and locating living family members.
20102812President's MessageKathy RoscoeRecent & upcoming events
20102813Who Do You Think They Were?Marie AhearnUsing the census to decipher class photo names
20102813Notable and CuriousMary E. ChoppaMichael Patrick Ward's family of Merthyer Tydfil, Wales, Lismore, County Waterford and Youngstown Ohio and Keeley family of Cardiff, County Armagh
20102818Tribulations, Triumphs and TreasuresSusan SteeleTIARA & UMass Boston are working on agreement to make Special Collections & Archives at the Healey Library the permanent home of the Foresters record collection.
20102819Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhD Book suggestions: Contemporary materials and Irish viewpoints on Famine studies.
201028112Genealogy AddictionBrian ReynoldsTraits of an addicted genealogist.
20102716What Kind of Genealogy Is This?Cate RyanJournal of Charles Patrick Kerans, Danversport , MA & Pomeroy, County Tyrone
20102717Reading With AnthonyThomas A. DorseyOrigin of name & history of Anthony Culkin, from Kilglass, Sligo
20102719Voices From the PastMary E. Choppa Recording of relatives' voices. Make your own recordings.
201027110Following the Siblings' Clues to BallyduffMarie AhearnRecords of Johanna Connors' siblings lead to Ballyduff, County Waterford townland
201027111Signatures and Stories A Foresters Project UpdateSusan SteeleDocuments with signatures of family members. Information in Forester correspondence.
201027112Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDBook suggestions: Comprehensive histories of Ireland
20102722The Little Boy in the PictureGary Sutherland Family photo leads to search for Michael Anthony Wheaton from Lackenduff, Clonakilty. Use of newspaper ad.
20102723Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDBook suggestions: Theme of Emigration
20102726Murphy NuggetEva MurphySearch for Callahan: Ottawa, Canada to Torrington, CT. Index can be misleading. Look at the digital image.
20102727Foresters Findings MCOF - Four Little Letters= Four Hundred WordsSusan SteeleGravestone inscription in Danvers, MA leads to Forester record. Information on Hoar & Linehan families of Ballinamona, Cork
20102728Father WarrenCate RyanForester policy gives clue to identity of Rev. Cornelius J. Warren, Redemptionist priest.
201027212A Tale of Three SistersKathy SullivanVital records in Massachusetts & church records from Dingle, County Kerry help sort out Houlihan sisters and their descendants in Westfield & Lynn, MA
20102731The Holy Well of Castletown ConyersPamela HollandCourtship of Patrick Kearney & Margaret Maloney in Castletown, County Limerick
20102733Daithi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDBook suggestions: 1798 Rising, the Act of Union, Pre-Famine Ireland
20102735Thanks to TIARAJudy HendersonRandom Acts of Genealogy Kindness website leads to obituaries and headstone photos for Buggle family of New York & Florida
20102736The Kelly Family of TauntonJohn MoriartyForester records help lead to vital and probate records
20102739Enjoying Galway and Doing ResearchMarie DorseyTips for visiting and researching in Galway City
201027310Fraternity, Unity and CharitySusan SteeleExplanation of the Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters history and samples of records.
20102741TIARA Board Kathy RoscoeWelcome new Board member, Charlie Jack. Thanks to 2010 Board.
20102743The Christmas TurnipJanis P. DuffyChristmas ornament tradition
20102743Christmas CustomCarlyn V. CoxFamily stories depicted in homemade ornaments.
20102745Food and FamiliesSusan SteeleFamily memory projects including gifts of food.
20102746Review and Reworking old DataRobert GallagherReview your data and new information may be revealed.
20102747Christmas Recipe Bob GallagherPlum pudding recipe
201027471950s Christmas StoryEd SpaethChildhood journey from Yonkers to Rockefeller Center.
20102749Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDBook suggestions: The Great Hunger
201027411The Kelly Family of Taunton Part IIJohn MoriartyProbate court records for Kelly family and administrator, Mary Kelly McAndrews of Taunton, MA
201027413Across Four Generations and 134 YearsJack HanniganFather Thomas O'Brien was the link between Glen of Aherlow, County Tipperary, Ireland family of John O'Brien & William O'Brien family of Hingham, MA
201027414Participants in TIARA Research TripDiane Swenson, Karen KiltyReview of TIARA trip and research findings
201027417The Monaghan Family of Counties Fermanagh and Donegal: Why You Really Need to Write That Letter to your Grandmother's Cousin's DaughterDonna WyattWriting to a distant relative produced family letters of John "Jack" Monaghan
201027419Foresters Update The Cameras are RollingSusan SteeleGenealogical Society of Utah has begun digitizations of Foresters records
201027419This & That: Old Friends, Stories and TraditionsBrian ReynoldsPhotos from filming of Great Train Robbery in Moate, County Westmeath
201027420Christmas in OhioMary E. ChoppaChristmas memories of the Ward family
201027422TIARA Research TripsEditorUpcoming TIARA research trips
201128114The White KnightsTom TooheyHistory of "White Knights" Fitzgerald / Fitzgibbon landlords of "Mitchelstown Corridor" Cork & South Tipperary
20112822President's MessageKathy RoscoeWords of gratitude on completion of president's term
20112823Genealogy Treasures in Civil War RecordsTom TooheySearch techniques used to locate civil war service and pension records of John & Edward Murray of Albany, New York.
20112825It's Official!Susan SteeleDeed of Gift signed. TIARA conveyed Foresters Collection to UMass Boston
20112825The Search for John TraceyGeraldine CoxTreasure trove of information in Civil War service and pension records of John Tracey of Tynagh, County Galway and Clinton, MA
20112828Peter Costello - American Civil War AncestorRosemary K. Nunnally & Valerie LaneLife facts for Peter Costello of Inisheer, Ireland, member of Maine Volunteers, Company D
201128210More to be FoundDave TimpanySearch for Edward Travers, Confederate Infantry
201128211Dathi's Bookshelf Thomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDBook suggestions: 1830s, 1840s America & Ireland
201128213The Collins Boys and Co. KMarie AhearnNewspaper interview and pension affidavit information on Thomas & Henry Collins of Danvers, MA
2011282159th Regiment, Infantry, Mass VolsKathy Hourihan, Claire BrassilSoldiers identified in photo
201128215Photo TreasureMary E. PetersUnidentified photo of member of NY 69th Regiment
201128216My Grand-UnclesHelen B. CollinsPhoto collage of family of Thomas Francis McAuliffe, & Jose King, Regiment of California Volunteers
20112833Meet the New BoardBoard MembersBios of TIARA's Executive Board
20112834The Foresters Go To CollegeSusan SteeleMove of 450 Forester record boxes to UMass Boston
20112837Never Give Up...Or How Chipping Away at a Brickwall for 40 Years Brings ResultsKathy SullivanIrish surname Shaw becomes Chauvin in Montreal.
20112838We Asked, You AnsweredEditorFavorite research spots and ah-ha moments
201128310Ireland "Week of Welcomes"Ed O'Connor"Ireland Reaching Out" in East Galway
201128311Headstones Go DigitalBrian ReynoldsUse of QR codes on headstones
201128312Dahti's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDBook suggestions: Irish in the US Civil War
201128314Finding Relatives in IrelandCate RyanLetter to a historical society in Pomeroy, County Tyrone produces Hopkins descendants.
201128317Right Company, Wrong WarMarie AhearnIdentification of a photo of Danvers regiment in Spanish American war period
201128318School DaysEditorStudent and Class pictures submissions from TIARA members
20112842President's MessageMary E. ChoppaActivities of 2011. Thanks to all.
20112843Finding My FeeneysMichael B. MelansonFollowing the Feeneys of Ahamlish Parish, County Sligo
20112849Ancestral Arts WorkshopSusan SteeleFamily Memories transformed into ornaments, poems and story booklets.
20112849College Orientation Foresters Project UpdateSusan SteeleForester volunteers learn UMass Boston data entry system
201128410Redford AncestorsPat DealPhoto of Redford family of Chagrin Falls, Ohio & East Haven, VT
201128411The Denny Family of Tipperary, Ireland and Troy, New YorkMarilyn MahoneyFamily photo
201128412Research Tidbit: Information on Irish Prison RecordsMarie AhearnJohn Grenham tip: Irish Prison Records on findmypast
201128412Our TIARA Research Trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland 2011Dorothy DuPont Research in Belfast repositories
201128415From Liverpool to Ellis IslandDorothy DuPont Elizabeth Jane Heenan of Legananny, County Down - search for birth record and passenger list
201128416Second Cousins MeetCate Ryan Tracing Kerans descendants
201128417 Indentured for PassageDorothy DuPont Employer Rev. John Hanson Twombly of Newton Lower Falls
201128419This and That The Quiet ManBrian Reynolds Cong, County Mayo photos
201128420Dahti's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDBook suggestions: The Fenians
20122913Forester FindsSusan Steele and Mary Ellen CarneyDetails of Susan's Forester Find For her ancestors Daniel Desmond and Catherine Desmond McShane. Mary Ellen Carney details how discovering the Forester records of Joseph Kelly and other ancestors greatly helped her research
20122915Patrick Tracey and Mary KilleenGeraldine CoxPatrick Tracey, Mary Ann Kileen/ Reaghan, Tynagh, County Galway / Clinton, Massachusetts
20122917Half a Mystery SolvedMaureen R. BerebeSuccess in tracking down Sam Sunderland's WW I military record but no succes for finding his brother Pat's
20122918DATHI's Bookshelf: Irish Slaves and PiratesThomas A Dorsey, J.D., Ph. DThe Sack of Baltimore, Cromwell's use of slavery, and stories of Irish women pirates
201229111Book Committee UpdateMary ChoppaReview of some books TIARA has for sale
201229115Appreciating Oral HistoryKathleen Kelly BroomerA father's mention of his grandmother's nickname was the key to locating a great grandmother Elizabeth"Lil" Dunn
201229116National Library of Ireland UpdatesVirginia WrightNLI's Improvements to services
201229117A Visit to West CorkClaire Hourihan Brassil and Kathleen Hourihan StasiumEllen Manning Hourihan, Daniel Hourihan/Dunmanway, County Cork; Hannah Kelly, Norah Kelly/ Kilmichael, County Cork
2012291181940 US CensusEditor1940 US Census online 2 April 2012 at
201229119Surname Database UpdatesEditorNew or updated entries submitted to the Surname Database.
201229120Forbes House Museum Compiles List of Irish immigrant 19rh and 20th Century WorkersEditorIrish Heritage project seeks information on thirtyfive workers known to have worked at the Forbes house
201229120This and ThatBrian ReynoldsIrish Humor: Irish man's idea of romance
20122923Nothing but GratitudeMary ChoppaResearching Ward ancestors' occupations in Ireland, Wales and Ohio
20122925Semi-Professional Baseball Player: Robert F. GallagherBob GallagherExperiences of author's grandfather as a semi-pro player
20122925The BoatmanKelly Leary Lettermore, Oughterard, County Galway ancestor worked as boatman ferrying people to and from the island of Lettermore
20122926A Carpenter from County DerryMarion HuardAncestor Charles Logue from Limavady, County Kerry achieved success and recogonition as a builder in Boston. Massachusetts.
20122926Toolmaker Patrick Francis DowneyPat WillisPatrick and William Downey: Co. Roscommon; Margaret Collins: Chapel Street, Tallow, Co. Waterford;
20122927Occupation DressmakerSusan SteeleTracing dressmaking skills through 5 generations
20122928Thomas F. Meaney: StonecutterThomas TooeyThomas Meaney / Ballywilliam, Templtenny Parish, County Tipperary/ Quincy Mass./Williamstown, Mass./North Adams, Mass.
20122929Occupations of the Moran FamilyJudy IsenbergA family with occupation with the Boston and Maine Railroad
201229210Patrick Donohue: JackSpinnerSusan KileyFamily reseach of Ireland born ancestor Patrick Donahoe a jackspinner in a carpet mill in Saxonville Massachusetts and his relatives
201229211What's in a NameMary E. DorionLinking grandfather John Haugh to a possible brother John Haugh
201229212DATHI'S BOOKSHELFThomas A Dorsey, J.D., Ph. DIrish wars and the atrocities of Tudor Ireland
201229215Patrick J. MageeMarilyn Magee ZwienerPatrick Magee: Killydrum, Enniskillen, CO. Fermanagh; Catherine Foy: Bunnanaden, Co. Sligo
201229216A Remarkable and Memorable EventSusan Steele "Calling the Heart Back Home" gala celebrates TIARA volunteers' work indexing the MCOF Collection and tTIARA's donation 0f the rec0rds to UMASS Boston
201229219This and ThatBrian ReynoldsRailrod worker records
20122932President's MessageMary ChoppaConference participations, Library updates.
20122933Neighborhood Research: Using Preservation Planning Records in Genealogy Kathleen Kelly Broomer Suggested resources for researching neighborhoods . Records of the State Historic Preservation Officer Records, often overlooked resource are public documents and often available on line.
20122934Neighborhood Resources in the TIARA LibrarySusan SteeleBoston City Directory 1941, Golden Jubilee of St. Mary's Parish in the North end of Boston, and other suggestions.
20122934Research tipEditorthe New England House Historian blog
20122935Here and ThereMaureen BerubeAncestor neighborhoods in Fall River , MA and Stalybridge, Cheshire, England
20122936Home is Where the Story BeginsDorothy DupontElizabeth Jane Heenan: Drumgooland, Co. Down
20122938The Community of Time: Naill, O'Neill, and YouThomas A Dorsey, J.D., Ph. DDNA: the Iriish Modal Haplotype ; The North West Irish Haplotype grou[.
20122939Neighborhoods of Owen MeaneyChris KearyOwen McEnaney; Rose Thornton: North End and East Boston
201229312DATHI'S BOOKSHELFThomas A Dorsey, J.D., Ph. DTudor Occupation of Ireland - the Nine Years War
201229314This and ThatBrian ReynoldsObtaining railroad work records
201229315The Resurection of James ConnellJim FortiWilliam Cornell and Hanora Daly: Altar-Toormore section of Goleen, Schull, Co. Cork; the search for sons James and Harry Connell ( alias Llennoc)
201229318Making a TimelineKathy SullivanJeremiah O'Sullivan, Honora Daly, Ellen (Helena) O'Sullivan/Bantry, County Cork
201229320California Digital Newspaper CollectionEditor
20122943With A Little Help From My FriendsSusan SteeleMichael O'Neil, Margaret Cummins/ Stradavoher; John, James, Margaret O'Neil/ Stradavoher, Albany; Driscoll, Martley
20122944The Gift of GenealogyDorothy DupontTales about an Irish grandmother written to pass down to the next generations
20122945The Item That Sparked My Interest in GenealogyMary ChoppaMichael Patrick Ward/ Mahoming County, Ohio
20122946Haunted by Her EyesJean Orr TurnerFinding a Picture of a grandmother starts a search to learn about her.
20122947Oh the Places You'll Go, If you Keep an Open MindMary Choppa John Sullivan, Mary Connelly/ Lismore, Cappoquin, County Waterford: Lismore Estate Work Records
201229410DATHI'S BOOKSHELFThomas A Dorsey, J.D., Ph. D1641- the emergence of the Irish Confederation (1642-1648), Scottish Covenanters, War of the Three Kingdoms, Reign of Charles I, Parlimentary Wars in England
201229414Tale of Two BrothersJane MoloneyEllen Clasby Ryan/Lady's Well, Athenry, County Galway; John Clasby, Patrick Clasby/ Briton's Gate,& Kingsland South, Athenry, County Galway; Stephen Clasby, Bridget Hession/Kingsland South/ Sharon, Mass.
201229417TIARA, Dublin and GalwayJulie RizzelloPatrick Carr; Bridget Agnes Greaney/ Fohenagh, County Galway
201229418American Cousins project. Marie Ahearn, Jack HanniganWilliam Francis O'Brien, Bridget Burke/Monaboula, County Tipperary; Denis O'Brien, William O'Brien/ Monaboula to Hingham, Mass.
201229420NuggetsEditor the Tithe Applotment Books are now online at
201229421QueriesEditorPatrick Goggin; William Egan; Edward (Ned) Kinsella; Mary (Molly) O'Brien; Rose Ann O'Connor; Ellen O'Connor; Thomas O'Connor
20133013Benedicta, Maine: A Bishop's Vision and a Family Pat DealHines family in planned community of Benedicta, ME; Roxbury, MA
20133016Dahti's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhD Oliver Cromwell: Early Years Before Ireland
20133019Books for SaleMary ChoppaNew titles: Sligo, Westmeath, Clare
201330111American Cousins Photo ProjectMarie AhearnPhotos & Bios: Griffin, Kenny, Hourigan
201330112The Death of the HatBilly CollinsPassing of Era of Hats for Men
201330113TIARA Library UpdateJoan CallahanNew donations
201330113Emigration IsleVirginia WrightMulimedia website: emigrants leaving Ireland
201330114Like MindsMary Choppa #1791Armagh researchers meet
201330115Members' Genealogical irish Places of InterestEditorList of Surnames, Counties, Townlands
201330118QueriesIrish folks seeking their American cousins
20133023The Long Way to (Clogheen) TipperaryMarie AhearnWilliam Collins from Clogheen, Valuation records
20133024Scaling a Brick WallMaureen R. BerubeMcGuire WWI Draft card
20133024Breaking Down a Brick WallKathy SullivanKatie Cavanaugh, Wenham, MA vital record
20133025New PRONI Online ResourceVirginia WrightValuation Books online
20133026NARA - Boston UpdateJoseph KeefeDigitizing: naturalization records, 1812 pension records
20133027Smoking Salmon - Saving HistoryThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDClarke History Collection: Ballina, County Mayo
20133029Down Survey MapsVirginia Wright17th Century Maps website
20133029Irish Will CalendarsVirginia WrightNational Archives website
201330210Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDCromwell in Ireland
201330213Century IrelandVirginia WrightWebsite - historical newspapers 1912 - 1923
201330214Three Bronzes in Ireland's Great Hunger MuseumMary Ellen Doona Artistic representations of the Famine
201330217Members' Genealogical irish Places of InterestEditorList of Surnames, Counties, Townlands
20133033On the Job: Records of Ancestors Who Worked in Public ServiceMargaret R. SullivanPublic employee records: Massachusetts examples
20133036The Internet ArchiveVirginia Wright4 Million scanned books
20133036Unexpected Discoveries in a Land Agent's LettersEileen Curley PirontiConlon family in Bishop Ireland Minnesota settlement
20133038Find Out MoreVirginia WrightBook: Forgetting Ireland - Bishop Ireland's colonization project
20133039Genealogical Gems in Town BooksMarie AhearnCivil War info
201330310Genealogy in Unexpected PlacesPatricia McHughNolan family of Taftville, CT
201330311A Leatherworker's StorySusan SteeleForester record of John Hoar, Danvers, MA
201330314Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDCromwellian consolidation in Ireland
201330318The Photo ConnectionSusan SteeleEmerald Isle Orchestra, Roxbury, MA
201330319"Welcome Home" …AgainMary-Alice WildasinPatrick Doran, Callan, Killkenny
20133043The Photo That Started It AllGeraldine CoxConroy / Tracey family of Clinton, MA
20133044Finding Uncle AlbertPat DealAlbert Hines, death in Seattle WA
20133046Daniel Devir of Donegal, Boston and MaldenMarie DorseyDaniel Devir, Gortnasillah, Donegal, Founder AOH Malden, MA
20133047A Family Legend and the Rest of the StoryErica VoolichRichardson family in Quebec
20133049Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDCromwell's Remains
201330413Library UpdateJoan CallahanSearch hints for TIARA Library Website
201330414The Origin of the Irish: A New ViewThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDWhere did the Irish come from?
201330416Sunday SharingSusan SteeleWorkshops in TIARA office
201330417This and That: Old PhotosBrian ReynoldsPhotos of Reynolds' Ancestors
20143113William Jaques: Migration Trail / Paper TrailMarie AhearnWillaim Jaques of Boyle, Roscommon record sources
20143114Gaffer, Presser, Molder, Cutter and Sticker-up Boy; Glassworkers on the MoveSusan SteeleSwansey family of Co. Armagh to Sandwich, MA
20143116Migration Trails of the Toohey, Meaney and McBride FamiliesTom TooheyToohey of Kilglass, Sligo; Meaney of Ballywilliam, Tipperary; McBride of Castlederg, Tyrone
20143118Paddy and Mary EllenMelissa Moroney-BarzeyCavanaugh, Bagenalstown, Carlow; Kennedy, Curry, Sligo to Brookline, MA
20143119Tracking the Rileys in ReverseMary ChoppaCatherine Riley Keeley, Middlesbrough, England to New Castle, PA
201431111Eviction: An Affidavit from EnglandRobert DevirMichael Kelley, evicted from land in Cloon, Galway
201431112Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDAct of Appropriation of 1652
201431115TIARA Sunday SharingMarie AhearnWriter's Workshop
201431116Grosse Isle and Irish Memorial National Historic SitePamela HollandHistory of Grosse Isle Historic Site
201431117Library UpdateJoan CallahanNew donations
201431118You Never Know!Carlyn V. CoxCivil War veteran, John Hurney's pension depositions
201431121River Shannon ProjectEditorGathering memories about the River Shannon
201431227The Marriage of John Clancy and Alice BryanKathy SullivanAlice Bryan, Inistioge, Kilkenny, married in Queenstown, Cork
201431228Frustration and ElationGeraldine CoxCarneys in Minnesota, Sweetman planned emigration project from Meath
201431231Search for Missing Marriage CertificateMichael RoddySources used to search for marriage certificate
201431232The Key to the Ancestral HomeRobert GallagherMarriage record key to finding townland
201431233A Long and Happy MarriageMarie AhearnJohanna O'Connor and William Collins, Danvers, MA
201431234Irish Marriage CustomsVirginia WrightFolklore surrounding Irish marriage customs
201431235Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDTransplantation of Irish between 1655-1660
201431240"Love & Marriage" OnlineSusan SteeleMass. Memories Roadshow, Irish Immigrant Experience website
201431241Book Review: An O'Sullivan GenealogyThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDO'Sullivan The Earliest Irish Royal Family
201431242Solving the Mysteries of Owen McNallyMary Lee DunnRhode Island sources lead to County Monaghan roots
201431245Members' Genealogical irish Places of InterestEditorSurnames, townlands, counties
201431351Using Maps in Family History ResearchMelinda KashubaOnline map resources
201431355Mapping Your Family's Past: A Map Librarian's Perspective of Using Atlases for Research in GenealogyEvan ThornberryMap Center at Boston Public Library
201431359Exploring the Point with MapsMarie AhearnThe Point, Salem, MA
201431361A Note from Great GrandfatherPat DealThomas Green, Kilcastle, Roscommon, Valuation Book
201431363Genealogical MapsBernie CoumingSource: New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland
201431364Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDAct of Settlement of 1662
201431367An Untapped Genealogical ResourceMarie AhearnIrish Land Commission records
201431368Around the World in JournalsSusan SteeleTIARA Library Journals
201431370Members' Genealogical irish Places of InterestEditorSurnames, townlands, counties
201431475Dublin Electoral Registers 1898 - 1915John GrenhamWho will appear in voting records
201431478Irish Folk Culture on the MovePat DealKate Chadbourne lecture
201431479Celtic Connections ConferenceMary ChoppaThanks to volunteers.
201431480A Surprise VisitorGreg AtkinsonPat Landry receives An Capall Bán award
201431481Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDGeorge Monck, Charles II, Cromwell's Legacy
201431484BTOPMary ChoppaBack To Our Past show in Dublin
201431485Finding Ancestors with MapsThomas TooheyMcBride family of Dorset, Vermont & Ardstraw Parish, Tyrone
201431487National Library of Ireland's Digitization Project Virginia WrightCatholic Parish records
201431487Archives of the Ladies Ancient Order of HiberniansVirginia WrightCollection at John J. Burns Library, Boston College
201431488TIARA Book Sharing ListMarie AhearnList from book sharing workshop
201431489Members' Genealogical irish Places of InterestEditorSurnames, townlands, counties
20153214Beyond the ObituariesMaureen R. BerubeDetailed family information in newspapers
20153215Searching for MaeMary Ellen CarneyStory of a Suicide
20153216The Indian FighterPatricia McHughIrish ancestor in war with Seminole Indians
20153217Newspapers: Helpful or Distracting?Mary ChoppaBeware of misinformation in obituaries
20153218Newspaper Intirgue: Drawing in the Next GenerationSusan SteeleDesmond ancestors in Minnesota
201532110Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDIrish society in late 1600s
201532113A Twelve Year Old's Eyewitness to a TragedyMary Ellen DoonaKatie Cahalane's memories of Lusitania's sinking
201532115Canadian WWI Soldier RecordsEditorDigitizing of service files: website
201532116Library Donation PolicyJoan CallahanAcceptable donations outlined
201532117New DVDs AvailableMary E. ChoppaO'Duills produce DVDs
201532118TIARA Book Share List - NonfictionMarie AhearnList from book sharing workshop
201532223A legacy of ServicePat DealHistory and records of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
201532226My First American-born RelativeMargaret R. SullivanAnna Crotty, Sister of Notre Dame
201532227Sr. Benedict de Jesus, Little Sister of the PoorJulie RizzelloAnne Greaney, Ahascragh, Galway, to religious order, New York
201532229A Search for a Priest Named MurphyJohn MurphyFour brothers, priests in NH, GA, ME
201532230Rev. Edward Walsh's Irish Origin: A Case StudyKathy MoehlRecords of two brothers establish place of birth in Kilkenny
201532232TIARA Library Resources for Researching ReligiousSusan SteeleSources for Jesuit & Sister of Mercy research
201532232Catholic DirectoriesVirginia WrightCatholic directories online
201532233Was John Carney a Lamplighter?Geraldine CoxDescription of lamplighter occupation in 1800s
201532235Dublin Research Week 2015Marie AhearnReview of TIARA research trip to Dublin
201532236Belfast Research Trip 2015Sheila ByrnesReview of TIARA Research trip to Belfast
201532238Library UpdateJoan CallahanNew donations
201532238NLI's Catholic Parish RegistersEditorLaunch date for website
201532343Mothers, Daughters, Wives, Sisters, Machine Operators, Doffers, Weavers and Shoe WorkersSusan SteeleSources for women workers in Massachusetts
201532346From Shoe Worker to Army NurseVirginia WrightForester member, Mary C. Burke, WWI nurse
201532349The Kelleher Sisters of SandwichPat DealGlassworker family history
201532351DomesticsMary PetersDomestic worker description
201532352The 1918 Influenza Pandemic - a Life-Changing EventErica Dakin VoolichEffects of Influenza on family of Marion Evans Dakin
201532356Dathi's BookshelfThomas A. Dorsey, J.D., PhDthe Glorious Revolution
201532358Learn the Language of Your PeopleMary Ellen DoonaBoston area classes in the Irish language
201532462President's MessageGreg AtkinsonForester record leads to name of townland
201532463PANB - A Source for Researching IrishImmigration in NBRob GilmoreRecords of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
201532467Kildorrery, Cork to New BrunswickJanice Kenney FortadoCarroll family of Kildorrey, Co. Cork, Knockadea, Ballylanders, Co. Limerick, New Brunswick and Houlton, Maine
201532469A Nova Scotia Research Primer - Online and Library SourcesCarol Swaine-KuzelHow to search online before going to Nova Scotia: O'Connor / Sweeney case studies
201532474Finding My Irish Roots in the MaritimesJoan WintersSkehan: Tipperary to Nova Scotia; Francis: Cork to Nova Scotia
201532474Another ResourceSheila FitzPatrickLocal historical society- a genealogical resource
201532477Grave MattersBill McMullenUncovering buried headstones from Church Street Cemetery in Waltham, MA
201532483Call for Descendants - Pre-Famine Irish Immigrants to Rhode IslandEditorA search for descendants of Irish who built Fort Adams
20163313The Irish in MontrealMatthew BarlowFactors in the success of Irish middle class in Montreal
20163317Canadian SurprisesPatricia McHugh #3509Name changes in Canadian records
20163318My Canadian AncestorKathy Sullivan #3009Shaw / Chaveau / Chauvin in Montreal
20163319The Drouin CollectionEditorExplanation of collection
201633110The McCaffreysKathleen NiermeyerMcCaffrey family of St. Pierre-de-Broughton
201633112From Roxbury to the Rodeo: An Alberta Homesteader's TalePat Deal #3076Homestead records: Story of Edward & Clayton Hines
201633115A Celtic Connection: Flynn meets FlynnJudy Zaccagnini FlynnFlynn family of Castlelyons, Cork
201633116Achieving Genealogical Self AwarenessJohn MaraEconomic, Politial & Social conditions shape immigrants' lives
201633223Seeking Henry CoxGeraldine CoxHenry S. Cox Bombay, India to Lansingburgh, NY
201633228But My Grandmother Told Me…Susan ReidClarifying family story of Thomas Diamond of Newfoundland
201633230Debunking a Deep, Dark Family SecretLinda RileyVital records provide facts for family fiction
201633232My Great-Grandmother was not on the TitanicLaurie ConklinFamily postcards & research in passenger ship lists
201633234Stories Our Mother Told Us: Fact, Fiction or …Kathleen BerubeCollecting information to prove / disprove family stories
201633236Book ReviewPamela Guye HollandLowell Irish
201633237Great Famine VoicesVirginia WrightStrokestown Park House Archive online
201633238Books for SaleEditorReviews of five new books
201633343The Records of Richard R. Elliott Passage and Exchange Office, Detroit, Michigan, 1848 - 1891Mary Lou Straith DuncanPrepaid passage tickets & money sent overseas reveal many details
201633347Tracing Your Irsh Ancestors in ChicagoTina BeairdIrish neighborhoods in Chicago: record sources
201633352Book ReviewMary Ellen DoonaJourney: An Irish-American Odyssey by Michael B. Melanson
201633353Library UpdateJoan CallahanNew donations
201633354Irish Genealogy Summer SchoolPamela Guye Holland"Ancestral Connections", University College Cork
201633355You're the Key to Our SuccessJulie RizzelloVolunteer Opportunities
201633355Have the Disappearing Nearys from Rutland Turned Up AgainMary Lee DunnBartley & Michael Neary, leaders of Ballykilcline rent strike to VT, CT, RI
201633463John Guy Ferguson: Architect of the Philadelphia Orange HallBrian MitchellLife of Londonderry born architect: record sources
201633466A FAN Club for the McShanesSusan SteeleFriends, Associates & Neighbors help determine townland in County Derry
201633470Researching in Northern IrelandKevin CassidyMcGinn family case study
201633474Update on Irish RecordsVirginia WrightGRO records available on new services at GRONI
2016334741718 Migration to Londonderry NHBrian MitchellHistory and names of settlers
201633479Building your Genealogy Research LibraryPat DealTIARA books for sale with Ulster themes
201633481Registration District Map BrowseVirginia WrightShane Wilson website
20173413Paul A. Redmond: American Ambulance Field ServiceGeraldine CoxLetters and newspaper clippings inspire research
20173416A World War One HeroJoanne DelaneyJoseph Francis DeCota, Jr. Newspaper reports of WWI service & homecoming
20173417A world War One FamilySusan SteeleLife for those in service and family at home in Malden, MA
20173419Research in the Registry of Deeds in DublinWilliam RoulstonCase study, Robert Rolleston of Gortavea
201734113Website UpdatesVirginia WrightCatholic records, Archdicese of Boston to be digitized; PRONI historical maps application
201734116The Mysterious Thomas TuffyThomas TooheyInvestigating family story of a hanging
201734118The Heart of TIARA - Our MembersPat DealRecognition of long term members
201734119Using irishgenealogy.ieMary D. CoyneTips for using the website
201734223Ancestry Ups the Ante for DNA ProvidersMary Downey CoyneNew genetic communities and migration maps at Ancestry DNA
201734227Solving a Galway Mystery with DNAJudy FrancesconiDNA match provides townland for Mannions from County Galway
201734229Why DNA?Jim GordonAdvantages of yDNA testing
201734231Muintervara to Bandon A Migration Path in yDNAMarie DalyyDNA match further defines Daly origin
201734231What's In It For MeMary Downey CoyneCommunicating with DNA matches - leads and nonleads
201734234The Maine Gaeltacht DNA ProjectDeb GellersonDNA testing confirms Connemara links
201734236Suggestions for SummerMarie AhearnIrish themed exhibits in New England
201734237Website UpdatesVirginia Wright"Reclaim the Records" website for New York information
201734238Members' Genealogical irish Places of InterestEditorSurnames, townlands, counties
201734343Tracing the Mountbellew Workhouse Paupers Sent to North America during the Great FamineGerard MoranRecords of fifty girls sent to Canada
201734346Children's Social Welfare Records at the University of Massachusetts BostonJessica HoldenBoston Female Asylum, Gwynne Temporary Home for Children, Boston Children's Aid Society, Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters
201734349The Mystery ChildMarie AhearnPassenger list reveals unknown child
201734350Finding CousinsJoanne DelaneyMeeting in a church leads to Gormley cousins in Ireland
201734353Finding Mary's Birth FamilyChandler SmithVital records, city directories, DNA testing contribute to search for birth parent
201734355Bridget's TaleElizabeth CondonRecords of Ennis Lunatic Asylum contribute details to family story
201734357Digging Deeper for DatabasesEileen Curley PirontiRecords of Orphans and Foundlings
201734358Blog WatchKathy SullivanBlogs highlighting methodology, organizing, records & databases, research tools, technology and writing
201734359TIARA Library NotesBarbara BrookerArticle sources for care of the poor, schools, social conditions and adoption
201734463Couming Chain MigrationBernie CoumingCouming family of Bansha, Tipperary emigration to Worcester, MA
201734466Life in the ShipyardMary D. CoyneJohn Downey of Kingscourt, Cavan. Occupation,teamster, in Marblehead,MA
201734470The Finnegan's Story of Immigrant LifeAllison DoaneJohn Finnegan, Connaught, Oldham, England, Lowell, MA
201734472The Lost McGinnsKevin CassidyOwen McGinn family. Marriage record in New York City reveals Clogher, Tyrone birthplace
201734475Exploring the Collections of the National Library of IrelandEileen Curley PirontiManuscript & Newspaper collections
201734477Elizabeth Noonan's StoryElizabeth CondonElizabeth Noonan, Derryvet, Clare and Dorchester,MA
201734478Blog WatchKathy SullivanResearch Tools, Irish in Maine, Irish War Brides in USA, Writing, Records & Databases
201734478Digging Deeper for DatabasesEileen Curley PirontiHistorical Wages & Prices, Erie Railroad, Prince Edward Island Railway, Transportation employees in Texas, Colorado mining employees
201734479TIARA Library NotesBarbara BrookerImmigrant life: book & periodicals
20183513TIARA's Achievements - 35 YearsTIARA Milestones
20183514If the Bellhop Uniform Fits,,.,Steele, SusanNew Hampshire summer resort romance of Robert Steele & Catherine Reardon
20183517A Dream that Sustained ThemGaffney, LibbyGaffney brothers of Danvers, MA during WWII
201835110Our "Aunties"Huard, MarianSummer memories of three aunts in Scituate, MA
201835113Celtic Connections Conference 2018Wickersham, MaryPreview of conference speakers
201835115 'Nearly Starved to Death'Dunn, Mary LeeFamine era lives of Irish women tenants of Mahon family, Strokestown
201835117A Mysterious DeathToohety, Thomas M.Search for Patrick Murray's death in Albany, New York
201835118Blog WatchSullivan, KathyCulture, Context, & Background; Research Tools; DNA
201835118Digging Deeper for DatabasesPironti, Eileen CurleyEarly travel guides & postcards
201835223A Club for Married BachelorsMunafo, Kathleen1887 incorporation Roxbury, MA. Charter members: William Burns,James Mulvee, John F.Dever
201835225TIARA's Foresters ProjectSteele, Susan15 year history of project & record examples
201835228Journey Genealogies - Book ReviewDoona, Mary EllenHart, Cunningham, Hanney, Feeney, Mackey, Mahoney families
201835230John McCarthy from Co Cork and Y-DNAMcCarthy, Audrey M.John McCarthy, Chelsea, MA. Y-DNA helps pinpoint Co. Cork location
201835232TIARA Members to Profit from Special ConferenceChoppa, MaryGenesis of Celtic Connections Conference
201835233Merged Family Trees Give New Insight for ResearchersCoyne, Mary DowneyReview of birth, marriage, death patterns
201835234Who's Coming to Celtic Connections ConferenceSpeaker bios
201835236We All Have Stories to TellPatriquin, AnnTIARA Writers' Group: goals & format
201835238Blog WatchSullivan, KathyMethodology, Resources, Irish in America & Canada
201835239TIARA Library NotesBrooker, BarbaraFraternal Organization resources
201835239Digging Deeper for DatabasesPironti, Eileen CurleyFraternal Organization records
201835343From the Trenches, 1918Sullivan, KathyJeremiah Sullivan, Charlestown, MA. Roots in Bantry, Co. Cork. Letters from 103rd Infantry, 26th Yankee Division
201835345Hidden Bag Unlocks WWI MysteryCoyne, Mary DowneyJim Coyne, Roots in Knockranny, Co. Galway. New England Sawmill Unit in Ardgay, Scotland
201835348The Last March: WWI Armistice in a Small Belgium VillageDeal, PatEdward F. Hines, Roots in Trumra, Co. Laois, Roxbury, MA & Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada. Royal Highlanders of Canada in Mons, Belgium
201835350A Lease for Three LivesMelanson, Michael B.William & Daniel Mackey, Shanballyedmond, Co. Tipperary - structure & history of lease
201835353Researching the Men Behind the StrikeSullivan, Margaret1919 Boston Police Strike Project: Goals & Methodolgy
201835354Researching Public Records Office in Northern IrelandPironti, Eileen CurleyPreparing for a visit : guides, videos. Online catalogue
201835356Books Purchased with David Collins FundBrooker, BarbaraSix new books for TIARA Library
201835357A Tribute to Carlyn CoxSteele, SusanCarlyn Cox: TIARA Board Member, Newsletter Editor, Forester Project volunteer
201835358Blog WatchSullivan, KathyGenealogy, DNA, Irish Culture
201835359TIARA Library NotesBrooker, BarbaraWWI, 1918 Flu Epidemic resources
201835359Digging Deeper for DatabasesPironti, Eileen CurleyFlu Pandemic, WWI New England soldiers
2018354631918: The Year of Hope and LossKenney, MaureenKenney/Cotter family, roots in Counties Meath & Cork, Hanora Kenney, Newton Upper Falls, MA - Flu pandemic effect on family & community
201835466Half TruthsBerube, MaureenPat & Sam Sunderland, Fall River, MA - Uncovering facts re: WWI service
201835469A DNA LegacyCoyne, Mary DowneyHeffernan/Shanahan: Ballyfruta, Co. Limerick., Salem, MA. DNA test helps solve adoption mystery for Shanahan relative
201835471Celtic Connections 2018Choppa, MaryReview of successful conference
201835472The Most Dangerous Woman in America - Mother JonesCoyne, Mary DowneyMary Harris Jones: Cork, City, U.S. labor leader & union organizerc
201835475The Bolsheviks and the IRACoyne, Mary DowneyDublin socialists inspired by Russian Revolution
201835477Conducting Research at the Dublin City Library and ArchivesPironti, Eileen CurleyPreparing for a visit : website resources, overview of collections
201835478Blog WatchSullivan, KathyIrish culture, history, DNA, methodology
201835479TIARA Library NotesBrooker, BarbaraWWI, 1918 Flu Epidemic resources
201835479Digging Deeper for DatabasesPironti, Eileen CurleyAmerican Battle Monuments Commission, International Committee of Red Cross
20193613Walking in the Footsteps of my Early Irish Family Fortada, Janice KenneyRecords research & townland visits: Gallagher in Kilcruaig, Kilflyn, Limerick & Ballynamongaree, Glanworth, Cork; Roche in Castleterry, Ballindangan, Cork; and, Kennedy & Carroll in Ballyshonack, Farahy, Cork
20193616Homes of Our Ancestors in Rural IrelandMelanson, Michael B.Description of 1749 Drumiskabole, County Sligo. Michael Mahoney & Johanna O'Brien building a home in Meentolla, Limerick
20193619The O'Sullivan Shearig Family from the Townland of Reentrisk, West CorkTyrell, Mary L.Resources for research on O'Sullivan Shearig family of Eskaninane, Reentrisk, Allihies, Beara Pennisula
201936111Secrets in the ClosetFlaherty, MaryannAunt's information leads to birthplaces for Mary Farrell in Derrycahill, Roscommon & Michael McCormick of Dereen, Galway. Townland visit introduces new relatives.
201936115What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?Toohey, Thomas M.Genealogy poem
201936118Blog WatchSullivan, KathyCulture & Context, Media, Exhibits, Publications
201936119TIARA Library NotesBrooker, BarbaraSources for finding Irish ancestral homes
201936119Digging Deeper for DatabasesPironti, Eileen CurleyEvicted tenants, Historical environment viewer
201936223Our Cotter Homestead: from Bantry to BostonKenney, MaureenCotter family of Gortnacouley, Bantry, Cork & Newton Upper Falls, MA. History of family members who immigrated and those who stayed on Irish homestead.
201936228The Meaning of 'Value' in Griffith's ValuationsSchnelle, JohnTownland Valuation Translator Tool
201936230Finding a Townland and FamilyCoyne, Mary DowneyDowney family of Raloaghan, Meath & Marblehead, MA. Records research & visits with new-found relatives.
201936235Searching for Place of OriginCassidy, KevinInterviews with older relatives & research pinpoint townlands in Sligo, Tyrone, Armagh, and Cork for Benson, McGinn, Cassidy, Riordan, Buckley, and Callaghan
201936238Blog WatchSullivan, KathyMethodology, Migration, Research Resources
201936239Digging Deeper for DatabasesPironti, Eileen CurleyLandowners in Ireland 1876, Digby Irish Estate Papers
201936343Irish and Irish-Americans: Their Impact in the Western United StatesBenedict, SheilaInfo about Irish living in American West: Books, articles, & organizations
201936345Standing at Seven HeadsDoona, Mary Ellen & Helen Doona CaudillSean Cahalane, Mary Madden of Ballinluig, Cork. Daughter's descriptions of area enhance relatives' visit.
201936347The Irish Immigrant Who Went WestCoyne, Mary DowneyPatrick Coyne, Knockranny, Co. Galway. Post Civil War life as miner in Greaterville, Arizona
201936351Stories from the American Cousins ProjectAhearn, MariePhotos & bios of TIARA members' immigrant ancestors
201936354St. Patrick's Day in California: Ireland at the DigginsLetter to Editor, Yuba, CO1853 letter to Yuba, CA newspaper describing miners' celebration
201936356What Keeps Us Going? - A Foresters Project UpdateSteele, Susan13 years of data entry. Records of deaths from 1880 - 1945
201936358Blog WatchSullivan, KathyCulture, DNA, Irish in America, Methodology, Records
201936359Digging Deeper for DatabasesPironti, Eileen CurleyGold Rush Names, California Pioneer & Immigrant Files
201936463Music in the AirCoyne, Mary DowneyMusician members of multi-instrumental Broaders family, Carrig-on-Bannow, Wexford.
201936465A Musical HeritageToohey, ThomasMusic traditions in author's family. Links to two original compositions
201936468Chief Francis O’NeillCoyne, Mary DowneyFrancis O'Neill, Tralibane, Cork and Chicago played flute, fiddle, pipes. Documented 2000 Irish tunes.
201936470TIARA’a 2019 Ireland TourChoppa, MaryReview of TIARA trip to Dublin, Cork, Kerry & Galway
201936473Short Takes: Mom & MusicChoppa, MaryMother's singing & playing inspire daughter's love of music.
201936474Review John Grenham 2019 Book Doona, Mary EllenBook review: Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, 5th edition
2019364762019 Newsletter IndexCoyne, Mary DowneyList of 2019 articles & authors
201936477Library NotesBrooker, BarbaraIrish in the U.S. West: books & articles
201936478Blog WatchSullivan, KathyFamily history, Methodology, Records & Databases, Resources, Technology
201936479Library NotesBrooker, BarbaraIrish Music & Dance: Books & Online Resources
201936479Digging Deeper for DatabasesPironti, Eileen CurleyIrish Traditional Music Archives, Doegen Records Web Project, Ward Irish Music Archives
20203712President's MessagePam Holland
20203713Frances Bridget CallaghanMary GloverProfile of author's grandmother, Francis Bridget Callaghan, and the discovery of her ancestral home in Cummeen, Kerry
20203715Thomas Kenney: A Life in the FactoryMaureen KenneyLife of turn-of-the-century Irish immigrants (Kenny) within the history of Industrial Revolution in Boston (Newton Falls); discussion of the use and effects of alcohol witin immigrant families
202037113Serendipitous MomentsBrenda Ellen PepeA chance meeting of a unknown relative due to overlappimg cemetery visits
202037114An Irish Clan in French-Canadian LandAllison DoaneDiscussion of research into Irish ancestors (McGuire) in Ste. Marie de Monnoir, Quebec; and of the Canadian research reources used
202037116Great Aunt Julia's GiftPhilip D. Moran & M.D. CoyneStory of immigrant sisters (Sullivan) who settled in New London, CT, their success as dressmakers, and subsequent support of the construction of a church in St. Finian's Bay, Kerry
202037119Library NotesBarbara BrookerList of new books added to TIARA Library
202037119Digging Deeper for DatabasesEileen Curley PirontiDatabases: Chicago Irish Families, 1875-1925 / Gaelic Athletic Association Oral History Project / Maine Memory Network
202037222President's MessageJoanne Delaney
202037223The Infamous Aunt MaryMary Downey CoyneProfile of author's aunt, Mary Bridget Martin, who immigrated from Wexford to New York City in 1911
202037226My Invincible GrandmotherMarie AhernRemembrances of the author's grandmother, Mary Jane Fogerty
202037228Diphtheria: A Mother's DilemaSusan SteeleHistory of diphtheria and its impact on Irish immigrants living in Malden, MA in the late 19th century
202037232Final Resting PlacesJane MaloneyResearch into gravesite locations for Moloney, Curry, and Clasby families in Waltham and Malden, MA
202037234The Life Left BehindAnn TwombleyThe story of author's great-great grandmother, Catherine Reilly Briody; and how she left an abusive husband in Ireland and brought her children to live in America (CT)
202037237Important Local Cemetery NewsDescription of resources for the Catholic Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Watertown, MA and the Calvary Cemetery in Dudley, MA
202037238Blog WatchKathy SullivanReview of blogs covering Current Issues, DNA, Organizing, and Research Resources
202037239Library NotesBarbara BrookerList of books covering Women Studies in Ireland and Irish-America
202037239Digging Deeper for DatabasesEileen Curley PirontiDatabases: UK & Ireland, Queen's Nursing Institute Roll of Nurses, 1801-1931 / Irish Women at Work Oral History Project
202037342President's MessagePam Holland
202037343One of Many Strong WomenMary Downey CoyneHistory of the Cumann Na mBan - a woman's activist organization in Ireland during the Uprising; and profiles of a few of its members
202037348Hannah Dealy SullivanKathy SullivanStory of author's great-great grandmother, Hannah Dealy Sullivan, who immigrated from Cork and the support she gave her extended family in the U.S.
202037351Virtual Book Stall & Book ReviewSusan SteeleReview of New Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy by Brian Mitchell
202037352The Hidden HeroineMary Downey CoyneStory of a widowed woman living in Ireland and raising her family while running the family farm
202037355Aunt Sheila's LegacyKay FordProfile of the author's aunt, Sheila (Condon) McGrath, and her extended family
202037356Ann (Doherty) Freil - A Strong Irish WomenMartha ConleyProfile of author's great-great grandmother, Ann (Doherty) Friel, and the difficulties she faced.
202037357Library NotesBarbara BrookerList of articles, books, and online resources about Irish and Irish-American women
202037357Digging Deeper for DatabasesEileen Curley PirontiDatabases: British & Irish Women's Letters and Diaries / Women in 20th c. Ireland, 1922-1966: Sources from Dept. of Taoisearch
202037358Blog WatchKathy SullivanReview of blogs covering Methodology, Research Resources, Researching Women, and Volunteer Opportunities
202037463President's MessageJoanne Delaney
202037463The Martello Tower DiariesTricia O'NeillPhotographing the Martello Towers and remembrances of women's support during the 1916 uprising
202037467The Kenny ClanMaureen KenneyHistory and culture of Ireland interwoven with family history of Kenney clan
202037471Those Serendipity MomentsPat McHughA collection of brief genealogical stories
202037476Blog WatchKathy SullivanReview of blogs covering DNA, Education, Maps, Methodology, Organizing, Records. Research Resources, and Volunteering
202037477Library NotesBarbara BrookerList of books covering County Galway in TIARA Library
202037477Digging Deeper for DatabasesEilleen Curley PirontiDatabases: Ireland Dog Licence Register / Irish Merchant Seamen 1918-1921
20213812President's MessagePam Hollandupcoming NERGC conference
20213813I Won the Irish LottoRegina M Mullenauthor's grandmother Mary Hagerty Keaney from Co Donegal
20213817The Kenney ClanMaureen KenneyPart II History and Kenney Clan from Co
202138111Irish Men Followed the JobsAllison DoaneDublin immigrant, John Finnegan to Lowell, MA & Palm Beach, FL
202138113The Pull of the HomelandChristina HughesEmigration to NY and return of Rose & John Martin to Ireland
202138115Only Questions RemainLucinda McGovernIndividual visits and searches in Ireland of competitive McGovern siblings.
202138117Library NotesBarbara BrookerSources related to "Finding Cousins"
202138117Digging Deeper for DatabasesEileen Curley Pironti"information Wanted" column in Boston Pilot
202138118Blog WatchKathy SullivanDNA, Methodology, Records & Databases
202138222President's MessageJoanne DelaneyReminiscing about Mary Choppa
202138223Tribute to Mary ChoppaSusan SteeleExtolling the life and contributions of Mary Choppa
202138225An Unexpected GiftMarie AhearnSophisticated, Ann Gould Patterson finds & visits long lost blue collar relatives
202138228Finding Cousins -Leeds DNA MethodMary Downey CoyneHow to use the Leeds DNA method to sort unknown DNA matches into families
202138232"Tay" with NanaAnne Hurton PatriquinVivid memory of tea with grandmother, Julia Hourihan Hurton
202138234The Kenney Clan Part IIIRise of the Haves and Have-nots as effecting the Kenney clan.
202138238Blog WatchKathy SullivanFamily History, Catholic Cemetery records, etc
202138239Library NotesBarbara BrookerBooks about Co Cork in TIARA library
202138342President's MessagePam HollandTales of "beagling on Sunday afternoon" in Ireland
202138343Thoughts on Mixed MarriagesMary Downey CoyneStories from Northern Ireland on ostrasization after a mixed marriage
202138345Growing Up in a Mixed Marriage Family in the 1940sRobert MeehanAuthor is child of mixed marriage and travels his own religious path.
202138347Mixed Religious Marriages, 2021Thomas P LesterDirector of Archdiocese Archives updates RC church's position on mixed marriages.
202138351Section 63, Number 16, UnconsecratedAnn Cooney TromblyThe rigidity of religious regulations on Margaret Crow Thornton's life even in death
202138353Snippets on Mixed MarriagesBurt LawlessAn almost humorous take on the religious rigidity seen in author's family
202138354A Tale (Tail) of Mixed MarriageTom TooheyA fanciful legend of mixed marriages in the ancient O'Dowd family
202138356A Request for InformationSheila BenedictLooking for informationon Irish Civil War Veterans buried in California
202138358Blog WatchMary Downey Coynecontacting DNA matches, writing family stories, new records/databases
202138359TIARA Develops Small Group ProgramsAnne Patriquinonline meetings to incorporate all TIARA members: writing workshops & genealogy for beginners
202138462President's MessageJoanne DelaneyTIARA events coming up
202138463Tales from the Foresters - Daniel SullivanKathy SullivanDestructive, fast fire at East Boston Wharves in 1908 & death of Daniel Sullivan
202138466Googling for CousinsKathy Sullivana cousin's name on Google, a contact, a trip, a McDermott genealogy bonanza
202138469Mom's Antique Metal TrayMaureen KenneyA metal tray jogs the memories of early family life.
202138471Wonderful CousinsGeraldine M. CoxLong lost Carney cousins share stories and photos after nearly missing a chance get together.
202138474Celtic Connections ConferenceAnne PatriquinPlans for next years Celtic Connections Conference
202138475My Great-Aunt was a NunMary Rita Grady, CSJInformation of places to search for women in religious orders
202138476TIARA Develops Small Group ProgramsAnne Patriquinonline meetings to incorporate all TIARA members: writing workshops & genealogy for beginners
202138477Library NotesBarbara BrookerBooks about Irish in New England
202138478Blog WatchMary Downey CoyneDNA, History & Research Sources
202138479Index for 2021 NewsletterEditorTIARA Newsletter Index for volume 38, year 2021
20223912President's MessagePam HollandDescription of Holland family home in Cork City, Ireland
20223913Fifteen Scattered to the WindO'Malley, ElaineSequential emigration of Cornwall family members from Tisrara, Co Roscommon to Iowa & Boston, MA area
20223919A Sequence of Large FamiliesDagostino, KarenSeveral generations of Carroll and Vaughan families with 8 to 11 children, their losses and successes.
202239112Finding a Woman with No NameTrombly, Ann CooneyFinding Jane Skinner in search for wife of Edward Cooney in New York records
202239115Enter to Learn, Depart to ServeSteele, SusanLouise Reardon-educator. Open air classroom in Boston for TB, then 1918 flu; special aunt
202239119Library NotesBrooker, BarbaraBooks About Irish Surnames
202239222President's MessageJoanne DelaneyZoom & hybrid meetings, looking for volunteers, upcoming CCC
202239223Overview of DNA TestsCoyne, Mary DowneyNew DNA tools, Chromosome Browsers, Auto clusters, Leeds Method, DNA Painter, Facebook, WATO
202239227Finding Maggie Smith: A 30-Year Search - Final Confirmation via DNABarber, JaneFinding the elusive first wife of Michael Corcoran with few records until a search for Smyth vs Smith. DNA caveats
202239232Ireland: the Perspective from a Fan!Benedict, Sheila (Síle)Lots of important records in Ireland but enjoying the people sometimes gives the most important lead.
202239234A Mystery Solved and Cousins FoundBromberg, ValerieDNA clarifies that Ann Crystal is also Ann Waters & confirms family connection.
2022392Celtic Connections Conference 2022outlines speakers, sessions, scholarships and costs for upcoming conference
202239237Letters to the EditorTerry MaddenFree genealogy ebooks available online for Gilshenans of Ireland & Maddens of Limerick area
202239238Blog WatchCoyne, Mary DowneyDNA info - recombination, triangulation and endogamy
202239239Library NotesBrooker, BarbaraBooks about DNA in TIARA & MA libraries
202239342President's MessagePam HollandNotes on visiting Ireland at present time.
202239343Anastasia Horgan: Known by the Company She KeptHogan, Robert EAnastasia Horgan rubbed shoulders with prominent Bostonians in her role as a domestic
202239346Keeping Us Connected - the 2020 An Capall Bán AwardSteele, SusanKathy Sullivan receives award for the many ways she has supported TIARA
202239347So Far from Home Letters from Ireland and to Family in AmericaO'Malley, Patricia TrainorBook Review: letters tell of the daily life of immigrant Donovan and McCarthy families from Co Cork
202239349A Remembrance for one Brother - Thank You to Siblings: Lester Anthony BurtonBurton, Dolores MRemembrance at hero square in Boston dedicated to WWII casualty Lester A. Burton
202239353The Optimistic Journey of Johanna BarrettBarrett, JudyThe youngest Barrett emigrates and married an Adams descendant escaping anti-Irish sentiments
202239358Blog WatchCoyne, Mary DowneyNew databases, Irish Naming Traditions, Irish to Newfoundland
202239359Library NotesBrooker, BarbaraResources from CCConference 2022
202239362President's MessageJoanne Delaneysuccess of 2022 Celtic Connections Conference
202239463Father Albert Bibby OFM Cap.: Mise ÉireBenedict, Sheila (Síle)Father Albert Bibby expelled from Ireland during 1920s and repatriation and reburial in 1958
202239467Two Bits for Famine Relief from Patrick Shinnick - An Ancestral GemHunter, JoeContributions by neighbors to Relief Fund for indigent during The Great Famine
202239469Some Simple Approaches to Finding and Tracking FamilyCoyne, Mary DowneyUsing maps, city directories, online people finders and obituaries to find relatives
202239473TIARA Members Honored at Banquetphoto of seven long-term members honored at banquet
202239474TIARA Wins ESP Grantgrant to CCConference from Government of Ireland Emigrant Support Program
202239475Surname Database ProjectGlover, MaryRequest to members for additions to Surname Database
202239475A Pint So Fine, Slays TimeToohey, TomChristmas Poem to cheer the season
202239476Letters to the EditorShiels, DamienRequest for members to help indexing Irish sailors during American Civil War
202239477Library NotesBrooker, BarbaraListing of Sources for Maps, Directories, deeds, probate record and wills
202239478Blog WatchCoyne, Mary Downeynew features on Ancestry, MyHeritage, City Directory Source
202239479Newsletter Index for 2022Coyne, Mary DowneyPage sources for TIARA 2022 Newsletter