TIARA is now using librarything.com to list books held in our library at 121 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, Massachusetts (the TIARA office).

Library ThingThis web site allows us to display copious information about each book, garnered from various sources on the internet, including publisher’s info, reviews, ratings, and references to similar books.   Some of our holdings are quite rare!   Just click on the image, browse through the books, and if you find something that interests you, please contact library@tiara.ie to arrange to look at the book at our library.

Here are a couple of Search Tips:

1. On the LibraryThing TIARA page, use the search box that says ‘Search this Library’ (otherwise your search will include other library communities).
2. To begin a new search, clear your existing search by clicking on the ‘x’ that appears at the end of your existing search criteria.

Here is another Tip:

On the LibraryThing website, look at the top of the page where the word STYLE appears, next to letter tabs A through E. Click on the letter to display the list of books according to your preferences. More subject information (click on E), or find the LC number (click on D or E). Those tabs have more info but not the colorful book cover.