Books for Sale

TIARA has a number of books on Irish subjects available for sale at monthly meetings or by mail using the following order form. Members may order books at a discount as shown.

Listing of Books Available Through TIARA

Please print out this pdf and mail it to us with your check.

Barton, Brian Pocket History of Ulster $10.00 $ 7.00
Beller and Chorzempa Roots for Kids and My Family Tree Workbook 2 vol set $20.00 $15.00
Buggy, Joseph Finding your Irish Ancestors in New York City $20.00 $15.00
Child, Christopher (NEW)Portable Genealogist: Using DNA $ 6.50 $ 5.00
Connell, Greta Tracing your Westmeath Ancestors $22.00 $19.00
Daly, Marie (NEW)Genealogist's Handbook for Irish Research $20.00 $16.00
Daly, Marie (NEW)Portable Genealogist: Problem Solving in Irish Research $ 6.50 $ 5.00
Dickson, R.J. Ulster Emigration to Colonial America 1718-1775 $22.00 $19.00
Dobson At a Glance Scottish Genealogy $ 8.95 $ 7.50
Dollarhide, William Getting Started in Genealogy Online $15.00 $11.00
Duffy and Meehan Tracing Your Donegal Ancestors (3rd) $25.00 $22.00
Franklin, MargaretTracing Your Limerick Ancestors (2nd)$22.00$19.00
Fulton, LindsayPortable Genealogist: Fed Census 1850-1940$ 6.50$ 5.00
Gill, EdwardLouisburgh-Clinton Connection$18.00$15.00
Grenham, John (NEW) Family History $10.00$ 8.00
Grenham, John (NEW) Tracing Your Irish Ancestors. 4th Ed.$36.00$25.00
Hackett and EarlyPassenger Lists from Ireland $14.00 $11.00
Hamrock, John Tracing Your Roscommon Ancestors $22.00$19.00
Kiely, Corrigan and Durney Tracing Your Kildare Ancestors$25.00$23.00
Kinealy, Christine Tracing Your Irish Roots $10.00$ 7.00
Lambert, David A Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries $22.00$18.00
LeClerc, Michael (NEW)Genealogist's Handbook for New England, 5th Ed.$28.00$25.00
Maxwell, Ian (NEW)Researching Ancestors in County Armagh$23.00$19.00
Maxwell, Ian (NEW)Researching Down Ancestors$20.00$15.00
Maxwell, Ian (NEW)Tracing Your Northern Irish Ancestors$23.00$20.00
Maxwell, Ian (NEW)Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors$21.00$19.00
Maxwell, IanYour Irish Ancestors$23.00$20.00
McCarthy and Cadogan Tracing Your Cork Ancestors $22.00 $19.00
McCarthy, Tony A Guide to Tracing Your Cork Ancestors $25.00 $23.00
McClay, Shelia Tar Isteach: A Walk Down Memory Lane $30.00 $28.00
McClure, Rhonda Portable Genealogist: Naturalization Records $ 6.50 $ 5.00
Mitchell, BrianA New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland$25.00$23.00
Mitchell, BrianAt a Glance Irish Genealogy(4 page quick reference guide)$ 8.95$ 7.50
Mitchell, BrianAt a Glance Scots-Irish Genealogy(4 page quick reference guide)$ 8.95$ 7.50
Mitchell, BrianCounty Londonderry Sources for Family History$ 8.00$ 6.00
Mitchell, BrianIrish Passenger Lists 1803-1806$16.00$12.50
Mitchell, Brian (NEW)Irish Emigration Lists 1833-1839$23.00$20.00
Mitchell, BrianTracing Derry-Londonderry Roots$17.00$14.00
Moloney Caball, Kay Finding Your Ancestors in Kerry $25.00 $23.00
Morris, Gary L Handy Irish Genealogy Handbook: Everything You Need to Find Irish Genealogy Records Fast $10.00 $ 8.00
Nicholson, Asenath Annals of the Famine in Ireland $15.00 $12.00
O'Connor, Michael Tracing Your Kerry Ancestors $18.00 $15.00
O'Dowd, Peadar Tracing Your Galway Ancestors $22.00 $19.00
O'Duill, Eileen Getting Started in Irish Genealogy (DVD) $18.00 $15.00
O'Duill, Sean Irish Folklore (DVD) $18.00 $15.00
O'Gallager, Mariana Grosse Ille Gateway to Canada 1832-1937 $15.00 $12.00
O'Kane and Kerr Irish Gravestone Inscriptions $15.00 $11.00
Paton, Chris Tracing Your Irish Family History on the Internet$21.00 $19.00
Punch, Terrence Erins Sons Vol I $30.00 $25.00
Punch, Terrence Erins Sons Vol II $30.00 $25.00
Punch, Terrence Erins Sons Vol III $30.00 $25.00
Punch, Terrence Erins Sons Vol IV $30.00 $25.00
Reilly, James R. Richard Griffiths and His Valuations of Ireland$25.00$20.00
Roulston, William Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors: The Essential Genealogical Guide to Early Modern Ulster, 1600-1800 $15.00 $12.00
Ryan, JamesTracing Your Sligo Ancestors $22.00 $19.00
Ryan, James and Smith, BrianTracing Your Dublin Ancestors (3rd)$25.00$23.00
Smith, BrianTracing Your Mayo Ancestors (2nd)$25.00$23.00
Smith and KennedyTracing Your Clare Ancestors$22.00$19.00
Smith, BrianTracing Your Mayo Ancestors (2nd)$25.00$23.00
Kane Ancestral Map (NEW) $25.00 $20.00
Index to Wills (CD) $ 5.00 $ 5.00
TIARA Shoulder Bag $15.00 $12.00
Magnifying Sheets $ 4.00 $ 3.00