An Capall Bán Award

An Capall Bán is an award instituted by TIARA, The Irish Ancestral Research Association, to honor those of its members who have served the association with outstanding dedication and who have contributed singularly to its mission.  An capall bán translates from the Irish as the white horse.  The white horse of Irish mythology is seen as something truly special, with great powers and the ability to cross between worlds.  The image is one of beauty and strength, full of purpose and meaning.

We are descendants of the myth makers and our Irish ancestors who listened by the fireside to these tales recounted in Ireland’s native tongue.  Members of TIARA hold a special place in their hearts for their ancestral homeland.  With great purpose and meaning they strive to connect with a past hidden by time and circumstance.


Any TIARA member can nominate a member who has served TIARA with outstanding dedication for An Capall Bán Award.  A committee will review the nominations which will ultimately be voted on by the TIARA Board and past recipients.

An Capall Bán Award Recipients:

2023    Charlie Jack
2023    Susan O’Connor
2022    Joanne Delaney
2022    Pam Holland
2020    Kathy Sullivan
2019    Greg Atkinson
2017    Virginia Wright
2014    Pat Landry
2013    Carolyn Jack

2012    Kathy Roscoe
2011    Mary Choppa
2009    Susan Steele
2008    Sheila FitzPatrick
2008    Janis Duffy
2008    Marie Daly
2008    Carlyn Cox
2008    Bernie Couming
2008    Judy Barrett