TIARA (The Irish Ancestral Research Association) is a non-profit organization. It promotes the growth, study and exchange of ideas among people and organizations interested in Irish genealogy, historical research, and education. Our monthly meetings, conferences, newsletter, and website educate and entertain our members. They also foster interaction with other Irish researchers. Our Irish genealogy projects enhance the knowledge of the community and our members. We do NOT provide individual genealogical research services.

Fàilte – Welcome to TIARA’s New Web Site

After many years, we have retired the old Web Site. Here we present to you our new, redesigned site. It will provide you with easier navigation and a new cleaner look.

You can still find everything that was on the original site by clicking on the menu buttons in the menu banner. TIARA Projects have been moved under the “Activities” button, and the rest of the buttons are self-explanatory. Check it out!

A new feature is member log-in, available under the “Members Only” button.  TIARA members log-in to the site to access some exciting new features, available only to TIARA members. Log-in and look for videos of past TIARA meetings, and PDF versions of past issues of the newsletter (coming soon). New items are under development, and when available you can identify them because they will ask you to log-in to see them.


The CCC is over, and what an event it was!  More than 350 attendees from all over the country and, yes, the world.  Folks were busy with lectures, displays, and all manner of activities. The joint TIARA/IGSI Committee worked for two years to bring an exciting conference to New England — and they succeeded!!  Thanks to all concerned.