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Records of Early Irish Residents of Worcester, Massachusetts

Compiled by John Canavan and displayed with his permission

This database is the result of many years of effort by John Canavan, with assistance from his son Thomas A. Canavan. It includes civil marriage, birth and death records, church marriage records, Worcester and surrounding towns census' and naturalization record,s and information from a research project conducted by Mary Ellen Radziewicz and Frank & Marion Connery.

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Last Name (Father or Groom)First NameAge at MarriageNote: relationsHusbandFirst Name (Mother or Bride)Last NameAge at MarriageDate of MarriageMarriage solemnized ByDate turned in to Worcester clerk UnusualChurch Record: page.lineChurch rec. & other sources for Location at MarriageFather's Occupation1850 Census1855 towns/1860 Worcester CensusLocation Naturalization and other sourcesResidence from Birth Rec. and DirectoriesMarriage Rec. Worcester: Book/pageDate turned in to Worcester clerk usual/unusual circumstanceWitness MarriageWitness MarriageFather From NaturalizationNotes anySpouse of DeceasedAlt. Birth RecWorcester Birth Record Bk Pg LineName of DeceasedGender or Gender/ Condition at deathLocation of Birth from Civil records andDate of BirthAge: Years at deathMonths at deathDays at deathDate of DeathCause of DeathOccupationResidence at deathLocation of BurialCemetery info sec./row/plotState Vitial RecordsWorcester Death Records Bk pg. line
W?Richard   Bridget                     BridgetfWorc.02/27/184812 04/27/1849Measles  CY  p. 217
WageBenjamin   Mary       Laborer   Pine (Meddow) St.         Henrym 02/29/184239 07/29/1845Inflammation of the Brain  CBG  p. 173
WageBenjamin   Mary       Laborer   Pine (Meddow) St.        BirthBk1844/5 pg.021 #111Mary EmilyfWorc. School Dist. #104/02/1845           
Wage   Mary                 Canada    Benjaminm/mCanada178565  09/01/1850FeverLaborerSpencerSt. John's   
WaiteAndrew   Sarah       Carpenter   Front St.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.065 #278LuismWorc.12/28/1846           
Waite  Thomas & Margret PowersWaite            E. Central St.         Annf/mIreland182933  05/05/1862Heart Disease Worc. E. Central St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 155 # 177
WaldenMichael   BridgetManion/ Minion 1/13/1849Gibson 69.05Worc.     4/156.N8/24/1849"Monaghan, Michael""Minion, Mary"                    
WalkerJames   Rosanna       Carpenter   Summer St.        BirthBk1849 pg.112 #628ThomasmWorc.06/10/1849           
WallJames   Rose                    BirthBk1847/8 pg.080 #114MaryfWorc.01/24/1848           
Wall   Joseph Wall                       Juliaf/mIreland182140  08/02/1861Accidental injury of spine RutlandSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 187 #.26
WalshPatrick   ElizabethLyons 4/1/1848Gibson8/24/184959.03Worc.     4/156.K8/24/1849"Gibson, M. W.""Dwyer, Mary"                    
WalshPatrick   EllenWalsh 12/2/1848Gibson8/24/184967.08Worc.     4/156.M8/24/1849"Melican, Michael""Quirk, Margret"                    
WalshPatrick   Mary                     WilliammOxford18539  12/24/1862Canker Rash OxfordSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 185 # .08
WalshThomas   JohanaKelly 4/20/1839Fitton 10.05Northampton       "Foley, John""Foley, Bridget Mrs."                    
WalshTimothy   Margret                     ?mWest Boylston10/19/186114 02/19/1862  West BoylstonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 186 # .09
WalshWalter   MaryNevin 7/26/1847Gibson 50.03Worc.     4/156.I8/24/1849"Fahey, Mathew""Fahey, Mary"                    
Walsh  "Walsh, William owns plot"                       Hannahf/?     00/00/1864   St. John'sM/12/82  
Walsh                          Patrickm"Ireland, Kerry, Ballinacourt"183425  05/10/1859   St. John's1ir2/?/? O'Flynn MERSJP  
Walsh                Spring St.         Mauricem/sIreland182729  04/22/1856Consumtion Worc. Spring St. #9Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 073 # 151
Walsh                          Richardm/sIreland181832  05/10/1850Typhus Fever  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 011 # 109
Walsh   John Reardon                      Margretf/mIreland182823  02/15/1851Child-bed  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 019 # 034
Walsh   Michael Walsh                      Margretf/m"Ireland, Kerry, Killarney, Kilcummin, Ruthmand"182527  03/19/1852   St. John's  City bk. 1 p. 031 # 102 O'Flynn
Walsh                          Jamesm/mIreland178970  10/02/1859Disease of the Lungs  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 105
Walsh                          JohnmBoston183616  09/09/1852ConsumtionLaborer Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 036 # 319
Walsh/WelshJohn   Ellen       Laborer            BirthBk1844 pg.007 #114EllenfWorc. School Dist. #104/10/1844           
WardHugh   Mary       Engineer Worc. 1860 W5 Goddard St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.088 #299ChristianafWorc. Goddard St. 202/16/1855           
WardHugh   Mary       Engineer Worc. 1860 W5 Goddard St.         Hughm 1858           
WardHugh   Mary       Engineer Worc. 1860 W5 Goddard St.         Georgem 1851           
WardHugh   Mary       Engineer Worc. 1860 W5 Goddard St.         DanielmMA1847           
WardHugh   Mary       Engineer Worc. 1860 W5 Goddard St.         Annaf 1848           
WardPatrick   Bridget       LaborerSutton 1850 004 005Sutton 1855          1847ElizafMA1848           
WardPatrick   Bridget       LaborerSutton 1850 004 005Sutton 1855          1851EllenfMA1851           
WardPatrick   Bridget       LaborerSutton 1850 004 005Sutton 1855          1855ThomasmMA1855           
WardPatrick   Bridget       LaborerSutton 1850 004 005            Michael m  1849           
WarrenJohn   EllenCarey 7/8/1849Gibson 75.06Worc.     4/156.O8/24/1849"Corcoran, Tim""Sullivan, Joanna"                    
WarrenPatrick                    "Ireland, Kerry, Killarney"    Hanorahf 05/15/185513 08/15/1856   St. John's  Flynn
Warren                          Patrickm"Ireland, Kerry, Killarney"182240  09/10/1862Croup  St. John's  O'Flynn
WatersAndrew   Johanna                     HannahfGrafton02/06/1859 7 09/06/1859Cholera Infantum GraftonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 99
WebsterFred   Mary AnnMarkey 9/30/1849Gibson 80.02Worc.       "Sulty, Ethan""King, Mary"                    
WebsterNorton                         George A.mLeicester12/10/185844804/18/1862Drowned LeicesterSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 186 # .15
Webster  Webster Mathew owns plot                       Mrs. Mathewf/m     02/08/1855   St. John'sD/4/8  
Webster   Mathew Webster                      Catherinef/mIreland183426  02/07/1860Consumtion SpencerSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 121
Welby WilbyJohn   Ellen       Farmer Spencer 1855      "Ireland, Cork, Ballykitty or Ballykilly"   1837JohnmMA00/00/1837     Bootmaker     
Welby WilbyJohn   Ellen       Farmer Spencer 1855      "Ireland, Cork, Ballykitty or Ballykilly"   1839MichaelmMA00/00/1839     Bootmaker     
Welby WilbyJohn   Ellen       Farmer Spencer 1855      "Ireland, Cork, Ballykitty or Ballykilly"   1845EllenfMA00/00/1845           
Welby WilbyJohn   Ellen       Farmer Spencer 1855      "Ireland, Cork, Ballykitty or Ballykilly"   1835Stevenm/mMA (Spencer)183722  09/03/1859Lung FeverBootmakerSpencerSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 98
WelchJames   Bridget                    ctyMaryfWorc.05/07/1840           
WelchJames   Bridget                    ctyBridgetfWorc.02/10/1842           
WelchJames   Margret                    ctyMary RosefWorc.02/06/1848           
WelchJames   Margret                    ctyJamesmWorc.12/12/1845           
WelchJames   Margret       Laborer   Summer St.        BirthBk1849 pg.112 #629Catherine LovettafWorc.12/13/1849           
WelchJames   Margret       Laborer   Summer St.        BirthBk1849 pg.112 #630Thomas HenrymWorc.12/13/1849           
WelchMichael   Margret       Laborer   Madison St. East        BirthBk1850 1 pg.006 #219BridgetfWorc.12/01/1850           
WelchMichael   Mary                     JamesmWorc.08/24/1844110 06/24/1846Measles  CBG"I/big ""t""" p. 188
WelchWalter   MaryNevin?                    MaryfWorc.04/29/1848 3 07/29/1848Bowel Complaint  CBG  p. 211
WelchWilliam   Bridget                     Davidm/mIreland182440  07/09/1864Fit by intemperance  St. John's  City bk. 2 p. 19 # 836
Welch                          Richardm/?Ireland181733  05/09/1850   CBG  City bk. 1 p. 011 # 118
Welch                          Michaelm/s"Ireland, Kildare, Ashtownh. Of Bridger"179550  11/11/1845ConsumtionLaborer CBG  p. 179
WelshDavid   Catherine           Hibernia St.         WilliammLancaster05/21/185932 07/21/1862Cholera Infantum Worc. Hibernia St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 143 # 273
WelshJames  alsopg.1 #11 BirthsBridgetMcNeiff 7/29/1839Fitton 10.08FraminghamLaborer   Pine (Meddow) St.  "Fitton, Abe""Fitton, Mrs Abe"    BirthBk1844 pg.003 #047RichardmWorc. School Dist. #105/07/1843           
WelshJames   MaryMaloney 5/8/1849Gibson 73.03Worc.     4/156.O8/24/1849"Welsh, Richard""Brophy, Elizabeth"                    
WelshJohn or James   Margret       Laborer   Summer St.        BirthBk1847/8 pg.081 #120Mary RosefWorc.02/06/1848           
WelshMichael   Bridget           Blackstone St.         MichaelmWorc.12/12/1861 3 03/12/1862Cholera Infantum Worc. Blackstone St.Tatnuck State Vitials vol. 21 p. 181City bk. 1 p. 153 # 093
WelshPatrick   MaryHurley 12/25/1848Gibson8/24/184968.04Worc.Laborer   Spring St.4/156.N8/24/1849"Cummings, Catherine""Welsh, Richard"    BirthBk1849 pg.109 #546BridgetfWorc.12/16/1849           
WelshPhilip   CatherineKelley 7/2/1849Gibson 74.11Worc.     4/156.O8/24/1849Gibson"Cashman, Mary"                    
Welsh   William Welsh                      Maryf/wIreland178564  03/19/1849Exaustion  CBG  p. 216
Welsh                          Hannahf/mIreland183429  09/03/1863Confinement HoldenSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 184 # .05
Welsh/WelchThomas   Ann       Marble Worker Worc. 1860 W4 Spring St.         Mary a.f 1855           
Welsh/WelchThomas   Ann       Marble Worker Worc. 1860 W4 Spring St.        BirthBk1849 pg.109 #545WilliammWorc.10/18/1849           
Welsh/WelchThomas   Ann       Marble Worker Worc. 1860 W4 Spring St.         Thomasm 1853           
Welsh/WelchThomas   Ann       Marble Worker Worc. 1860 W4 Spring St.         Williamm 1859           
Welsh/WelchThomas   Ann       Marble Worker Worc. 1860 W4 Spring St.         Elizabethf 1857           
WhalenThomas   NancyRyan 5/24/1842Fitton 19.04Worc.       "Donohue, ?""Donoven, Catherine"                    
Whealy                          Johnm/sIreland181535  06/03/1850Lung FeverLaborerAshburnhamTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 012 # 164
Whealy WhittyJohn   Ellen       Laborer   Arcade        BirthBk1846/7 pg.060 #184DavidmWorc.06/01/1846           
WhelanBernard   MaryCrowley 11/11/1848Gibson8/24/184965.1Worc.     4/156.M8/24/1849"Fitzpatrick, Ed""Callahan, Bridget"                    
WhelanPatrick Worc. 1860 W6 or Templeton MaryPhelan 1/25/1845Williamson 30.06Worc.     3/154.9/22/1845"Feny, John""Benson, Jane"                    
Whelan                          Ellenf/mIreland180855  01/12/1863Consumtion Worcesternot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 040 # 050
Whelan                          Edmundm/sIreland183120  09/10/1851Typhus FeverLaborer St. John's  City bk. 1 p. 025 # 277
WhiteGeorge   Mary       Laborer   Temple St.        ctyMaryfWorc.09/28/1848           
WhiteGeorge   Mary       Laborer   Temple St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.002 #046ThomasmWorc. Temple St.12/28/1850           
WhiteJohn   Ellen                     DavidmWorc.06/17/184611 07/17/1847Teething  CBG  p. 203
WhiteWilliam   Mary                     James F.mOxford12/19/18601 2401/12/1863Canker Rash OxfordSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 185 # .15
WhiteWilliam   WinfredMcGrath 9/13/1838Fitton 9.04New London       "Barry, John""Barry, Mary"                    
White                          Ellenf/mIreland183424  03/14/1858  GraftonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 188 # 36
White                          Thomasm/mIreland183228  02/06/1860Disease of the Heart NatickSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 120
White                          Hepsibahf/w 179648  06/30/1844   CBG  p. 159
White                          Martinm/? 181830  07/06/1848   CBG  p. 210
WhittyJohn   Ellen                    ctyDavidmWorc.06/01/1846           
Whitty  "Whitty, John owns plot"                       Ellenf/? 00/00/181050  04/26/1860   St. John'sOne/19/2  
WilahamJerry   SophiaHoy/ Fey 4/8/1849Gibson 72.03Worc.     4/156.N8/24/1849"Willalm, Anthony""Hoy, Peter"                    
WilhenJohn   Margret                     JohnmWorc.02/24/1846 6208/26/1846Cough  CBG  p. 191
WilliamsGeorge B.   MargretO'Brien 9/12/1847Gibson 51.07Worc.     4/156.I8/24/1849"Indent, James""Dellahunt, Mary Ann"                    
WilliamsNoah   Elizabeth           Pine St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.001 #025Louisa MarvinafWorc.01/07/1850           
WilliamsWilliam   Mary/ indexAbbeyCody 5/30/1843Fitton 22.11New London       "Williams, John""Cody, Abbey"                    
WilliamsonJohn   ElizabethMcGrath 1/17/1847Tucker 45.09Worc.     4/156.G8/24/1849"McGrath, John""Flanigan, Ann"                    
WilmotDaniel   blank           Central St.         Margretf/mIreland183623  03/05/1859Consumption Worc. Central St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 111 # 072
WilsonJohn   Sarah       Blacksmith   Temple St.        ctyJohnmWorc.04/02/1846           
WilsonJohn   Sarah       Blacksmith   Temple St.        BirthBk1844 pg.006 #094MaryfWorc. School Dist. #103/11/1844           
Wilson   w. of John?                      Sarahf/ 180440  01/11/1844at House of Correction Consumtion  Irish  p. 152
WoodJohn   Mary                    BirthBk1847/8 pg.083 #172FrancismWorc05/20/1847           
WoodsJames   Hanna         Worc. 1860 W4           Margretf 1850           
WoodsJames   Hanna         Worc. 1860 W4           Williamm 1854           
WoodsJames   Hanna         Worc. 1860 W4 Hibernia St.         Ellenf 04/06/1859151509/21/1860Croup Worc. Hibernia St. #15Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 132 # 367
WoodsMichael   Margret           Exchange St.         MichaelmWorc.11/05/18551  11/05/1856Croup Worc. Exchange St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 081 # 485
WoodsMichael   Mary                "Ireland, Louth, Carlingford, Omealth"    Johnm 183118  06/11/1849   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 56
Woods    Michael Woods                      Maryf/m"Ireland, Louth, Carlingford, Omealth"181638  11/09/1854   TatnuckO'Flynn # 56 City bk. 1 p. 057 # 360
Woods                Summer St.         Thomasm/sIreland183118  06/10/1849Ship FeverBlacksmithWorc. Summer St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 001 # 444
WrightJohn   HarrietMcGee 11/4/1844Williamson 29.07Oxford       "Scanlan, Philip""Howth, Catherine"                    
WrightMichael   Julia                    ctyMary J.f 01/01/18472  04/21/1849   CBG  p. 217
WrightMichael   Julia                     JuliafSt Albans VT18438  02/12/1851Consumtion  St. John's  City bk. 1 p. 019 # 032

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