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Records of Early Irish Residents of Worcester, Massachusetts

Compiled by John Canavan and displayed with his permission

This database is the result of many years of effort by John Canavan, with assistance from his son Thomas A. Canavan. It includes civil marriage, birth and death records, church marriage records, Worcester and surrounding towns census' and naturalization record,s and information from a research project conducted by Mary Ellen Radziewicz and Frank & Marion Connery.

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Last Name (Father or Groom)First NameAge at MarriageNote: relationsHusbandFirst Name (Mother or Bride)Last NameAge at MarriageDate of MarriageMarriage solemnized ByDate turned in to Worcester clerk UnusualChurch Record: page.lineChurch rec. & other sources for Location at MarriageFather's Occupation1850 Census1855 towns/1860 Worcester CensusLocation Naturalization and other sourcesResidence from Birth Rec. and DirectoriesMarriage Rec. Worcester: Book/pageDate turned in to Worcester clerk usual/unusual circumstanceWitness MarriageWitness MarriageFather From NaturalizationNotes anySpouse of DeceasedAlt. Birth RecWorcester Birth Record Bk Pg LineName of DeceasedGender or Gender/ Condition at deathLocation of Birth from Civil records andDate of BirthAge: Years at deathMonths at deathDays at deathDate of DeathCause of DeathOccupationResidence at deathLocation of BurialCemetery info sec./row/plotState Vitial RecordsWorcester Death Records Bk pg. line
PanterLewis   AngelineLansway 11/26/1848Gibson8/24/184967.04Worc.     4/156.M8/24/1849"Joslen, Francis""St.Aye, Angel"                    
ParsnowFrancis   Olive           Pine St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.001 #024LewismWorc.02/28/1850           
ParsonsAnthony29  MaryMurry242/15/1849"BleuReniss, Peter/ Boyce" 70.06Worc.TIN PEDLER Worc. 1860 W4  4/156.B9/26/1849"BleuReniss, Peter"      CatherinefWorc.1859           
ParsonsAnthony29  MaryMurry242/15/1849"BleuReniss, Peter/ Boyce" 70.06Worc.TIN PEDLER Worc. 1860 W4  4/156.B9/26/1849"BleuReniss, Peter"      JosephmWorc.1859           
ParsonsAnthony29  MaryMurry242/15/1849"BleuReniss, Peter/ Boyce" 70.06Worc.TIN PEDLER Worc. 1860 W4  4/156.B9/26/1849"BleuReniss, Peter"      HenrymWorc.1855           
ParsonsAnthony29  MaryMurry242/15/1849"BleuReniss, Peter/ Boyce" 70.06Worc.TIN PEDLER Worc. 1860 W4  4/156.B9/26/1849"BleuReniss, Peter"      MaryfWorc.1853           
PattersonWilliam   Mary                     Mary A.fGrafton04/23/1857132508/18/1859Water on Brain GraftonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 95
PegetLewis   MaryLaflash 7/28/1840Fitton 13.02Worc.     2/099.spring1841"King, John""Pane, Mary"                    
Penion   Joseph Penion                      Milindaf/mCanada183425  11/04/1859Confinement HoldenSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 109
Penion   Joseph Penion                      Maximf/mHolden183425  12/25/1859Consumtion HoldenSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 116
Pero/ PenoJoseph   JosephineRobert 9/2/1848Gibson8/24/184963.1Worc.     4/156.L8/24/1849"Grass, Michael""Robert, Johanna"                    
PerryBenjamine   Sarah        Mason   Bridge St.        BirthBk1849 pg.112 #631Ellen AugustafWorc.11/24/1849           
Perryilledg   Elizabeth                    BirthBk1844/5 pg.029 #252blankfWorc. School Dist. #?01/16/1845           
Perryilledg   Sophia       Laborer   Perry Pl.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.061 #206Laura A.fWorc.11/03/1846           
Perryilledg   Sophia       Laborer   Perry's Ct.        BirthBk1844/5 pg.019 #063Martin HubbardmWorc. School Dist. #106/01/1844           
Perry                          RubenmCanada183415  09/02/1849Dysentery AuburnTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 004 # 607
PhelanJohn   Margret         Worc. 1860 W4           Maryf 1842           
PhelanJohn   Margret         Worc. 1860 W4           Martinm 1844           
PhelanJohn   Margret         Worc. 1860 W4           Patrickm 1847           
PhelanJohn   Margret         Worc. 1860 W4           Catherinef 1848           
PhelanJohn   Margret         Worc. 1860 W4           Bridgetf 1850           
PhelanJohn   Margret         Worc. 1860 W4           Johnm 1852           
PhelanJohn   Margret         Worc. 1860 W4           Walterm 1853           
PhelanJohn   Margret         Worc. 1860 W4           Thomas F.m 1855           
PhelanJohn   MaryMcGrath 2/7/1836Fitton 4.02Worc.       "Murrey, Henery""Behan, Mary & Dugan, Richard"                    
PhelanMathew   Margret                    ctyJames P.mWorc.08/21/18461111008/10/1848Dysentery  CY St.John'sB/8/4 p. 212
PhelanMathew   Margret                    ctyJames MathewmWorc.09/18/1848           
Phelin PhalanJohn25  ElizabethReily2210/28/1844Williamson 29.06LiecesterFactory Leicester 1855    "Gallispen, Michael""Phelin, Mary"    1846EllenfMA00/00/1846           
Phelin PhalanJohn25  ElizabethReily2210/28/1844Williamson 29.06LiecesterFactory Leicester 1855    "Gallispen, Michael""Phelin, Mary"    1851CharlesmMA00/00/1851           
PhilipsJohn   Margret                     Maryf/sCanada184121  07/24/1862Disease of the Heart NorthbridgeSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 186 # .19
PikeThomas   Margret                     ElizabethfWorc.12/15/1844  112/16/1844Fits  CBG  p. 166
Pines                          Nicholasm/wIreland178066  11/26/1846Bowel Complaint  CBG  p. 195
Piper                       family from Ireland  Alfredm/s 183727  08/20/1864Andersonvillesoldier: 25 th Co E not here  City bk. 2 p. 19 # 851
PiperWilliam   Sally           Green St        BirthBk1846/7 pg.057 #135Elizabeth G.fWorc.05/15/1846           
Piper                          Alfredm/sIreland183727  08/20/1864Andersonville 25 th Co Ena  City bk. 2 p. 19 # 851
Plant                          George Erustusm 01/15/1866 7 08/15/1866   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 67
PollackPatrick   Bridget       Farmer Leicester 1855          1848Mary AnnfMA00/00/1848           
PollackPatrick   Bridget       Farmer Leicester 1855          1850MargretfMA00/00/1850           
PollackPatrick   Bridget       Farmer Leicester 1855          1854ElizafMA00/00/1854           
PollackPatrick   Bridget       Farmer Leicester 1855          1852EdwardmMA00/00/1852           
Pollack   w. of Patrick Pollack          Leicester 1855           Bridgetf/mIreland181247  06/03/1859Palsey LeicesterSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 87
PorsiesJohn   Mary                     DavidmMillbury09/02/186023 12/02/1862Croup MillburySt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 185 # .02
PotolainPeter/ Paul   ?StMartin 9/5/1849Gibson 77.08Worc.       "St. Martin, Pierre""St. Martin, Olivia"                    
PowerEdward   Mary                     ColienfRutland18558  01/23/1863Canker Rash RutlandSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 185 # .17
PowerEdward   Mary                     MartinmRutland18558  01/24/1863Canker Rash RutlandSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 185 # .18
Power   Abram E. Quickenboss                      Julia Theresaf/m 183825  04/06/1863   St. John's  O'Flynn
Powersblank   Margret                "Ireland, Tipperary, Carrick on Suir ?"    Johnm/sIreland183218  10/30/1850ConsumtionLaborerWorc.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 016 # 305
PowersJames  Ellen        Factory Leicester 1855           WilliammMA00/00/1854           
PowersMichael   JoannaO'Leary int. 4/27/1828         Leicester VR >1850                       
PowersMichael   Mary       Porter Worc. 1860 W5 Temple St.         Johnm 1850           
PowersMichael   Mary       Porter Worc. 1860 W5 Temple St.         Jamesm 1858           
PowersMichael   Mary       Porter Worc. 1860 W5 Temple St.         Thomasm 1851           
PowersMichael   Mary       Porter Worc. 1860 W5 Temple St.         MichaelmWorc.06/17/185514 10/17/1856Scarlet Fever Worc. Temple St. #23Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 080 # 426
PowersMichael   Mary       Porter Worc. 1860 W5 Temple St.         MargretfWorc.01/04/18536 1401/18/1859Small Pox Worc. Temple St. #23Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 110 # 007
PowersNicholas   Ellen       Stone Layer   Perry St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.003 #122Timothy JohnmWorc.11/19/1850           
PowersNicholas   Ellen       Laborer        "Ireland, Waterford, Ballyluneen?"   ctyEllenfWorc.02/10/1842           
PowersNicholas   Ellen       Laborer        "Ireland, Waterford, Ballyluneen?"   ctyElizabethfWorc.06/00/1835           
PowersNicholas   Ellen                    ctyMaryfWorc.12/07/1846           
PowersNicholas   Ellen       Laborer        "Ireland, Waterford, Ballyluneen?"   BirthBk1844 pg.009 #168JamesmWorc. School Dist. #112/17/1843           
PowersNicholas   Mary       Painter Worc. 1860 W4           Margretf 1856           
PowersNicholas   Mary       Painter Worc. 1860 W4           Maryf 1855           
PowersNicholas   Mary       Painter Worc. 1860 W4           Johannaf 1853           
PowersNicholas   Mary       Painter Worc. 1860 W4           Ellenf 1852           
PowersNicholas   Mary       Painter Worc. 1860 W4           Catherinef 1848           
PowersNicholas   Mary       Laborer   Perry Pl.         MaryfWorc.03/17/184944 07/17/1853Whooping Cough Worcesternot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 047 # 340
PowersNicholas   Mary       Laborer   Perry Pl.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.061 #208ElizabethfWorc.12/07/1846           
PowersThomas   nee WaiteMargret      Ireland    E. Central St.         Annf/mIreland182933  05/05/1862Heart Disease Worc. E. Central St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 155 # 177
Powers   Thomas Power                      Bridgetf/w 00/00/180354  02/09/1857   St. John'sC/7/4  
Powers  Wife named Ellen? Leicester 1855                       Jamesm/mIreland182729  05/24/1858Consumption LeicesterSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 189 # 45
Powers  "Powers, Thomas owns plot"                       Margretf/?Ireland181845  03/31/1863Erysipilas MillburySt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 185 # .32
Powers                          Nancyf/mIreland179360  08/09/1853Dropsy Worcesternot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 047 # 350
PriceJohn   CatherineJustin 1/31/1847Logan 46.03Southbridge     4/156.G8/24/1849"Bendes, James""Bendes, Lucy"                    
PriceThomas   MaryBoyle 8/14/1849Gibson 76.06Worc.       "Forgrty, Thomas""Noland, Ellen"                    
PriorPatrick   Alice         Leicester 1855          1839ThomasmIreland00/00/1839           
PriorPatrick   Alice         Leicester 1855          1855AnnfMA00/00/1849           
Provenchir?R.H Elesyers   China                     TobiasmNewton Falls 3  03/01/1853Canker Rash Worcesternot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 040 # 059
Pryors                          George F.mIreland185310  11/12/1863"Shot by Accident [self, while hunting]" LeicesterSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 184 # .11
Purcell  sis of Catherine                       Bridgetf/w"Ireland, Tipperary"180346 (city says50)  10/05/1849Dysentery SouthbridgeSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 007 # 701 O'Flynn
PutneyGeorge G.   MaryBagley 11/4/1848Gibson8/24/184966.11Worc.     4/156.M8/24/1849"Grady, Thomas""Landers, Mary"                    
PyneJames   CatherineBullman 1/17/1849Gibson 69.06Worc.     4/156.N8/24/1849"Clay, O""Skane, Ellen"                    
PyottLouis  10/6/1849 Mary                     FrancismWorc.08/07/184518 04/07/1847Fits  CBG  p. 201

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