The Irish Ancestral Research Association

Records of Early Irish Residents of Worcester, Massachusetts

Compiled by John Canavan and displayed with his permission

This database is the result of many years of effort by John Canavan, with assistance from his son Thomas A. Canavan. It includes civil marriage, birth and death records, church marriage records, Worcester and surrounding towns census' and naturalization record,s and information from a research project conducted by Mary Ellen Radziewicz and Frank & Marion Connery.

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Last Name (Father or Groom)First NameAge at MarriageNote: relationsHusbandFirst Name (Mother or Bride)Last NameAge at MarriageDate of MarriageMarriage solemnized ByDate turned in to Worcester clerk UnusualChurch Record: page.lineChurch rec. & other sources for Location at MarriageFather's Occupation1850 Census1855 towns/1860 Worcester CensusLocation Naturalization and other sourcesResidence from Birth Rec. and DirectoriesMarriage Rec. Worcester: Book/pageDate turned in to Worcester clerk usual/unusual circumstanceWitness MarriageWitness MarriageFather From NaturalizationNotes anySpouse of DeceasedAlt. Birth RecWorcester Birth Record Bk Pg LineName of DeceasedGender or Gender/ Condition at deathLocation of Birth from Civil records andDate of BirthAge: Years at deathMonths at deathDays at deathDate of DeathCause of DeathOccupationResidence at deathLocation of BurialCemetery info sec./row/plotState Vitial RecordsWorcester Death Records Bk pg. line
La Fayette (De)Michael   Divol HannahamDivol/ Anion 2/20/1849Gibson 71.06Worc.      8/24/1849"Delniette, Peter""Marinus, Dianna"                        
La Fayette (De)Peter   Sophia       Blacksmith            ctyPetermWorc.02/29/1848               
La Fayette (De)Peter   Sophia       Blacksmith            BirthBk1849 pg.117 #724George NapoleanmWorc.10/20/1849 7 05/15/1850   St. John's  City bk. 1 p. 011 # 110    
La MaraJoseph   MaryCandor 3/2/1840Fitton 12.02Worc.     2/099.spring1841"Deton, Anthony""LaFlash, Mary"                        
LaBou                          Joesphm/mCanada02/28/1791696 08/30/1860? diarrhea GraftonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 191 # 143    
LacrossCyprian   Sarah           Liberty St.         WilliammWorc.04/18/183116 10/18/1862Consumtion Worc. Liberty St. #19Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 161 # 428    
LacrossDavid   Mary                     JosephmStockbridge08/07/18435  08/07/1848Dysentery  CY  p. 211    
LacrossDavid   Mary                     FrancismWorc.08/13/1848  1408/27/1848Dysentery  CY  p. 212    
LacyThomas   Barbara                    ctyDanielmWorc.04/30/1848               
LadenTimothy   MaryCumisky 10/7/1847Gibson 52.06Worc.Moulder   Brown st.4/156.I8/24/1849"David, Charles""Laden, Winefred"    BirthBk1848/9 pg.104 #290AnnfWorc.10/18/1848               
LadouxEugene Esra   MaryBurgoyne? 1/12/1841Fitton 15.03Worc.     2/099.spring1841"Chaplin, Abraham""Lensen, Maria"     ctyJohnmWorc.06/01/184613 08/04/1848Bowel Complaint  CY  p. 211    
LadouxEugene Esra   Mary AnnBurgoyne 1/12/1841Fitton 15.03Worc.     2/099.spring1841"Chaplin, Abraham""Lensen, Maria"    BirthBk1844/5 pg.024 #163Ezra StephenmWorc. School Dist. #110/16/1844               
Laflish [LaFlash?]Hartwin                         child?     04/24/1837  LeicesterA French Child  Leicester VR    
Laflish [LaFlash?]                          Hartwinm 178757  12/28/1844   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 16    
Lafontaine                          Charlottef/mCanada East177478  01/17/1852Old Age  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 029 # 034    
LaheaEdward   blank       Laborer            BirthBk1844 pg.010 #163ThomasmWorc. School Dist. #112/20/1843               
LaheyThomas   CatherineGarey 4/13/1845Gibson 32.05Worc.     3/155. "Daly, Thomas""Dugan, Johanna"                        
LailandPeter   Bridget       Laborer   Pine (Meddow) St.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.066 #299JohnmWorc.06/15/1846               
LaineyEli                         Infant sonmNew Malboro07/18/1848 1 08/18/1848Dysentery  CY  p. 212    
LallyBarnet   Maria       Shoe Maker   Mechanic St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.003 #112Elizabeth AnnfWorc.08/04/1850               
LallyJames   Bridget         Worc. 1860 W3           Mary J.fWorc.1858               
LallyJames   Bridget           Brown St.         Mary AnnfWorc.02/06/1856 11 01/06/1857Scarlet Fever Worc. Brown St. #13Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 085 # 051    
LameyJames   Mary       R.R. Leicester 1855           MitildaFMA00/00/1850               
LameyJames   Mary       R.R. Leicester 1855           AnnFMA00/00/1851               
LameyJames   Mary       R.R. Leicester 1855           JosephmMA00/00/1853               
LameyJames   Mary       R.R. Leicester 1855           ThomasmMA00/00/1854               
LanaryAndrew   AnnHiggins 1/22/1843Fitton 21.06Norwich       "Murphy, John""Murphy, Ellen"                        
Lane   Patrick                 "Ireland, Cork, Middletown"    Elizabethf/mIreland180953  09/01/1862Tumour SpencerSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 186 # .24    
LanektonTimothy   MaryKelley 2/11/1846Gibson 37.06Worc.Laborer   Market St.4/156.E8/24/1849"Rafferty, Cornelius""Finnern, Anne"    BirthBk1846/7 pg.064 #255Mary E.fWorc01/04/1847               
LaneyPatrick   MaryBrown 4/4/1842Fitton 18.04Worc.       "Cooney, Michael""Cooney, Lucy"                        
LaneyThomas   Bridget                     JohnmWorc.08/27/184173 11/27/1848   CBG  p. 214    
LangdonJohn   Ellen       Laborer   Hospital St.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.067 #310CatherinefWorc.07/28/1846               
LangdonJohn   Ellen       Laborer   Hospital St.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.067 #310EllafWorc.07/28/1846               
LangdonJohn   Sophia       Laborer   Central St.        BirthBk1849 pg.118 #740John BaptistemWorc.04/05/1849               
LangtonTimothy  (?Mary Kelly or Cummski) blank                     JohnmWorc.183614  04/06/1850Influenza  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 011 # 100    
Langway   William McClosky                      Margaretf/mCanada183422  05/17/1858Miscarriage New YorkSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 189 # 43    
LarderginPeter   MaryWilkinson 11/26/1836Fitton 4.08Worc.       "Bridgen,Joseph""Donoghue,D"                        
LareyFrank   Mary       Laborer   Pine St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.001 #009Dinney Worc.05/03/1850               
LarkinFelix   MaryRenolds 6/28/1842Fitton 19.09Stoningham       "Renolds, Peter""Renolds, Ann"                        
Larkin                          Catherinef/mIreland182528  11/23/1853Confinement  not indicated  City bk. 1 p. 047 # 376    
LarmyDaniel   Catherine                     Danielm/?Ireland178075  09/25/1855Old AgeFarmer n/I  Hubbardston p. 55    
LarnyAlexander   Rosella                    ctyMitchellmWorc.08/20/1848               
Larny LaveyJohn   HannaKane 6/30/1845Gibson 34.01Framingham   Framingham v1 p321Framingham MR3/133.9/22/1845"McClaine, Susan"                         
LaryPatrick   Ann                    ctyDanielmWorc.01/13/1845               
Las?    Sara                       Worc.01/27/1849  1402/10/1849   CBG  p. 216    
LaughlanLawrence   EllenorNugent 1/14/1843Goodwin 21.03Worc.       "Kelly, Michael""Laughlan, Bridget"                        
LaughlanPeter   blank                     Michaelm/sIreland183824  11/16/1862Dysentery Rochester NYSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 185 # .12    
LaughlinDaniel   ElenorFarin 6/20/1842Fitton 19.08Worc.       "Conners, J?""Feris, Mary Ann"                        
LaughlinPeter   Bridget                    ctyBridgetmWorc.11/20/1848               
Laughlin                           m/sIreland180542  01/01/1847ConsumtionLaborer n/I  Hubbardston p. 46    
Launders                          Johnm/unkIreland181834  01/18/1852InflamationTaylor Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 029 # 035    
LavanMichael   Catherine           Cypress St.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.064 #257Francism 01/01/1847               
LavelleMichael   Ann       Laborer   Pine St.        BirthBk1855 1 pg.088 #318JohnmWorc. E. Central St.06/01/1855               
LavenDominic   BridgetMcDonough 4/19/1847Gibson 47.09Worc.     4/156.H8/24/1849"McDonough, James""Laden, Margret"                        
Laven    Ellen          Almshouse         BirthBk1846/7 pg.070 #368MariafWorc.01/30/1847               
Laven                          Margaretm/sIreland184023  11/03/1863Consumption Greenville CTSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 184 # .10    
Laverty/LaffertyGeorge   Ann                    ctyJohnmWorc.06/00/1845               
Laverty/LaffertyJohn38  JenniovaHilyar357/23/1837Fitton 5.09Northbridge       "Fitzpatrick, Thomas""Mc Dernad, Elizabeth"                        
Laverty/LaffertyJohn21  Mary AnnBoner 8/12/1841Fitton 16.08Worc.Shoemaker   Rourke Pl.2/107.May1842"Lafferty, Philip""Cassidy, Mary A."    ctyMargret AnnfWorc.10/02/1848               
Laverty/LaffertyJohn21  Mary AnnBoner 8/12/1841Fitton 16.08Worc.Shoemaker   Rourke Pl.2/107.May1842"Lafferty, Philip""Cassidy, Mary A."    ctyJohnmWorc.                
Laverty/LaffertyJohn21  Mary AnnBoner 8/12/1841Fitton 16.08Worc.Shoemaker   Rourke Pl.2/107.May1842"Lafferty, Philip""Cassidy, Mary A."    BirthBk1845/6 pg.034 #034Mary Rosalie Worc. School Dist. #105/02/1845               
Laverty/LaffertyPhilip   Mary AnnCarpenter 4/4/1847Gibson 47.05Worc.     4/156.H8/24/1849"McConnville, John""Harper, Elizabeth"                        
Laverty/LaffertyPhillip   MaryCarpenter?                    FrancismWorc.12/15/185549 09/15/1857  SterlingSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 188 # 17    
Laverty/LaffertyMary E.       Carpenter   Lincoln st. at birth 1850        BirthBk1850 1 pg.010 #408Mary Elizabethf/sWorc.01/22/18502331905/12/1863Dropsy BarreSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 185 # .38    
Laverty/LaffertyPhillip   Mary E.       Carpenter   Gold st.        BirthBk1847/8 pg.077 #053William HenrymWorc04/21/1848               
Laverty/LaffertyRobert   Mary         Millbury 1855          ctyCatherinefWorc.02/14/1838               
Laverty/LaffertyRobert   Mary         Millbury 1855          ctyJoseph FittonmWorc.03/14/1841               
Laverty/LaffertyRobert   Mary                    ctyAndrewmWorc.10/14/1836               
Laverty/LaffertyRobert"21, 21"  NancyMcManaman"21, 20"11/18/1840Fitton 13.11Worc.ShoemakerWorc. 1850 W6. 025 160Worc. 1860 W5 Rourke Pl.2/099.spring1841"Laverty, John""Boner, Mary Ann"    ctyMary JanefWorc.06/02/1841               
Laverty/LaffertyRobert"21, 21"  NancyMcManaman"21, 20"11/18/1840Fitton 13.11Worc.ShoemakerWorc. 1850 W6. 025 160Worc. 1860 W5 Rourke Pl.2/099.spring1841"Laverty, John""Boner, Mary Ann"     Edwardm 1857               
Laverty/LaffertyRobert"21, 21"  NancyMcManaman"21, 20"11/18/1840Fitton 13.11Worc.ShoemakerWorc. 1850 W6. 025 160Worc. 1860 W5 Rourke Pl.2/099.spring1841"Laverty, John""Boner, Mary Ann"    BirthBk1844/5 pg.032 #303EllenfWorc. School Dist. #?05/29/1844               
Laverty/LaffertyRobert"21, 21"  NancyMcManaman"21, 20"11/18/1840Fitton 13.11Worc.ShoemakerWorc. 1850 W6. 025 160  Rourke Pl.2/099.spring1841"Laverty, John""Boner, Mary Ann"    ctyNancyfWorc.09/10/1842               
Laverty/LaffertyWilliam   MargretBooner 8/15/1847Gibson 50.11Worc.     4/156.I8/24/1849"Calihand, Hugh""Conlon, Catherine"    ctyMary JanefWorc.10/15/1847               
Laverty/Lafferty                          Maryf/mIreland180152  03/14/1853Consumtion Worcesternot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 040 # 066    
LaveryEdward   CatherineFlynn 5/2/1848Gibson8/24/184960.01Worc.     4/156.L8/24/1849"Reid, John""Durry, Mary"                        
Lavey  "(nat.1845 Killarney, Kerry?arr.1840)"                       Michaelm/? 182225  03/28/1847Mortification of Lungs West Boylston"""In Worcester"""  West Boylston VR    
Lavinblank   Ellen                    ctyMariafWorc.01/30/1847               
LavinJohn   Mary                "Ireland, Roscommon, Loughrea Killoran"    FrancismWorc.12/02/1852 9 09/02/1853Dysentery  not indicated  City bk. 1 p. 047 # 360    
LavinMichael   Catherine       Laborer   near Canal        ctyFrancismWorc.01/01/1847               
LavinMichael   Catherine       Laborer   near Canal        BirthBk1844/5 pg.029 #249JamesmWorc. School Dist. #?05/13/1844               
LaycobMeahan   JoanaGleason 5/28/1848Gibson8/24/184961.04Worc.     4/156.L8/24/1849"McFadden, Sameul""Kelly, Margret"                        
LeahyJames   Margret                    ctyEdmundmWorc.02/14/1848               
LealanJames   Johanna       Laborer   Franklin St.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.078 #080MmWorc.07/12/1847               
Leary                           Johnm 182935  07/05/1864 soldier: 57 th Co. St. John's  O'Flynn
LearyHorence   MargretMcCarty 1/10/1848Gibson8/24/184956.01Worc.     4/156.J8/24/1849"Sullivan, Peter""Sullivan, Ellen"                        
LearyJames   Mary       Laborer   Pine Ct.        BirthBk1855 1 pg.088 #319Jeremiah                  
LearyJohn   Catherine                     MaryfWorc.05/16/185124 09/16/1853Dysentery  not indicated  City bk. 1 p. 047 # 362    
LearyMichael   HannaHarty 9/21/1849Gibson 78.1Worc.       "Livery, William""Livery, Mary"                        
LearyMichael   Margret       Laborer            BirthBk1844 pg.007 #112JamesmWorc. School Dist. #104/05/1844               
Leary                Blackstone St.         Michaelm/mIreland182333  02/02/1856Consumtion Worc. Blackstone St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 070 # 039    
Leary                          Johnm/mIreland180456  02/11/1860Inflamaton of Brain LeicesterSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 123    
Leary   Hanna Hearty?                      Michaelm/mIreland182130  04/09/1851ConsumtionLaborer Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 021 # 095    
Leary                          Johnm 182935  07/05/1864  57 th Co.St. John's  O'Flynn    
Leary                          Maryf/sIreland183520  11/28/1855Consumtion PalmerTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 068 # 366    
LedonSam   JuliaLagnave 4/7/1845Gibson 32.02Worc.     3/155.9/22/1845"Ladou, Joannas"Ladoucelle                        
LeeWilliam   Mary       Bootmaker Worc. 1860 W3           Elizabethf 1849               
LeeWilliam   Mary       Bootmaker Worc. 1860 W3           Williem/? 1852               
LeeWilliam   Mary       Bootmaker Worc. 1860 W3           Catherinef 1858               
LeeWilliam   Mary       Bootmaker Worc. 1860 W3           Edwardm/? 1860               
LeeWilliam   Mary       Bootmaker Worc. 1860 W3           Sarahf/sIreland183023  09/02/1853Typhoid Fever  not indicated  City bk. 1 p. 047 # 359    
Lee  William owns plot                       Elizabethf/? 182130  01/15/1851   St. John'sB/4/7      
Lee  William owns plot                       Maryf/m     05/12/1855   St. John'sB/4/7      
Lee  William owns plot                       Edwardm/?     06/28/1862   St. John'sB/4/7      
Lee  William owns plot                       Johnm/?     10/30/1857   St. John'sB/4/7      
Lee   ? Lee                      Annaf/mIreland183720  04/16/1857Confinement BarreSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 188 # 02    
LeheyEdward35  MargretConray 10/17/1845Gibson 35.07Worc.   "Fitchburg, Worcester" 3/135.1/31/1846"Leatham, Ann" "Ireland, Cork, Middleton, 270"                       
LenahanCornelius   MargretNurill 10/26/1846Gibson 43.06Worc.     4/156.F8/24/1849"Delany, Michael""Hane, Catherine"                        
LeonardArthur   MargretMcGarrel 8/24/1846Gibson 41.12Worc.     4/156.F8/24/1849"Early, Jeremiah""Harringinham, Catherine"                        
LeonardDaniel   CatherineO'Brien 4/20/1845Gibson 32.08Worc.     3/155.9/22/1845"Daly, Thomas""Morrisy, Elizabeth"                        
LeonardDaniel   Mary       Boot Treer   Mechanic St        ctyThomasmWorc.03/26/184615 08/21/1847Dysentery  CBG  p. 205    
LeonardDaniel   Mary       Boot Treer   Mechanic St        BirthBk1848/9 pg.105 #349JohnmWorc.03/22/1849 2 05/11/1849Influenza  CBG  p. 217    
LeonardJames"23,24"  CatherineKelley"21,17"1/7/1844Williamson 26.01Worc.LaborerWorc. 1850 W3 .040 193Worc. 1860 W3 Pine St.2/119.4/26/1844"McGrath, William""Doyle, Margret"IRELAND    Mary A.fPaxton04/10/18495102103/01/1855Fever Worc. Pine St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 062 # 098    
LeonardJeremiah   Joanna       Boot Maker Milford 1855           CharlesmMA1837     Boot Maker         
LeonardJeremiah   Joanna       Boot Maker Milford 1855           MorrismMA1840               
LeonardThomas"23, 19"  AnneRatigan161/6/1848?8/24/184955.05Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W3 Pine St.4/156.J8/24/1849"Leonard, James""Leonard, Catherine"     Bridgetf 1853               
LeonardThomas"23, 19"  AnneRatigan161/6/1848?8/24/184955.05Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W3 Pine St.4/156.J8/24/1849"Leonard, James""Leonard, Catherine"     Johnm 1854               
LeonardThomas"23, 19"  AnneRatigan161/6/1848?8/24/184955.05Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W3 Pine St.4/156.J8/24/1849"Leonard, James""Leonard, Catherine"     Maryf 1856               
LeonardThomas"23, 19"  AnneRatigan161/6/1848?8/24/184955.05Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W3 Pine St.4/156.J8/24/1849"Leonard, James""Leonard, Catherine"     Lydiaf 1858               
LeonardThomas"23, 19"  AnneRatigan161/6/1848?8/24/184955.05Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W3 Pine St.4/156.J8/24/1849"Leonard, James""Leonard, Catherine"    BirthBk1846/7 pg.066 #297ThomasmWorc.07/02/1846               
LeonardThomas"23, 19"  AnneRatigan161/6/1848?8/24/184955.05Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W3 Pine St.4/156.J8/24/1849"Leonard, James""Leonard, Catherine"    BirthBk1847/8 pg.083 #172PatrickmWorc.05/05/1848               
LeonardThomas"23, 19"  AnneRatigan161/6/1848?8/24/184955.05Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W3 Pine St.4/156.J8/24/1849"Leonard, James""Leonard, Catherine"    BirthBk1850 1 pg.001 #012CatherinefWorc.01/03/1850               
Leonard  "Leonard, Thomas Owns Plot"2nd inter                      Thomasm/? 00/00/182925  11/06/1854   St. John'sH/15/1      
LeoutureLuciun   Lueis                     Luliumm 03/25/1856  2104/14/1856   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 59    
Leouture   Luciun Leouture Warner                    Lueisf/m 183521  04/23/1856   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 59    
LeoveauxFelix   SophiaLarivon 7/15/1849Gibson 75.09Worc.     4/156.O8/24/1849"Hazler, W.""McQuade, Pat."                        
Leydon   Peter Leydon            Exchange St.    "Ireland, Sligo?"    Catherinef/m 182725  07/26/1852Confinement Worc. Exchange St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 034 # 223 O'Flynn # 47    
Leydon  f. of Peter Leydond. 11/14/1847 ?                       Timothy Thadeym"Ireland, Sligo, Ballyconnell"177670/72  11/16/1847Old Age"Farmer, Laborer" CBG  O Flynn # 26p. 207    
LiberteFrancis   MatildaMorin 1/10/1845Williamson 30.02Worc.     3/154.9/22/1845"Degno, Felix""Bertholme, Margarita"                        
Lilly                          CatherinefIreland    06/23/1848Penterilis  CBG  p. 210    
Limnahavel                          Cornielusm/sIreland181633  03/02/1849AccidentalLaborer CBG  p. 216    
LittleJohn   LucySullivan 9/8/1845McEvoy 34.11Worc.   Framingham v1 p382Framingham MR3/133.9/22/1845"Kean, James""Coophan,Joanna"                        
LockneyPeter   Bridget       Laborer   Pine (Meddow) St.        BirthBk1844/5 pg.021 #108MaryfWorc. School Dist. #111/24/1844               
LogneWilliam   CatherineEgerty 9/20/1849Gibson 78.07Worc.       "Gorman, Thomas"                         
Lohan                          Thomas HenrymWorc.08/13/185331209/15/1856Canker Rash Mullbury St. Worc.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 079 # 387    
Lomasnee  Brother to Joseph                  "Ireland, Tipperary, Cashel"    Williamm/ 177660  10/08/1836   Irish  p. 58    
LonerganPatrick   Johanna                    ctyblankmWorc.04/12/1848               
LonerganPatrick   Johanna                     Thomasm/s 184122  12/14/1863Accidental from injuries NYCitySt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 184 # .14    
LoneyRobert   Catherine       Laborer   Bridge St.        BirthBk1847/8 pg.081 #127WilliammWorc.10/12/18475 (Sic?)  03/26/1848   CY  p. 209    
LoneyRobert   Catherine       Laborer   Bridge St.        BirthBk1849 pg.109 #558JamesmWorc.08/28/1849               
LoneyRobert   Mary                     MaryfIreland18416  06/08/1847Measles  CBG  p. 203    
Loney ClooneyRobert see Worc1860W4 Catherine                    ctyWilliammWorc.10/12/1847               
LongRichard   Nancy                     Mary M.fGrafton07/07/185911 08/07/1860Cholera Infantum GraftonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 191 # 139    
Long  father of Thomas                  "Ireland, Tipperary, Holy Cross"    Jamesm/m"Ireland, Tipperary, Holy Cross"178865  01/12/1853Plurisy Worcesternot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 040 # 049    
LoobyLawrence   EllenKenwick 4/30/1848Gibson 59.12Worc.     4/156.L8/24/1849"Cleary, Michael""Leatham, Ann"                        
LoobyPeter/Patrick   Anne       Dyer   Temple St. rear        ctyDanielmWorc.01/03/1845               
LoobyPeter/Patrick   Anne       Dyer   Temple St. rear        BirthBk1847/8 pg.078 #073EllenfWorc.08/07/1847               
LoobyRichard"26, 23"  BridgetLeary"21, 22"11/28/1846Gibson 44.06Worc. Worc. 1850 W4 .018 101Worc. 1860 W4  4/156.G8/24/1849"Leary, Joseph""Leatham, Ann"    ctyCatherinefWorc.11/01/1848               
Looney                          Maryf/wIreland180360  03/27/1863Epilepsey SL Hospitalnot given  City bk. 1 p. 167 # 146    
Looney?   John Ryan                      Catherinef/mIreland180545  11/26/1850Apoplexydeath listed as 11/26/1852 Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 017 # 377    
Lorry                          Jamesm 180433  03/11/1837   Irish  p. 34    
Loughlin  "Carney, Simon owns plots"                       Williamm/? 00/00/184024  02/11/1864   St. John'sO/10/67      
Loughton                          Thomasm/ 181224  07/11/1836   Irishman  p. 58    
Loumeaux                          Theresaf/wCanada179457  10/24/1851Cancer WorcesterTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 025 # 292    
LovelyWilliam                      family from Canada   Francism/m 183430  09/09/1864Andersonvillesoldier: 25 th Co I not here  City bk. 2 p. 20 # 895
Lovely                       family from Canada  Frankm/m 182341  08/20/1864Andersonvillesoldier: 25 th Co I not here  City bk. 2 p. 19 # 853
LovelyFrancis   blank                     Agustusm/sCanada182422  04/21/1846Small PoxMoulder in Furnace CBG  p. 185    
LovelyRobert   Catherine                     JohnmWorc.05/27/1846 6 11/27/1846Scalded  CBG  p. 196    
Lovely                          Agustusm 182521  06/01/1846   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 24    
Lovely                          Frankm/mCanada182341  08/20/1864Andersonville 25 th Co Ina  City bk. 2 p. 19 # 853    
Lovely                          Francism/mCanada183430  09/09/1864Andersonville 25 th Co Ina  City bk. 2 p. 20 # 895    
Lovely                          Emilyf 09/02/18505 2910/01/1855   St. John's  O'Flynn    
LovettJohn   MargretScannel 11/21/1848Gibson8/24/184966.01Worc.Laborer   Arcade4/156.M8/24/1849"Lovet, Bart""Harnet, Hanna"    BirthBk1849 pg.116 #695MaryfWorc.11/03/1849               
LuccoryHugh   Ellen                     Mary E.fWorc.01/02/1853 2 03/02/1853Debility Worcesternot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 040 # 061    
LucePhillip               Franklin St.          mWorc.06/02/1857  106/03/1857  Worc. Franklin St. #19Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 090 # 270    
LuciaLewis   Emily           Union St.         JosephmWorc.02/15/1856171509/30/1857Dysntery Worc. Union St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 092 # 364    
Lucia   Sapphoric Lucia                      Maryf/mCanada184120  02/13/1861  GraftonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 187 #.8    
Lusenon?Max   LucyMathews 4/4/1842Fitton 18.06Worc.       "Tibot, Charles""Arpin, Rose"                        
LymanJames   Julia         Worc. 1860 W2           Johnm 1843               
LymanJames   Julia         Worc. 1860 W2           Katyf 1851               
LymanJames   Julia       Blacksmith   Pine St.        BirthBk1855 1 pg.088 #329SarahfWorc. Hopkington07/04/1855               
LymanJames   Julia           Summer St.         ElizabethfHopkington02/08/18543  02/08/1857Scarlet Fever Worc. Summer St. #99Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 086 # 086    
LynchJohn   EllenLehey 5/11/1846Gibson 39.03Worc.     4/156.E8/24/1849"Neill, Patrick""Hart, Anne"    ctyMaryfWorc.10/10/1847               
LynchJohn   Joanna                    ctyTimothymWorc.11/20/1847               
LynchMaurice   MaryCorbett 7/24/1837Fitton 5.11Worc.       "Fitton, James""Long, Catherine"                        
LynchPatrick   EllenMahoney 4/5/1845Gibson 32.01Worc. Millbury 1848   3/155.9/22/1845"Sullivan, John""L?, Joanna"     Dennism 06/26/184712509/01/1848Cholera Infantum Millburyn/I  Millbury VR p.11/12    
LynchPatrick   Mary       Laborer Millbury 1855           MargretfMA1845               
LynchPatrick   Mary       Laborer Millbury 1855           MaryfMA1849               
LynchPatrick   Mary       Laborer Millbury 1855           NorafMA1851               
LynchPeter   Ann                     EllenfVT07/23/18453  07/23/1848Dysentery  CBG  p. 211    
LynchPeter   EleanorGleason 7/2/1843Fitton 23.02Worc.Laborer   Water St.  "Kelly, Patrick""Martin, Mary Ann"    BirthBk1844/5 pg.029 #248Mary JanefWorc. School Dist. #?05/11/1844               
LynchThomas   Catherine                     MaryfGrafton10/27/1859 31802/15/1860Inflamaton of Brain GraftonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 122    
LynchThomas   Catherine                     AnnefGrafton02/12/1861161508/27/1862Cholera Infantum GraftonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 186 # .23    
LynchThomas   MaryMay 7/1/1837Fitton 5.07Worc.       "Killcollen, Thomas""Granville, Aby"                        
LynchTimothy   BridgetPowers 2/22/1848Gibson8/24/184958.04Worc.     4/156.K8/24/1849"Lynch, Timothy""Powers, Anne"                        
LynchWilliam   ElizabethHarrison 11/18/1834Fitton 2.01Worc.     2/081.12/31/1836"McKenna, Neil""McKenna, Mary,MrsNeil"     Margretf 1830c  09/01/1836   Not indicated  p. 58    
Lynch                Temple St.         Maryf/mIreland179660  01/05/1856Apoplexy Worc. Temple St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 070 # 004    
Lynch/ SymthDaniel   Hanna Ann Scanlon 4/14/1846Gibson 38.03Worc.     4/156.E8/24/1849"Moriarty, Patrick""Burke, Ellen"                        
LyonsEdward ?of Galway Mary           Grafton St.         ElizabethfWorc.06/29/185212 08/29/1853Consumtion Grafton St.TatnuckMERSJP City bk. 1 p. 045 # 264    
LyonsMichael   Bridget       Taylor   Front St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.005 #193MaryfWorc.10/16/1850               

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