The Irish Ancestral Research Association

Records of Early Irish Residents of Worcester, Massachusetts

Compiled by John Canavan and displayed with his permission

This database is the result of many years of effort by John Canavan, with assistance from his son Thomas A. Canavan. It includes civil marriage, birth and death records, church marriage records, Worcester and surrounding towns census' and naturalization record,s and information from a research project conducted by Mary Ellen Radziewicz and Frank & Marion Connery.

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Last Name (Father or Groom)First NameAge at MarriageNote: relationsHusbandFirst Name (Mother or Bride)Last NameAge at MarriageDate of MarriageMarriage solemnized ByDate turned in to Worcester clerk UnusualChurch Record: page.lineChurch rec. & other sources for Location at MarriageFather's Occupation1850 Census1855 towns/1860 Worcester CensusLocation Naturalization and other sourcesResidence from Birth Rec. and DirectoriesMarriage Rec. Worcester: Book/pageDate turned in to Worcester clerk usual/unusual circumstanceWitness MarriageWitness MarriageFather From NaturalizationNotes anySpouse of DeceasedAlt. Birth RecWorcester Birth Record Bk Pg LineName of DeceasedGender or Gender/ Condition at deathLocation of Birth from Civil records andDate of BirthAge: Years at deathMonths at deathDays at deathDate of DeathCause of DeathOccupationResidence at deathLocation of BurialCemetery info sec./row/plotState Vitial RecordsWorcester Death Records Bk pg. line
Fahaly                Bridge St.         Martinm/sIreland183324  10/15/1857FeverLaborerWorc. Bridge St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 094 # 429
FaheyJohn   Bridget       Cook Worc. 1860 W5          ctyEdmundmWorc.01/16/1848           
FaheyJohn   Bridget       Cook Worc. 1860 W5           Bridgetf 1838     Weaver     
FaheyJohn   Bridget       Cook Worc. 1860 W5           Maryf 1842     Env. Maker     
FaheyJohn   Bridget       Cook Worc. 1860 W5           Williamm 1844     Machinist     
FaheyJohn   Bridget       Cook Worc. 1860 W5           Ellenf 1850           
FaheyJohn   Bridget       Cook Worc. 1860 W5           Jamesm 1853           
FaheyJohn   EllenRourke 1/23/1847Gibson 45.1Worc.     4/156.G8/24/1849"Farrell, Michael""Fahey, Elizabeth"                    
FaheyPatrick   JuliaDaly 5/18/1847Gibson 48.06Worc.     4/156.H8/24/1849"Bride, John""McTivnan, Bridget"                    
FahonWilliam   MarthaMcSweeny 6/3/1838Fitton 8.1Worc.       "Falvey,Jerry""Stack, Michael"                    
FahyTimothy   CatherineCoody 9/30/1849Gibson 79.07Worc.       "Whelan, Thomas""Ryan, Catherine"                    
FallonBarney   Bridget           Brown St.         CatherinefDouglas08/21/186113 11/28/1862Brain Fever Worc. Brown St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 162 # 473
FallonEdward   Margret         Worc. 1860 W3           Johnm 1851           
FallonEdward   Margret         Worc. 1860 W3           Williamm 1858           
FallonEdward   Margret           Worcester St.          mWorc.04/04/1860   04/04/1860Still Born Worc. Worcester St. #18Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 126 # 144
FallonJames   Mary       Boot Treer Worc. 1860 W5 Winter St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.088 #309JamesmWorc. Winter St. 2110/07/1855           
FallonJames   Mary       Boot Treer Worc. 1860 W5 Winter St.         Thomasm 1853           
FallonJames   Mary       Boot Treer Worc. 1860 W5 Winter St.         Johnm 1858           
FallonMichael   Bridget       Laborer   Pine (Meddow) St.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.066 #294PatrickmWorc.07/15/1846           
FallonMichael   Catherine                    ctyRichardmWor.01/30/1848           
FallonPatrick26  JoannaMcCarthy264/18/1846Gibson 38.05Worc.Blacksmith laborer earlierWorc. 1850 W5. 012 074  Temple St.4/156.E8/24/1849"Maginnis, James""McCarthy, Ellen"    BirthBk1848/9 pg.104 #302ThomasmWorc.10/08/1848           
FallonPatrick26  JoannaMcCarthy264/18/1846Gibson 38.05Worc.Blacksmith laborer earlierWorc. 1850 W5. 012 074  Temple St.4/156.E8/24/1849"Maginnis, James""McCarthy, Ellen"    BirthBk1850 1 pg.002 #048MaryfWorc. Temple St.09/26/1850           
Fallon  "Fallon, John owns plot"                       Jamesm     00/00/1862baby  St. John'sH/11/3  
Fallon  "Fallon, John owns plot"                       Margretf     00/00/1864baby  St. John'sH/11/3  
Fallon  "Fallon, Bridget owns plot"                       Patrickm/?     03/10/1858   St. John'sI/2/1  
Fallon                          Johnm/sIreland179753  08/25/1850ConsumtionLaborerWorc.St. John's  City bk. 1 p. 014 # 238
Fallon/ FollenPatrick   Hanna                    ctyJohannafWorc.06/05/1846           
Falroy   John Falroy                      Bridgetf/mIreland182428  07/04/1852Consumtion  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 034 # 217
FalveyDaniel   Margret       Laborer   Arcade        BirthBk1847/8 pg.080 #109BridgetfWorc.02/01/1848           
FalveyPatrick   Hanna           Briggs St.          mWorc.08/28/1857  10mins08/28/1857  Worc. Briggs St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 092 # 345
FanndryJames   Catherine                     JohnmGrafton04/03/1862 6 10/03/1862Cholera Infantum GraftonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 186 # .31
Farn FailThomas   Bridget       Laborer   Temple St.        BirthBk1845/6 pg.034 #042ThomasmWorc. School Dist. #101/28/184616 04/19/1847Measles  CBG  p. 202
FarrellJohn   Ann           Beacon St.          fWorc.08/25/1857  108/26/1857  Worc. Beacon St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 092 # 344
FarrellWilliam   MaryKenelly 7/21/1839Fitton 10.06NorthamptonWorc.       "Powers, Mathew""Powers, Ellen Mrs"                    
Farrell  Ferrell owns plot                       Williamm/? 00/00/183625  06/01/1861   St. John'sOne/2/5  
Farrell  Farrell owns plot                       Patrickm/? 00/00/180850  11/20/1858   St. John'sOne/2/5  
Farrell                          Richardm/mIreland180247  07/20/1849PlurasyLaborerWebsterTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 002 # 509
Farren/FavinDaniel   Mary         Leicester 1855           BridgetfLeicester Clappville12/13/1856 6 06/13/1857  Leicester ClappvilleSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 188 # 10
Farren/FavinDaniel   Mary         Leicester 1855           EdwardmLeicester00/00/1850           
Farren/FavinDaniel   Mary         Leicester 1855           HanorafLeicester00/00/1852           
Farren/FavinDaniel   Mary         Leicester 1855           CatherinefLeicester00/00/1853           
Farren/FavinDaniel   Mary         Leicester 1855           ThomasmLeicester00/00/1854           
Farren/Favin/FeranDaniel   Mary         Leicester 1855           DanielmLeicester04/20/1859 42309/13/1859Cholera Infantum LeicesterSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 101
FarrollPatrick   Catherine                    ctyWilliammWorc.10/09/1848           
FayJohn   BridgetKervin 4/3/1837Fitton 5.05Worc.Laborer   Front St.  "Heriden, Patrick""Callaghan, Ellen"    BirthBk1847/8 pg.080 #103Edmund J.mWorc.01/07/1848           
FayJohn   BridgetKervin 4/3/1837Fitton 5.05Worc.Laborer   Front St.  "Heriden, Patrick""Callaghan, Ellen"     EllenfWorc.03/18/1847 6 09/18/1847   CBG  p. 200
Fay                          Mathewm/mIreland181037  09/28/1847Dysentery  CBG  p. 206
FeeheyMichael   ElizabethSomers 6/20/1846Gibson 40.03Worc.     4/156.E8/24/1849"Gibson, M. W."                     
FehanWilliam   JoannaFahey 8/28/1849Gibson 77.04Worc.       "Mahoney, Erving""Roach, Mary"                    
Felvy                          MaryfFitchburg09/14/18461  09/14/1847   CBG  p. 206
FeneyJohn   EllenHogan 7/6/1845Gibson 34.03Worc.     3/133.9/22/1845"Henery, Michael""O'Brien, Bridget"                    
FennertyMichael   MargretBurke 12/4/1847Gibson 54.03Worc.     4/156.J8/24/1849"Daly, Michael""Forbes, Bridget"                    
FennonPatrick   Mary A.Heffern 7/23/1843Fitton 23.06New London       "Moran, Hugh""Finn, Bridget"                    
FentonThomas   Johanna                     ElizabethfWorc.04/12/1859 8 12/12/1859Inflamation of the Brain Worcester SouthTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 122 # 507
FergusonThomas   BridgetMurphy 2/11/1844Williamson 26.08New London       "Murphy, P."                     
Feriter FerittorNicholas   ElizabethKavangh 1/23/1848Gibson 56.09Worc.Laborer   Brown St.4/156.K8/24/1849"Shea, Michael""Kavangh, Joanna"    BirthBk1850 1 pg.002 #072MaryfWorc. Brown St.06/14/1850           
FerrisThomas   Bridget                     Patrickm/sIreland183817  06/28/1855Drowned North OxfordTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 064 # 181
Ferris FerrellThomas   Bridget           Beacon St.          mWorc.02/26/1857  303/01/1857  Worc. Beacon St. 332Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 086 # 121
FinaganJeremiah28  Mary/ HilleryLeary232/15/1848Boyce8/24/184957.11Worc.Grocer Worc. 1860 W4  4/156.A &4/156.K9/26/1849"McCarty, John""Calahan, Mary"     Catherinef 1849           
FinaganJeremiah28  Mary/ HilleryLeary232/15/1848Boyce8/24/184957.11Worc.Grocer Worc. 1860 W4  4/156.A &4/156.K9/26/1849"McCarty, John""Calahan, Mary"     Hannahf 1851           
FinaganJeremiah28  Mary/ HilleryLeary232/15/1848Boyce8/24/184957.11Worc.Grocer Worc. 1860 W4  4/156.A &4/156.K9/26/1849"McCarty, John""Calahan, Mary"     Patrickm 1858           
FinaganJeremiah28  Mary/ HilleryLeary232/15/1848Boyce8/24/184957.11Worc.Grocer Worc. 1860 W4  4/156.A &4/156.K9/26/1849"McCarty, John""Calahan, Mary"     Michaelm 1860           
Finegan                          Jamesm/m"Ireland, , Jankinstown"180850  08/01/1858Consumption NorthbridgeSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 189 # 51
FineranJames   Bridget       Laborer   Pine (Meddow) St.    "Ireland, Roscommon, Clooncalthry Taughmacconnell"   BirthBk1844/5 pg.021 #113JohnmWorc. School Dist. #105/29/1844           
FineranJames   Bridget       Laborer   Pine (Meddow) St.    "Ireland, Roscommon, Clooncalthry Taughmacconnell"    PatrickmWorc.06/31/184626 12/31/1848Small Pox  CBG  p. 215
FineranJohn"37, 40"  CatherineCalahan"32, 27"2/1/1847Gibson 46.05Worc.LaborerWorc. 1850 W3 .050 243Worc. 1860 W3  4/156.G8/24/1849"Rattigan, John""Fallon, Winefred""Ireland, Roscommon, Clooncalthry Taughmacconnell"               "STJ""S M/?/? MERSJP"   
FineranJohn   Catherine         Worc. 1860 W3           Johnm 1849           
FineranJohn   Catherine         Worc. 1860 W3           Williamm 1852           
FineranJohn   Catherine         Worc. 1860 W3           Jamesm 1854           
Fineran   Hugh Fineran                      Janef/mIreland179848  12/04/1846Fever  CBG  p. 196
FineryZabedee   Caroline                     ZebedeemWorc.06/30/1844 52912/28/1844Cough  CBG  p. 166
FinnDavid   CatherineMcGowan 8/8/1847Gibson 53.04Worc.     4/156.I8/24/1849"Finn, John""Finn, Mary"                    
FinnJames   Avis       Boot Treer Worc. 1860 W4 Winter St.        BirthBk1855 1 pg.088 #311MaryfWorc. Winter St. 2105/24/1855           
FinnJames   Avis       Boot Treer Worc. 1860 W4 Winter St.         Jamesm 1853           
FinnJames   Avis       Boot Treer Worc. 1860 W4 Winter St.         Corneliusm 1857           
FinnJames   Avis       Boot Treer Worc. 1860 W4 Winter St.         Johannaf 1859           
FinnJohn   Mary       Laborer   Bridge St.        ctyElizabethfWorc.05/05/1845           
FinnJohn   Mary       Laborer   Bridge St.        BirthBk1847/8 pg.081 #130blankmWorc.05/15/1847           
Finnagan                          Rosef/wIreland179754  09/04/1851Dysentery  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 025 # 275
Finnan                          Michael Ireland179952  08/26/1851Dysentery  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 023 # 191
Finnegan                          John M.m 184724  07/00/1871   ? Chicago  O'Flynn
Finneran   Byron owns plot                      Bryonm/?     00/00/1855   St. John'sI/10/1  
FinneronMichael   Bridget         Worc. 1860 W4           Patrickm 1857           
FinneronMichael   Bridget         Worc. 1860 W4           HannahfWorc1860           
FinneronMichael   Bridget           Pine Ct.          mWorc.03/31/1857  904/09/1857  Worc. Pine Ct. #31Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 088 # 195
FinneronPatrick   Bridget           Old Pine St.         MargretfWorc.11/10/1858 10 09/10/1859Sore Throat Worc. Old Pine St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 118 # 351
Finneron                Old Pine St.         Maryf/wIreland179664  08/19/1860Asthma Worc. Old Pine St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 129 # 288
FinniganTimothy   JohanaLeary 8/20/1837Fitton 6.05Worc.       "Eeoin?, William""?eroin, Catherine, Mrs W"                    
Finnigan  "Finnigan, James ows plot 1st interment"                       Jamesm/?     08/03/1858   St. John'sI/10/3  
Finnis?John   Catherine                    ctyJohnmWorc.07/26/1848           
FitmanJohn   Bridget       Laborer   Vine St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.005 #200JohnmWorc.05/07/1850           
FitmanJohn28  MargretMaher284/12/1845Gibson 32.04Worc.LABORERWorc. 1850 W5. 010 064   3/155.9/22/1845"McGraw, William""Ryan, Margret"    ctyRobertmWorc.12/20/1848           
Fitman   John Fitman                      Margretf/mIreland182032  01/28/1852Confinment  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 029 # 038
FittonJoseph   MarthaCooledge2110/27/1839Fitton 10.12WalthamCarpenter   Winter St.  "Cassin, Thomas""Fitzpatrick, Ellen"    ctyMartha ElmirafWorc.09/27/1847           
FittonJoseph   MarthaCooledge2110/27/1839Fitton 10.12WalthamCarpenter   Winter St.  "Cassin, Thomas""Fitzpatrick, Ellen"    ctyFrances AnnfWorc.11/12/1845           
FittonJoseph   MarthaCooledge2110/27/1839Fitton 10.12WalthamCarpenter   Winter St.  "Cassin, Thomas""Fitzpatrick, Ellen"    BirthBk1844 pg.006 #092JamesmWorc. School Dist. #107/13/1843           
Fitton   Joseph Fitton Cooledge                    Martha J.f/mLeicester181830  04/24/1848Consumtion  CY  p. 209
FittsPatrick   Catherine                    ctyMary A.fWorc.06/06/1846           
FitzgeraldEdmund   Mary                    ctyMary AnnfWorc.05/01/1844           
FitzgeraldEdmund   Mary Ann K.       Laborer   Madison St.        BirthBk1848/9 pg.105 #341EdwardmWorc.05/05/1848           
FitzgeraldEdward   Mary       Laborer            BirthBk1844 pg.006 #096MariafWorc. School Dist. #104/30/1844           
FitzgeraldEdward   Mary                     EllenfCT07/03/184622 09/03/1848   CY  p. 212
FitzgeraldJames   BridgetLynch 6/20/1842Fitton 19.1Norwich       "Fitzgerald, John""Ryan, Mary"                    
FitzgeraldJames   Ellen       Laborer   Salem St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.006 #213ThomasmWorc.12/03/1850           
FitzgeraldJohn   EllenMcDonald 4/25/1843Fitton 22.02Norwich       "Spellman, Nichols""Hefford, Mary"                    
FitzgeraldMorris Search for missing Friends 1861 Mary           Pine St.         Mary JanefWorc.04/21/185524 08/21/1857Dysntery Worc. Pine St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 092 # 370
FitzgeraldPatrick   Julia       Laborer Auburn 1855           DanielmAuburn1854           
FitzgeraldPatrick"25,22"  MaryDavis"20,22"7/28/1844/ 7/27/1844Williamson 28.01Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W5 Pond St.3/128.8/16/1844"Colby, William""McGee, Margret"    BirthBk1846/7 pg.058 #158JohnmWorc.06/12/1846           
FitzgeraldPatrick"25,22"  MaryDavis"20,22"7/28/1844/ 7/27/1844Williamson 28.01Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W5 Pond St.3/128.8/16/1844"Colby, William""McGee, Margret"     CharlesmWorc.1850           
FitzgeraldPatrick"25,22"  MaryDavis"20,22"7/28/1844/ 7/27/1844Williamson 28.01Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W5 Pond St.3/128.8/16/1844"Colby, William""McGee, Margret"     James H.m 1853           
FitzgeraldPatrick"25,22"  MaryDavis"20,22"7/28/1844/ 7/27/1844Williamson 28.01Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W5 Pond St.3/128.8/16/1844"Colby, William""McGee, Margret"     JosephmWorc.1856           
FitzgeraldPatrick  JuliaMary         Auburn 1855           Patrickm/m 1820           
FitzgeraldThomas   CatherineBrenan 1/11/1837Fitton 5.01Worc.       "Reed, Thomas""Reed, Mrs.Thomas"                    
FitzgeraldThomas   ElizabethMcIntosh 11/26/1838Fitton 9.08Worc.       "Roberts, Thomas""Dooley, Ann"                    
Fitzgerald  Search for missing Friends 1851Mary          Auburn 1855      "Ireland, Cork, Killeigh"    Patrickm/m"Ireland, Cork, Killeigh"177780  05/16/1857Old Age AuburnSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 188 # 08
Fitzgerald   Patrick          Auburn 1855           Maryf/w 1782           
Fitzgerald  "Fitzgerald, Ed owns plot"                       Elizabethf/? 00/00/183026  06/01/1856   St. john'sA/ 8/3  
Fitzgerald  Edward owns plot                       Mary E.f   8 07/01/1853   St. John'sA/8/3  
Fitzgerald   Donald Fitzgerald                      Margretf/mIreland182719  01/09/1848   CBG  p. 207
Fitzgerald                          Patrickm/sIreland183128  01/29/1859Consumption North BrookfieldTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 189 # 73
Fitzgerald                          Jamesm/sIreland183823  02/13/1861Consumption North BrookfieldSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 187 #.7
Fitzgerald   Patrick FitzGerald                      Catherinef/mIreland181832  04/13/1850Dropsy AshburnhamTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 011 # 101
Fitzgerald                          Catherinef 182333  04/14/1856   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 61
Fitzgerald                Pine St.         MargretfWorc.10/07/1855 11609/13/1856Bowel Complaint Worc. Pine St. #33Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 079 # 386
Fitzgerald                          BridgetfCanada10/14/18441 710/14/1845Cough  CBG State Vitials vol. 21 p. 180p. 178
Fitzgerald                          BridgetfCanada10/14/18441 710/14/1845Cough  CBG State Vitials vol. 21 p. 180p. 178
Fitzgerald   Mary?                 "Ireland, Kerry, Ballicourty"    Morrism/m"Ireland, Kerry, Ballicourty"      Tailor     
FitzMauriceThomas   AnneBennalls 9/4/1848Boyce 63.11Worc.     4/156.B9/26/1849"Boyce, J""Buckley, Hanna"                    
FitzpatrickPatrick   Mary                    ctyAnnfWorc.01/09/1848           
FitzpatrickPatrick   Mary       Laborer   Trumbull St.        BirthBk1844/5 pg.021 #105ThomasmWorc. School Dist. #112/17/1844           
FitzpatrickThomas28  SusannahConon 5/19/1840Fitton 12.07Worc.Dyer   Water St.  "Kelly, John""Burt, Ellen""Ireland, Carlow, Pollarton, 290"   BirthBk1848/9 pg.104 #273MaryfWorc.06/07/1848 2 08/09/1848Bowel Complaint  CYCross range? Near McGrath in D p. 212
FitzPatrickThomas28  SusannahConon 5/19/1840Fitton 12.07Worc.Founder ?   Red Mills  "Kelly, John""Burt, Ellen""Ireland, Carlow, Pollarton, 290"   BirthBk1849 pg.110 #588ThomasmWorc.09/04/1849 1207/18/1849   CY  City bk. 1 p. 002 # 488
FitzpatrickThomas28  SusannahConon 5/19/1840Fitton 12.07Worc.       "Kelly, John""Burt, Ellen""Ireland, Carlow, Pollarton, 290"    ThomasmWorc.05/01/1847 22107/22/1847Bowel Complaint  CBG  p. 204
FitzpatrickThomas28  SusannahConon 5/19/1840Fitton 12.07Worc.       "Kelly, John""Burt, Ellen""Ireland, Carlow, Pollarton, 290"    inffWorc.10/01/1844  010/01/1844Still born  CBG  p.163
FitzpatrickThomas28  SusannahConon 5/19/1840Fitton 12.07Worc.       "Kelly, John""Burt, Ellen""Ireland, Carlow, Pollarton, 290"    -mWorc.12/28/1845nb  12/28/1845Still born  CBG  p. 181
FitzpatrickThomas   Susannah       Farmer Charlton 1855           JohnmMA1842           
FitzpatrickThomas   Susannah       Farmer Charlton 1855           JamesmMA1854           
FitzpatrickTimothy   ElizabethMcGilcuddy 9/20/1846Gibson 42.09Worc.     4/156.F8/24/1849"Donohue, Timothy""Conners, Jeanna"                    
Fitzpatrick  Kelley?Patrick?                      Maryf/mIreland180740  03/21/1847Consumtion  CBG  p. 201
FlaggAndrew   Elizabeth                     GidenmVT06/02/1843152611/28/1844Bowel Complaint  CBG  p. 165
FlaggOliver   AngliaBelinger                     fNorthville    04/23/1862Infantile WorcesterTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 154 # 137
FlaggOliver   AngliaBelinger                      Worc.    09/21/1863Consumption  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 176 # .521
FlahertyEdward   Ann                     Ann Marie North Brookfield08/31/1857 4 12/31/1857Lung Fever BarreSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 188 # 29
FlahertyJohn   Kate                "Ireland, Waterford, Newton"    Martinm/sIreland1836221 10/19/1858  BostonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 189 # 65
Flahey   Peter                      Ameliaf/mCanada181240  11/18/1852   Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 038 # 381
Flahuvel    Michael Flahuvel                      Elizabethf/m 181432  12/10/1846   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 23
Flam/ FlawEden   MaryMcKerrick 12/17/1843Williamson 25.04Worc.       "Fergeson, Thomas""Torssey, Ann"                    
FlanedyPatrick   Ellen           Temple St.         SimonmWorc.05/21/1856 6 11/21/1856Teething Temple St. Worc.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 081 # 493
FlanighamPatrick   CatherineCarpenter 11/18/1847Gibson 53.06Worc.     4/156.J8/24/1849"McCarthy, John""Carpenter, Bridget"                    
FlanniganFrancis   Ann       Shoemaker Worc. 1860 W3 Pine St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.001 #018PetermWorc.07/03/1850           
FlanniganFrancis   Ann         Worc. 1860 W3          ctyCarlos/CharlesmWorc.03/11/1839           
FlanniganFrancis   Ann                    ctyJamesmWorc.06/15/1836           
FlanniganFrancis   Ann       RR   Pine St.        BirthBk1847/8 pg.083 #169MaryfWorc.01/28/1848           
FlanniganFrancis   Ann       RR   Pine St.         Mary AnnfWorc.08/19/1844 1306/22/1844Fits  CBG  p. 159
FlanniganJeremiah   Mary       Laborer   Mechanic St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.003 #111HannahfWorc.07/20/1850           
FlanniganMichael   Mary       Laborer            BirthBk1844 pg.014 #245John/JamesmWorc. School Dist. #811/16/1843           
FlanniganMichael   Mary                    ctyJames/JohnmWorc.11/11/1845           
FlanniganThomas/ Frank   Margret                    ctyCeliafWorc.02/11/184518 09/22/1846Dropsy of Brain  CBG  p. 193
FlanniganThomas/ Frank   Margret                    ctyMaryfWorc.06/27/1847           
FlanniganTom or Fran   Margret       Laborer   Temple St.        BirthBk1848/9 pg.104 #295FrancismWorc.04/03/184913 08/07/1850Accidental Worc.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 014 # 234
Flannigan   Ann                      Francism/mIreland180445  01/14/1849DropsyLaborer CBG  p. 215
Flannigan   John Barrett                      Barbaryf/m 181730  09/00/1847   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 31
Flannigan                          Johnm 180928  09/13/1837   Irish  p. 52
FlemingDavid Ellen age?1860 EllenBurke 1/13/1847"Tucker, H" 45.06Worc.s. of Pat & Johanna Worc. 1860 W4  4/156.G8/24/1849"Sullivan, John""Corcoran, Hanora"     MichaelmWorc.1858           
FlemingDavid Ellen age?1860 EllenBurke 1/13/1847"Tucker, H" 45.06Worc.s. of Pat & Johanna Worc. 1860 W4  4/156.G8/24/1849"Sullivan, John""Corcoran, Hanora"     MarymWorc.1859           
FlemingGarrett   Catherine                "Ireland, Kerry, Killemura"    Johnm/?"Ireland, Kerry, Killemura"182429  02/14/1853Lung Fever Worcesternot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 040 # 054
FlemingJames   blank                     Patrickm/sIreland183221  08/19/1853Killed on RR Bostonnot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 047 # 356
FlemingJames   JaneCarey 11/2/1848Gibson8/24/184965.08Worc.     4/156.M8/24/1849"Fleming, David""Donaghoe, Ellen"                    
FlemingJohn   Mary                    ctyCatherinefWorc.03/25/1846           
FlemingJohn   Mary       Laborer   Front St.        BirthBk1847/8 pg.080 #106GarrettmWorc.02/12/1848 6 09/14/1848   CY  p. 213
FlemingJohn   Mary       Laborer   Hibernia St.        BirthBk1849 pg.112 #625John AmWorc.07/02/1849  1508/11/1849   Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 002 # 519
FlemingMichael  2/26/1864 Abby  <1842   Ireland?Canada?              Maryf/mCanada Irish parents184321  03/17/1864Fall on Ice MillburyTatnuck  City bk. 2 p. 14 # 136
FlemingMichael   Abby                     Johnm 07/29/1849  1308/11/1849   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 38
FlemingMichael   Ellen       Laborer   Pine St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.001 #021MartinmWorc.12/02/1850           
FlemingPatrick   Johanna                "Ireland, , Coolick Kilcumming"    Juliaf 184116  05/12/1857   St. John's  O'Flynn
FlemingPatrick   Johanna                "Ireland, , Coolick Kilcumming"    Jamesm 04/10/1837266 10/10/1863   St. John's  O'Flynn
FlemingWilliam "Catherine, James, William, David, John, Margret in 1855" Catherine       Laborer Holden 1855           Juilaf/sIreland184116  05/13/1857Consumtion HoldenSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 188 # 06
FlemingWilliam   Mary           Temple St.          fWorc.10/26/1856  110/27/1856  Temple St. Worc.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 080 # 430
Fleming  "Fleming, Catherine owns plot"                       Patrickm/?     03/04/1856   St. John'sG/8/3  
Fleming  "Flemming, Catherine owns plot 2nd initerment"                       Catherinef/wIreland179962  07/13/1861Heart Disease NorthbridgeSt. John'sG/8/3 City bk. 1 p. 187 #.23
Fleming   Michael Flemming                      Abbyf/m"Ireland, Kerry, Killarney"181633  08/02/1849   TatnuckO'Flynn # 38  
Fleming  F. of DavidJohanna                      Patrickm/m"Ireland, Kerry, Kilcummin"179165  03/04/1856   St. John's  O'Flynn
Fleming                          Garrettm/m"Ireland, Kerry, Killemura"178080  07/30/1860Old Age PalmerSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 191 # 137
Fleming   Michale Fleming                      Abigailf/m"Ireland, Kerry, Killarney"181633  08/02/1849 Housewife Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 002 # 515
Fleming                          Michael Ireland182328  08/14/1851Dysentery  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 023 # 186
Fleming   Patrick Flemming                      Johannaf/w"Ireland, Kerry, Kilcummin"180160  10/20/1861   St. John's  O'Flynn
FloodMichael   ElizabethBride 8/4/1847Gibson 50.09Worc.     4/156.I8/24/1849"McCabe, John""Bogine, Margret"    ctySusan FrancesfWorc.04/02/1848           
FlynnCornelius   Ann           Madison St.         MaryfWorc.12/15/1859 5 05/15/1860Convulsions Worc. Madison St. #33Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 136 # 557
FlynnFrancis   Mary                     Janef/sIreland183018  02/02/1848   CBG  p. 208
FlynnJohn   Ellen       Blacksmith   Winter St.        BirthBk1849 pg.117 #712JohnmWorc.11/28/1849           
FlynnJohn   MaryBoylan 9/17/1849Gibson 78.12Worc.       "Fahey, Michael"                     
FlynnJohn   Mary JaneBarry 4/3/1845Williamson 30.11Worc.   Framingham v1 p235Framingham3/155.9/22/1845"Mooney, Thomas""Conland, Catherine"     ThomasmFram.b.r. v1p7802/28/1846           
FlynnJohn   Sarah       Laborer   Belmont St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.008 #315Mary AnnfWorc.02/27/1850           
FlynnMartin   Ellen                    BirthBk1846/7 pg.070 #377Mary A.fWorc. School Dist. #1106/21/1846           
FlynnMartin   Ellen                    ctyWilliammWorc.11/28/1848           
FlynnMartin   MaryFinland 2/23/1841Fitton 15.09Worc.       "Cassin, Ezra""Moore, E. A."                    
FlynnMichael   Bridget       Laborer   Central St.        BirthBk1849 pg.118 #734BridgetfWorc.05/10/1849           
FlynnMichael   Mary                     SarahfWarren NH04/16/186014 08/16/1861Accidental Drowning NH WarrenSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 187 #.28
FlynnPatrick   Catherine         Worc. 1860 W3           Annf 1851           
FlynnPatrick   Catherine         Worc. 1860 W3           Margretf 1853           
FlynnPatrick   Catherine       Laborer   Bridge St.        ctyJohnmWorc.06/18/1848           
FlynnPatrick   Catherine       Laborer   Bridge St.        BirthBk1849 pg.109 #559Elenor AnnfWorc.11/06/1849           
FlynnPatrick   Elizabeth           Millbury St.         JohnmWorc.02/03/1857 7909/12/1857Cholera Infantum Worc. Millbury St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 092 # 359
FlynnRobert   Ellen       Laborer   Salem St.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.055 #098PatrickmWorc.09/03/1846           
Flynn                          Lawrencem/mIreland181435  07/13/1849Sun StruckLaborer Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 002 # 507
FogartyJames   BridgetMcCarty 7/23/1846McEvoy 40.1Worc.     4/156.F8/24/1849"Walsh, John""Walsh, Ellen"                    
FogertyCornelius   Eliza L.                    ctyWilliam Smith O'BrienmWorc.08/24/1848           
FogertyJohn   Mary         Worc. 1860 W1           Michaelm 1850           
FogertyJohn   Mary         Worc. 1860 W1           Johnm 1852           
FogertyJohn   Mary           Charles St.         Mary AnnfWorc.060/4/185913 09/04/1860Cholera Infantum Worc. Charles St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 131 # 343
FogertyJohn 1856 Mary (late)                     ThomasmIreland183221/ (20)-7 03/02/1853Lung Fever Worcesternot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 040 # 063 O'Flynn # 63
Fogerty   Michael Fogerty                      Catherinef/m or w     03/07/1859   St. John'sB/6/1  
Fogerty   10/27/1838John Fogerty                      Maryf/m"Ireland, Tipperary, Longhmore"180731  10/26/1838   Tatnuck Not indicated in town  O'Flynn # 4 Worc. p. 104
Fogerty  mother of Jerimiah                       Elizabethf/m or w"Ireland, Tipperary, Longhmore"179148  11/07/1839   Tatnuck  p. 104
Fogerty                          Timothym/mIreland183029  11/24/1859  Boston southSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 190 # 112
FoleyDaniel   Joanna       Laborer   Pine (Meddow) St.        BirthBk1844/5 pg.021 #112CatherinefWorc. School Dist. #103/03/1845           
FoleyDennis22  AnneDudley1712/26/1847Gibson 54.08Worc.Leicester Leicester 1855  4/156.J8/24/1849"Rogers, Charles""Rogers, Margret"     DennismMA00/00/1849           
FoleyDennis22  AnneDudley1712/26/1847Gibson 54.08Worc.Leicester Leicester 1855  4/156.J8/24/1849"Rogers, Charles""Rogers, Margret"     Mary L.fMA00/00/1850           
FoleyDennis22  AnneDudley1712/26/1847Gibson 54.08Worc.Leicester Leicester 1855  4/156.J8/24/1849"Rogers, Charles""Rogers, Margret"     WilliammMA00/00/1852           
FoleyDennis22  AnneDudley1712/26/1847Gibson 54.08Worc.Leicester Leicester 1855  4/156.J8/24/1849"Rogers, Charles""Rogers, Margret"     EllenfMA00/00/1855           
FoleyJerimiah   Bridget       Boot crimper Worc. 1860 W4 Mechanic St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.003 #113CatherinefWorc.01/19/1850           
FoleyJerimiah   Bridget       Grocer Worc. 1860 W4           Maryf 1853           
FoleyJerimiah   Bridget       Grocer Worc. 1860 W4           Bridgetf 1855           
FoleyJerimiah   Bridget       Grocer Worc. 1860 W4           Johnm 1857           
FoleyJerimiah   Bridget       Grocer Worc. 1860 W4           Margretf 1859           
FoleyJohn   Abby       Laborer   Central St.         TimothymWorc.06/30/1850           
FoleyJohn   Anne       Laborer   Mechanic St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.003 #119JohnmWorc.08/16/1850           
FoleyJohn/ Jerry22  BridgetCurly245/11/1848 6/9/1848Boyce8/24/184960.12Worc.BOOTMAKERWorc. 1850 W4 .022 121   4/156.A &4/156.L9/26/1849"Sullivan, John""Whalan, Rose"                    
FoleyMichael22  JuliaFahey211/4/1848?8/24/184955.03Worc.LABORERWorc. 1850 W4 .016 086   4/156.J8/24/1849"Sullivan, John""Mornan, Daborah"                    
FoleyMichael   Margret                    ctyBridgetfWorc.06/09/1845           
FoleyWilliam31Fm Waterford d. 9/19/1878 AnneHastings. D. 19032512/19/1847Gibson 54.06Worc.Grocer Worc. 1860 W4 Temple St.4/156.J8/24/1849"Foley, Michael""Redding, Mary"    BirthBk1848/9 pg.104 #300JohnmWorc.12/24/1848 71408/14/1849   Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 002 # 522
FoleyWilliam31Fm Waterford d. 9/19/1878 AnneHastings. D. 19032512/19/1847Gibson 54.06Worc.Grocer Worc. 1860 W4 Temple St.4/156.J8/24/1849"Foley, Michael""Redding, Mary"     JohnmWorc.1849           
FoleyWilliam31Fm Waterford d. 9/19/1878 AnneHastings. D. 19032512/19/1847Gibson 54.06Worc.Grocer Worc. 1860 W4 Temple St.4/156.J8/24/1849"Foley, Michael""Redding, Mary"     CatherinefWorc.1853           
FoleyWilliam31Fm Waterford d. 9/19/1878 AnneHastings. D. 19032512/19/1847Gibson 54.06Worc.Grocer Worc. 1860 W4 Temple St.4/156.J8/24/1849"Foley, Michael""Redding, Mary"     MaryfWorc.1857           
FoleyWilliam   Catherine                     Ann MariefWorc.04/27/1845nb  04/27/1845Still born  CBG  p. 170
FoleyWilliam   Jane                     MaryfWorc.06/02/1865 2708/09/1865Cholera Infantum  Tatnuck  City bk. 2 p. 29 # 391
Foley  "McBride, Mrs. Thomas owns plot"                       Annaf/?  28  07/02/1853   St. John'sH/1/6  
Foley                          John Chrism"Ireland, Kerry, Killorglin, Farrran McWilliam" 13?  02/01/1852   St. John's  O'Flynn
Foley                          Thadausm/sIreland179555  11/01/1853killed by caving of Earth  not indicated  City bk. 1 p. 047 # 373
Foley   John Foley            Front St.         Margretf/mIreland180649  11/03/1855Consumtion Worc. Front St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 068 # 361
Foley                          Elizabethf/m 182835  12/22/1863Consumption SanndersvilleSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 184 # .17
FontaineCharles   MaryMoore 5/20/1846Gibson 39.05Worc.     4/156.E8/24/1849"Payeth, Lucia"                     
Foote                          Josephm/?Canada180152  02/07/1853Consumtion Road? Villagenot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 040 # 053
ForanLawrence   Mary                     MaryfMillbury03/23/1861 21406/07/1861Debility MillburySt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 187 #.19
ForbesThomas   MaryFlynn 10/1/1837Fitton 6.11Worc.     Leicester VR >1850 "Collins, J""Canley, Catherine"                    
FordDennis   Sarah                     Dennis S.mIreland08/19/184653 11/19/1851Lung Fever  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 027 # 347
FordEdward   Catherine       Boot Bottomer   Exchange St.        BirthBk1851 1 pg.016 #111Alice AnnfWorc.07/14/1851           
FordJohn   MaryCoccoran 6/3/1846Gibson 39.06Worc.     4/156.E8/24/1849"Cahill, James""Keating, Margret"                    
FordMichael   BridgetCooney 6/28/1840Fitton 12.1New London       "Dunlop, Thomas""Dunlop, Ellen Mrs."                    
FordMichael   MaryMansfield 6/16/1847Gibson 49.02Worc.     4/156.H8/24/1849"McCabe, John""Ryan, Bridget"                    
FordMiles   Bridget           Tremont St.         MaryannfWorc.12/15/1856 3 02/15/1857Scarlet Fever Worc. Tremont St. #3Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 086 # 087
FordMiles   Bridget           Bridge St.          fWorc.09/25/1859   09/25/1859Still Born Worc. Bridge St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 118 # 356
Ford                          Annf/mIreland181835  02/04/1853Dropsy Worcesternot indicated  City bk. 1 p. 040 # 051
Ford                          Edmundm/mIreland181529  12/10/1844DropsyLaborer CBG  p. 166
Ford?Miles   Bridget                      mWorc.10/05/1858   10/05/1858Still Born WorcesterTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 106 # 390
ForrestJohn   Abbey/ AlbinaMoore 7/16/1843Fitton 23.04Spencer  Spencer 1855  2/120.4/26/1844"Finny, Michael""Moore, Ellen"                    
ForrestJohn   Ellen       Bootmaker Spencer 1855           EllenfMA00/00/1844           
ForrestJohn   Ellen       Bootmaker Spencer 1855           William MA00/00/1846           
ForrestMichael30  EllenLeary319/6/1845"Logan SJ, William" 34.1 Bootmaker Spencer 1855  3/133.9/22/1845"Forrest, Richard""Scannel, Elenor"     MaryfMA00/00/1846           
ForrestMichael30  EllenLeary319/6/1845"Logan SJ, William" 34.1 Bootmaker Spencer 1855  3/133.9/22/1845"Forrest, Richard""Scannel, Elenor"     DanielmMA00/00/1850           
ForrestMichael30  EllenLeary319/6/1845"Logan SJ, William" 34.1 Bootmaker Spencer 1855  3/133.9/22/1845"Forrest, Richard""Scannel, Elenor"     EllenfMA00/00/1852           
ForrestMichael30  EllenLeary319/6/1845"Logan SJ, William" 34.1 Bootmaker Spencer 1855  3/133.9/22/1845"Forrest, Richard""Scannel, Elenor"     CatherinefMA00/00/1855           
ForrestMichael30  EllenLeary/Long319/6/1845"Logan SJ, William" 34.1 Bootmaker Spencer 1855  3/133.9/22/1845"Forrest, Richard""Scannel, Elenor"    ctyWilliammWorc.05/20/1848           
ForrestRichard   Mary       Bootmaker Spencer 1855           EllenfMA1847           
ForrestRichard   Mary       Bootmaker Spencer 1855           MaryfMA00/00/1840           
ForrestRichard   Mary       Bootmaker Spencer 1855           DanielmMA00/00/1842           
ForrestRichard   Mary       Bootmaker Spencer 1855           WilliammMA00/00/1844           
ForrestRichard   Mary       Bootmaker Spencer 1855           RichardmMA00/00/1849           
ForrestThomas   Alba       Bootmaker Spencer 1855           MaryfMA00/00/1850           
Forrester Forreston                          Nicholasm"Ireland, Waterford, Ardmore"180832  05/25/1840      O'Flynn # 7
Foster                          Bridget Carrollf/?"Ireland, Limerick, Ballingarry"181280  07/29/1892   St. John'sLong/1/4. MERSJP  
France                          Williamm/?"Ireland, ""Yorkshire"""180938  10/04/1847      ?wb ?
FrazierAlexander   SarahConley 11/23/1839Fitton 11.03Worc.       "Petlier, John""Butler, Margret"                    
FreelandRobert   Margret                     Johnm/mIreland181632  08/07/1848ConsumtionLaborer CY  p. 211
French  pos s. of Michael & 1st wife French                    family from Mass  George A.m/s 184420  06/01/1864prisoner at Cold Harborsoldier: 21 st not here  City bk. 2 p. 20.5 # 907
FrenchJonathan C.   Ann                    ctyCharles EdwinmWorc.04/10/1844           
FrenchJonathan C.   Ann                    ctyGeorge HenrymWorc.07/12/1844           
FrenchMichael   BridgetHolly 9/25/1847Gibson 51.11Worc.     4/156.I8/24/1849"Ward, Hugh""Kennedy, Mary"     Mary AnnfWorc.07/15/1848  2108/05/1848Bowel Complaint  CY  p. 211
French  pos s. of Michael & 1st wife French                       George A.m/sMass184420  06/01/1864prisoner at Cold Harbor 21 stna  City bk. 2 p. 20.5 # 907
FullerJames22  AnneToomey229/30/1849Gibson 79.06Worc.LABORERWorc. 1850 W3 .029 143     "Ryan, James""Hanlon, Margret"IRELAND                   

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