The Irish Ancestral Research Association

Records of Early Irish Residents of Worcester, Massachusetts

Compiled by John Canavan and displayed with his permission

This database is the result of many years of effort by John Canavan, with assistance from his son Thomas A. Canavan. It includes civil marriage, birth and death records, church marriage records, Worcester and surrounding towns census' and naturalization record,s and information from a research project conducted by Mary Ellen Radziewicz and Frank & Marion Connery.

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Richard H.
Last Name (Father or Groom)First NameAge at MarriageNote: relationsHusbandFirst Name (Mother or Bride)Last NameAge at MarriageDate of MarriageMarriage solemnized ByDate turned in to Worcester clerk UnusualChurch Record: page.lineChurch rec. & other sources for Location at MarriageFather's Occupation1850 Census1855 towns/1860 Worcester CensusLocation Naturalization and other sourcesResidence from Birth Rec. and DirectoriesMarriage Rec. Worcester: Book/pageDate turned in to Worcester clerk usual/unusual circumstanceWitness MarriageWitness MarriageFather From NaturalizationNotes anySpouse of DeceasedAlt. Birth RecWorcester Birth Record Bk Pg LineName of DeceasedGender or Gender/ Condition at deathLocation of Birth from Civil records andDate of BirthAge: Years at deathMonths at deathDays at deathDate of DeathCause of DeathOccupationResidence at deathLocation of BurialCemetery info sec./row/plotState Vitial RecordsWorcester Death Records Bk pg. line
DadeeDaniel   Bridget                    ctyBridgetfWorc.06/01/1846           
DailyCharles   Ann                    Brookfield births p. 070Ellenf 08/06/183921209/08/1841  Brookfields deathsTatnuck  O'Flynn # 10
DailyPatrick   CatherineKane 9/1/1842Fitton 20.03Norwich       "Cain, Michael""Cain, Mary Mrs."                    
Daily    Bridget   <1834  Ireland              Johanna D.f/w"Ireland, Kerry"182352  03/01/1875   St. John'sMERSJP O'Flynn
Daily    JohannaSullivan <1825   Ireland              Bridgetf/w"Ireland, Kerry"182630  02/08/1856   St. John'sMERSJP O'Flynn
Daily   Anne Daily                      Charlesm/m 180735  08/14/1842  Brookfield deathsTatnuck  O'Flynn # 10
Daily  m. of Bridget Hagerty & Johanna Sullivan                       Bridget f/m or w"Ireland, Kerry"179565  03/00/1860   St. John's  O'Flynn
Daily  sis. of Daniel M. Houlihan                       Ellenf/m"Ireland, Kerry, Molahiffe"182630  11/11/1856   St. John's  O'Flynn
DakinLevi   Sarah           Winter Hill          fWorc.04/14/1859  204/16/1859Infantile Worc. Winter HillTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 122 # 509
DaleyHugh "Daley, William owns plot"                    family from Ireland   Williamm/s 183430  06/23/1864of wounds Cold Harborsoldier: 25 th Co E St. John's One/2/3  City bk. 2 p. 18 # 807 O'Flynn
DaleyMichael  5/12/1864                    family from Ireland   Johnm/s 184420  05/13/1864Killed in Battle Wildernesssoldier: 57 th Co.C not here  City bk. 2 p. 18 # 781
DaleyMichael   AnneFinney 8/1/1848Boyce 62.06Worc.     4/156.B9/26/1849"Gillmore, Patrick""McGowen, Margret"                    
DaleyMichael35  JuliaCavanagh 11/5/1848Boyce 65.11Worc.Possibly Wrong  "Worcester, Ohio<1841" 4/156.B9/26/1849"Commings, Lawrence""Boyce, J.""Ireland, Waterford, Fenney, 197"                   
DaleyMichael22.32  WinifredGallagher died 9/12/185026.229/14/1849Gibson 78.02"Worc., W. Brookfield"  W. BROOKFIELD    "Daly, Thomas""Gallagher, Mary"                    
DaleyPatrick   CatherineLenahan 1/15/1848Gibson8/24/184956.06Worc.     4/156.J8/24/1849"Daly, John""Leatham, Ann"                    
DaleyPatrick Worc. 1860 W7 EllenGallaher 6/3/1849Boyce 73.1Worc.     4/156.C9/26/1849"Gallaher, Hugo""Gallaher, Sera"                    
Daley   Michael Daley  Galliher                    Winfredf/mIreland182327  09/12/1850Child-bed West BrookfieldSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 015 # 288
Daley  "Daley, William owns plot"                       Bridgetf/?  A  03/14/1859   St. John'sOne/2/3  
Daley  "Daley, William owns plot"                       Williamm/sIreland183430  06/23/1864of wounds Cold Harbor 25 th Co ESt. John'sOne/2/3 City bk. 2 p. 18 # 807 O'Flynn
Daley                          Patrickm/mIreland180355  02/14/1858  OxfordSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 188 # 35
Daley   Winifred Gallagher                      Michaelm/mIreland182724  04/04/1851ConsumtionLaborer St. John's  City bk. 1 p. 021 # 094
Daley   5/12/1864                       Johnm/sIreland184420  05/13/1864Killed in Battle Wilderness 57 th Co.Cna  City bk. 2 p. 18 # 781
DaltonWalter   Margret       Laborer   Brown St.        BirthBk1855 1 pg.088 #316MaryfWorc. 13 Brown St.07/30/1855           
DalyJames   Bridget       Tailor Worc. 1860 W4           Timothym 1853           
DalyJames   Bridget       Tailor Worc. 1860 W4           Thomasm 1854           
DalyJames   Bridget       Tailor Worc. 1860 W4           Jamesm 1854           
Daly  "Daley, Julia owns plot"                       Helen G.f/? 00/00/181150  07/18/1861   St. John'sNazar/17/166  
Daly incity LalyBernard   Maria        Bootmaker   Mechanic St        BirthBk1847/8 pg.082 #145CatherinefWorc.10/02/1847           
Daniels                       family from Ireland  m/s 182341  10/05/1864Charlestonsoldier: 25 th Co E not here  City bk. 2 p. 20 # 878
Daniels                          Richard H.m/sIreland182341  10/05/1864Charleston 25 th Co Ena  City bk. 2 p. 20 # 878
Dapkus                          Anthonym/? 178366  10/29/1849   St. John'sAdvent/13/663 Typo?  
DarneyDaniel34  EllenPrior2411/30/1844Williamson 29.1Worc.LaborerWorc. 1850 W5. 006 032  Franklin St.  "Barret, James""Morrissey, Elizabeth""Ireland, Cork, Currigaline"   ctyDanielmWorc07/12/1848           
DarneyDaniel34  EllenPrior2411/30/1844Williamson 29.1Worc.LaborerWorc. 1850 W5. 006 032  Franklin St.  "Barret, James""Morrissey, Elizabeth""Ireland, Cork, Currigaline"   BirthBk1846/7 pg.078 #076JamesmWorc07/02/1847   07/14/1848Teething  CBG  p. 211
DarneyDaniel34  EllenPrior2411/30/1844Williamson 29.1Worc.LaborerWorc. 1850 W5. 006 032  Water St.  "Barret, James""Morrissey, Elizabeth""Ireland, Cork, Currigaline"   BirthBk1849 pg.116 #703BetseyfWorc.09/24/1849           
DarneyMichael   Mary A.Fahey 2/19/1849Gibson 70.12Worc.     4/156.N8/24/1849"Ducy, Michael""Kelley, Mary"                    
Darney  bro. of Daniel Darney /2/7/1854                  "Ireland, Cork, Currigaline"    Jamesm/?"Ireland, Cork, Currigaline"180846.49  02/08/1854Consumtion OxfordTatnuckMESSJP City bk. 1 p. 051 # 085 O'Flynn # 57
DavenJames   Margret       LaborerSutton 1850 270 310            MichaelmIreland1847           
DavenJames   Margret       LaborerSutton 1850 270 310            MaryfIreland1849           
DavenJames   Margret       LaborerSutton 1850 270 310            MartinmIreland1851           
DavisEdward   MaryMcDonald 10/2/1843Fitton 24.05Saxonville       "McNulty, James""Lenon, Mary"                    
DavisJohn  James DeeMary  <1804             "Ireland, Kildare, Selbridge"    Rosannaf/m or w 180531  09/09/1836    St.Johns Stone in St. John's
DavisPatrick   Elizabeth       Laborer   Brown St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.002 #069Sarah ElizabethfWorc. Brown St.10/22/1850           
Dawson                          Jamesm/Ireland181039  07/23/1849ConsumtionLaborerSuttonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 002 # 510
DayEdward 1855 oxford w/ 50y old Bridget C. Day Elizabeth       Wool Cleanser Oxford 1855           Michael L.mN.Y.1842           
DayEdward 1855 oxford w/ 50y old Bridget C. Day Elizabeth       Wool Cleanser Oxford 1855           MichaelmN.Y.1845           
DayEdward 1855 oxford w/ 50y old Bridget C. Day Elizabeth       Wool Cleanser Oxford 1855           James C.mMa04/18/1848           
DayMichael   Hannah       Blacksmith /laborer Worc. 1860 W4          ctyMargretfWorc.07/29/1842           
DayMichael   Hannah       Blacksmith /laborer Worc. 1860 W4           Catherinef 1847           
DayMichael   Hannah       Blacksmith /laborer Worc. 1860 W4           Ellenf 1851           
DayMichael   Hannah       Blacksmith /laborer Worc. 1860 W4           Michaelm 1856           
DayMichael   Hanora       Blacksmith /laborer Worc. 1860 W4 Winter St.        BirthBk1849 pg.117 #712JamesmWorc.03/23/1849           
DayMichael   Hanora                    ctyMichaelmWorc.04/14/1847           
DayMichael   Hanora M.       Laborer   Spring St.        BirthBk1844 pg.010 #165Mary AnnfWorc. School Dist. #110/28/1843 72706/24/1844 Dropsy of Brain  CBG State Vitials vol. 15 p. 164 
DayMichael   Hanora M.       Laborer   Spring St.        BirthBk1844/5 pg.019 #064JohnmWorc. School Dist. #105/01/1845 11504/06/1846Cough  CBG State Vitials vol. 21 p. 183p. 184
DayMichael   Johanna         Spencer1855           MaryfMA00/00/1844           
DayMichael   Johanna         Spencer1855           ElisafMA00/00/1849           
DayMichael   Johanna         Spencer1855           EllenfMA00/00/1850           
DayMichael   Johanna         Spencer1855           BridgetfMA00/00/1852           
DayMichael   Johanna         Spencer1855           SarahfMA00/00/1855           
DayMichael   Johanna                     MartinmWorc.10/04/184516 02/26/1847   CBG  p. 199
DayPatrick   ElizabethKing 3/23/1849Gibson 71.09Worc.     4/156.N8/24/1849Gibson                     
DayPatrick   Nancy       Laborer   Mechanic St.        BirthBk1847/8 pg.082 #142JohnmWorc.05/29/1848           
Day                          Mary Louisaf     1844     State Vitials vol. 15 p. 164 
Day DaiThomas   Mary       Boot Maker   Central St. Rear        BirthBk1850 1 pg.007 #278JohnmWorc.12/15/1850           
DeadyEugene   MargretO'Conners 8/6/1837Fitton 6.03Worc.       "Martin, Michael""Cavenagh, Mary"                    
DeavninJames   EllenKilmartin 11/21/1843Williamson 25.07Norwich       "Young, James""McGrath, H"                    
DeCourcey  Nephew of J&N Darney                       Danielm"Ireland, Cork, DeCourcey's Country"183722  04/15/1859   TatnuckO'Flynn # 57. MERSJP  
DeeJames   MaryWhalen 8/12/1841Fitton 16.07Worc.Laborer   Salem St.2/107.May1842Callahan"Corcoran, Mary"    ctyWilliammWorc.05/20/1842           
DeeJames   MaryWhalen 8/12/1841Fitton 16.07Worc.Laborer   Perry's Ct.2/107.May1842Callahan"Corcoran, Mary"    BirthBk1844/5 pg.019 #062JohnmWorc. School Dist. #107/00/1844           
DeeJames   MaryWhalen 8/12/1841Fitton 16.07Worc.Laborer   Salem St.2/107.May1842Callahan"Corcoran, Mary"    BirthBk1846/7 pg.055 #099JamesmWorc.07/02/1846 1208/17/1846Bowel Complaint  CBG  p. 190
Dee   James Dee                      Rosannaf/m or w 180531  09/09/1836    St.Johns Stone in St. John's
Dee   Mary Whalan                      Jamesm/mIreland181836  07/07/1854ConsumtionLaborerWorc.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 054 # 226
DeganJohn   JuliaYoung 5/9/1846Gibson 39.02Worc.   Framingham v1 p403Framingham MR4/156.E8/24/1849"Devine, John""Drenongan, Ann"                    
DeganPatrick   MaryKane 4/24/1842Fitton 19.07New London       "Byrnes, Andrew""Brenan, Margret"                    
Degan                          Jamesm/wWatertown181144  03/22/1855Suicide SL HospitalTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 061 # 061
DeLaFlashJoseph   Dom.Duscean 4/22/1844Williamson 31.05Worc.       "DeLaFlash, A""D'Andre, A"                    
DelahantyJohn   Elizabeth                     JohnmTempleton04/27/18482  04/27/1850Scarlet Fever TempletonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 011 # 105
DelahantyJohn  Joseph WallMargret  <1820   Ireland              Juliaf/mIreland182140  08/02/1861Accidental injury of spine RutlandSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 187 #.26
DelahantyJohn   Mary                    ctyAlicefWorc.02/28/1848           
DelahantyJoseph   Catherine                     WilliammIreland11/30/1851171607/15/1853Lung Fever  not indicated  City bk. 1 p. 047 # 338
DelandEdward   Julia       Laborer   Mechanic St.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.061 #210EdmundmWorc.11/05/1846           
DelanyEdward   JoanaHughes 1/12/1847Gibson 45.04Worc.     4/156.G8/24/1849"Gibson, M.W."                     
DelanyMichael   Bridget       Laborer   Mechanic St.        BirthBk1844 pg.007 #116JoannafWorc. School Dist. #111/01/1843           
DelanyMichael   Bridget       Laborer   Mechanic St.        BirthBk1847/8 pg.082 #148MichaelmWorc.03/01/1848           
DelanyMichael   Bridget       Boot Fitter   Mechanic St.        BirthBk1849 pg.109 #551MariafWorc.07/01/1849           
DelanyMichael   Ellen                    ctyEllenfWorc.11/12/1848           
DelanyPatrick   Mary                    ctyMargretfWorc.01/09/1848           
DempseyJohn39  AnnWelsh391/7/1844Williamson 26.02Worc.Laborer West Brookfield 1855  2/119.4/26/1844"Turney, Patrick""Turney, Mary Ann"                    
DenahyGarrett   blank           Thorndike         Johannaf/mIreland183523  04/08/1858Confinement Worc. ThorndikeSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 188 # 41
Dennen  "Dennen, Terence owns plot"                       Catherinef/?     00/00/1864   St. John'sM/12/80  
DennyJames   BridgetMcKenna 9/19/1843Fitton 24.02Worc. 1850 Brookfield     "Flyn, Merlin""Flyn, Mary Mrs."                    
DesotJosepie   MatildaDanderot/ Ganduot 4/21/1846Gibson 38.08Worc.     4/156.E8/24/1849"Ledou, John""Davelin, Mary"                    
DesplainesFrancis Maple MariaLusigneau 1/22/1843Goodwin 21.05Worc.       "Ledoux, Michael""Collins, Mary Ann"                    
Devereau                Mechanic St.         MargretfWorc.12/25/185413 03/25/1856Croup Worc. Machanic St. #45Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 072 # 101
Devereau/DevereauxAnthony   Margret         Worc. 1860 W3           Mauricem 1851           
Devereau/DevereauxAnthony   Margret         Worc. 1860 W3           Janef 1851           
Devereau/DevereauxAnthony   Margret         Worc. 1860 W3           Maryf 1853           
Devereau/DevereauxAnthony   Margret         Worc. 1860 W3           Johnm 1857           
Devereau/DevereauxAnthony   Margret         Worc. 1860 W3           Margretf 1859           
Devereau/DevereauxAnthony   Margret       Laborer   Mechanic St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.003 #117AnnfWorc.03/05/1850           
DevinePatrick   EmandreFuller 7/28/1845Gibson 34.06Worc.     3/133.9/22/1845"Ryan, John""Coleman, Mary"    ctyJohnmWorc.02/25/1846           
DevinePatrick   Mary                    ctyJamesmWorc.07/18/1847           
DevinePatrick   Mary       Laborer   Red Mills        BirthBk1849 pg.110 #589MaryfWorc.09/01/1849           
DevineThomas   MaryNoles 11/4/1848Gibson8/24/184966.1Worc.     4/156.M8/24/1849"Darney, Daniel""Darney, Ellen"                    
DevinsThomas   BridgetConlon 1/3/1848?8/24/184955.02Worc.     4/156.J8/24/1849"Duffy, James""McGarrey, Bridget"                    
Devnin/DevoixAnthony   MargretMaloney 11/22/1848Gibson8/24/184967.02Worc.     4/156.M8/24/1849"McLaughlin, Michael"Gibson                    
DiasJohn   LousiaPluff 9/16/1849Gibson 78.04Worc.       "d'Etoile, Louiza""Pluff, Louis"                    
DiglowJoseph   Mary           Summer St.         Lawrencef/mWorc.01/31/1860  1702/16/1860Infantile Worc. Summer St. #29Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 124 # 054
DillanEdward   Julia                    ctyThomasmWorc.08/12/1848           
Dillon  John ownes plot                       Johnm/? 00/00/180950  05/06/1859   St. John'sE/1/4  
Dillon  John ownes plot                       Edwardm 18482  12/20/1850   St. John'sE/1/4  
Dillon   Patrick Dillon                      Maryf/mIreland180247  10/12/1849Dysentery ClintonvilleSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 007 # 702
DippoldAndrew   Dorthery           Millbury St.         MaryfWorc.09/03/1855161203/15/1857Diabatus Worc. Millbury St. #6Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 086 # 123
DohertyJames   Jane         Worc. 1860 W1 Bridge St.         EmmafWorc.04/21/1860 11603/27/1861Inflamation of the Brain Worc. Bridge St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 139 # 120
DohertyJames   Jane         Worc. 1860 W1           Anna M.f 1851           
DohertyJames   Jane         Worc. 1860 W1           James T.m 1852           
DohertyJames   Jane         Worc. 1860 W1           Sarah C.C.f 1855           
DohertyJames   Jane         Worc. 1860 W1           Eliza J.f 1857           
DohertyPeter   Ann                     JohnmAuburn05/23/186115 10/23/1862Teething AuburnSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 186 # .33
Doherty                          MaryfEngland10/13/18454  10/13/1849Whooping Cough  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 007 # 703
Dolaher                          Maryf/?Ireland182730  12/02/1857Confinement AuburnSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 188 # 28
Dolanblank   Bridget           poor house        BirthBk1850 1 pg.009 #361AndrewmWorc.10/16/1850           
DolanEdward   JoannaShey 9/4/1849Gibson 77.07Worc.       "Fitzgerald, James""Doolan, Catherine"                    
DolanJohn   Mary        Sutton 1855 017 021            EdwardmMA1850           
DolanLawrence   Ellen         Worc. 1860 W2          ctyGarretmWorc.03/04/1848           
DolanLawrence   Ellen         Worc. 1860 W2           Peterm 1846           
DolanLawrence   Ellen         Worc. 1860 W2           CharlesmWorc.1851           
DolanLawrence   Ellen         Worc. 1860 W2           Mary A.fWorc.1854           
DolanLawrence   Ellen         Worc. 1860 W2           LawrencemWorc.1856           
DolanLawrence   Ellen         Worc. 1860 W2           EllenfWorc.1858           
DolanPatrick   Mary       LaborerSutton 1850 338 389Sutton 1855           JohnmMA1849           
DolanPatrick   Mary A.       Laborer   Pine (Meddow) St.        BirthBk1846/7 pg.066 #300ThomasmWorc.10/11/1846           
DolanPeter   MaryMcArdel      Operative Sturbridge 1855           Catherinef 02/21/18583  02/21/1861  SturbridgeSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 187 #.9
DolanPeter   MaryMcArdel      Operative Sturbridge 1855           Hugh J.mMA1852           
DolanPeter   MaryMcArdel      Operative Sturbridge 1855           Ann E.fMA1853           
DolanPeter   MaryMcArdel      Operative Sturbridge 1855           Catherine A.fMA1855           
DolanTerrence   blank           Spring St.         JamesmWorc.18539  11/16/1862Croup Worc. Spring St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 161 # 424
Dolan  "Dolan, Peter owns plot"                       Patrickm/?     00/00/1856   St. John'sG/6/3  
Dolan  "Dolan, Peter owns plot"                       Winfredf/?     00/00/1861   St. John'sG/6/3  
Dolan   John Dolan         Sutton 1855 017 021            Maryf/mIreland182228  07/10/1850Child-bed SuttonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 013 # 169
DolihanJohn   Mary           Harrison St.         John D.mWorc.02/06/1856111803/24/1857Teething Worc. Harrison St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 086 # 124
DollardJohn   MaryBecket 10/11/1840Fitton 13.07Worc.       "Casey, Michael""Maher, Mary"                    
DonaghoeJohn   CatherineRiordon 6/17/1846Gibson 40.02Worc.     4/156.E8/24/1849"Mahoney, Daniel""Riodon, Hanna"                    
DonaghoeJohn   MaryGrimley 9/20/1849Gibson 78.06Worc.       "Donaghoe, Michael""Grimley, Anne"                    
Donahoeblank concieved before his death this is the late Timothy's child Bridget                     MaryfWorc.01/03/184617 07/26/1847Bowel Complaint  CBG  p. 204
DonahoeDaniel   Ann       Laborer   Pine Ct.        BirthBk1855 1 pg.088 #321JohnmWorc. 4 Pine Ct.06/15/1855           
DonahoeDaniel   MaryCahalane 6/28/1847Gibson 49.05Worc.     4/156.H8/24/1849"Dunn, James""McCarthy, Ellen"                    
DonahoeEdward   Catherine           Exchange St.         JamesmWorc.07/27/1857 1809/04/1857Cholera Infantum Worc. Exchange St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 093 # 403
DonahoeFlorence   Ellen           Pine St.        ctyMargrertfWorc.03 or 10/1848           
DonahoeFlorence   Ellen           Pine St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.001 #038BurtmWorc11/13/1850           
DonahoeFlorence or Harry   EllenDooley 1/7/1848?8/24/184955.07Worc.     4/156.J8/24/1849"Mack, Patrick""Kennedy, Catherine"                    
DonahoeJohn   JoanaDonahoe 11/26/1847Gibson 54.02Worc.     4/156.J8/24/1849"Donahoe, Thomas""Donahoe, Catherine"                    
DonahoeMichael   Betsy                    ctyMaryfWorc.01/01/1848           
DonahoeMichael   Elizabeth       Laborer   Rourke Pl.        BirthBk1845/6 pg.034 #035JerimiahmWorc.04/28/184612 12/06/1847Accidental  CBG State Vitials vol. 33 p. 228p. 207
DonahoeThomas   Ellen       Laborer   Bridge St.        BirthBk1847/8 pg.081 #129MargretfWorc.03/16/1848           
DonahoeThomas   Johanna         Worc. 1860 W3           Johnm 1850           
DonahoeThomas   Johanna         Worc. 1860 W3           Hanoraf 1855           
DonahoeThomas   Johanna         Worc. 1860 W3           Ellenf 1856           
DonahoeThomas   Johanna         Worc. 1860 W3           Thomasm 1859           
DonahoeThomas   MaryCallahan 1/4/1848?8/24/184955.04Worc.     4/156.J8/24/1849"Conners, Lawrence""Conners, Joana"                    
DonahoeThomas   MaryFinagan 7/18/1846Gibson 40.07S. Royalston     4/156.F8/24/1849"Kearon, Maurice""Sheehan, Hanorah"                    
Donahoe                          Florencef/?Ireland182133  02/14/1854Consumtion Worc.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 051 # 086
Donahoe                Canal St.         Catherinef/wIreland179560  02/17/1855Consumtion Worc. Canal St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 061 # 045
Donahoe  possibaly left Bridget w/ child (ren) see DeathsBridget?                      Timothym/m  a  07/31/1845Caving of the earth upon him in excavting for the aquaduct from Bladder or Bell pondLaborer CBG State Vitials vol. 21 p. 179p. 174
Donahoe   Thomas Donahoe                      Catherinef/mIreland182127  08/22/1848   CY  p. 212
Donahoe                          Danielm/mIreland178177  09/21/1858Old Age RI PawtucketSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 189 # 63
Donahoe   Timothy?Donahoe                      Bridgetf/mIreland180545  10/05/1850Consumtion Worc.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 016 # 299
DonahueCornelius nat. 1847? Fm Killarney Co. Kerry Catherine                     JoannahfWorc.08/05/18451  08/05/1846   CBG  p. 190
DonahueDaniel25/27  CatherineLong324/4/1842Fitton 18.05Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W4"Worcester, Springfield""Franklin St. Worcester, Springfield"2/107.May1842"Sullivan, Michael""Sullivan, Elizabeth""Ireland, Kerry, Killarney, 289"   BirthBk1844/5 pg.024 #169EllenfWorc. School Dist. #104/15/1845           
DonahueDaniel25/27  CatherineLong324/4/1842Fitton 18.05Worc.Stone mason Worc. 1860 W4"Worcester, Springfield""Franklin St. Worcester, Springfield"2/107.May1842"Sullivan, Michael""Sullivan, Elizabeth""Ireland, Kerry, Killarney, 289"    JohannafWorc.1843           
DonahueDaniel25/27  CatherineLong324/4/1842Fitton 18.05Worc.Stone mason Worc. 1860 W4"Worcester, Springfield""Franklin St. Worcester, Springfield"2/107.May1842"Sullivan, Michael""Sullivan, Elizabeth""Ireland, Kerry, Killarney, 289"    Timothym/mWorc.1848           
DonahueMichael   Bitty       Laborer   Arcade        BirthBk1847/8 pg.080 #108MaryfWorc.06/01/1848           
Donahue  "Foley, Maurice owns plot"                       Hanoraf/? 00/00/181344  03/00/1857   St. John'sF/9/2  
DonellyAndrew   CarmellaHutchison 8/23/1838Fitton 9.02Sheffield       "Molunly, Dennis""Molunly, Maria"                    
DonerEdward   Mary           Blackstone St.          Mary JanefWorc.04/03/1862 4 08/03/1862unknown Worc. Blackstone St. #23Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 158 # 301
Donevan/ DrevanDennis24  MaryCallahan277/12/1849Gibson 75.08Worc.LABORERWorc. 1850 W5. 004 021   4/156.O8/24/1849"Bresnahan, Michael""Sullivan, Hanora"                    
DonivanMichael   ElizabethCaill 6/7/1845Gibson 33.07Worc.     3/132.9/22/1845"Hill, Humphrey""Leary, Ellen"                    
DonnellanPatrick   MaryRiley 11/16/1847Gibson 53.05Worc.     4/156.J8/24/1849"Connors, Martin""Conlan, Hanna"                    
DonnellyJames   Mary           Southbridge St.         Henry JamesmWorc.02/22/1860  402/26/1860Infantile Worc. Southbridge St. #50Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 124 # 083
DonnellyPatrick   Catherine                     Stephenm/sIreland183528  03/03/1863Typhoid Fever MillburySt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 185 # .29
DonnellyPatrick   Catherine                     Owenm/?Ireland183221  12/23/1853 LaborerLeicester Cherry ValleyTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 048 # 382
DonnellyThomas   Johanna           Pine St.         JamesmWorc.07/04/1858 11408/18/1858Croup Worc. Pine St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 104 # 322
DonnelonJohn   Bridget                     Catherinef/sOxford184417  07/08/1861  OxfordSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 187 #.22
Donnelon   Bridget?                      Johnm/mIreland182834  05/29/1862Consumption OxfordSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 186 # .18
DonoghueJohn   SarahCarr 9/6/1835Fitton 3.03"Worc., Leicester"     Leicester VR >1850 "Nichols, William""Mooney, Lydia"                    
DonohueMichael   Mary       Laborer   Oak Ave.          fWorc.04/01/1860  104/02/1860Premature Worc. Oak Ave.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 126 # 143
DonoughMichael   Mary       Laborer   Arcade        BirthBk1844/5 pg.020 #094MaryfWorc. School Dist. #104/03/1845           
Donoughue                Old Pine St.         Florencef/mIreland182729  05/13/1856Consumtion Worc. Old Pine St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 074 # 181
DonovanDennis   Mary           Pine St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.001 #037MargretfWorc.08/03/1850           
DonovanEdward   EllenMoore 9/11/1848Boyce 64.04Worc.     4/156.B9/26/1849"Boyce, J""Buckley, Hanna"                    
DonovanRichard   MaryKelly 12/2/1848Gibson8/24/184967.06Worc.     4/156.M8/24/1849Gibson"Carroll, Thomas"                    
DonovenJames   CatherineConley 11/21/1838Fitton 9.06Worc.       "Walsh, Rev. P.W.""Collins, Ann"                    
DoodyJames   ElizabethCasey 1/12/1847Gibson 45.05Worc.     4/156.G8/24/1849"Reardon, John""Hughes, Hanora"    ctyDanielmWorc.11/27/1847           
DoodyMichael   Catherine                     Lawrencem 12/12/18403  12/12/1843   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 14
DoodyWilliam29  MargretFlemming199/28/1849Gibson 79.04Worc.  Worc. 1860 W3/ W4    "Flemming, David""O'Neil, Hanna"                    
DoodyWilliam second wife. Mary  >5/7/1852 <4/1855        Blackstone St.         JamesmWaltham01/21/185626 07/21/1858Consumption Worc. Blackstone St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 103 # 267
DoodyWilliam             Worc. 1860 W3           Maryf 1851           
DoodyWilliam             Worc. 1860 W3           Ellenf 1853           
Doody                          Margretf/mIreland182923  05/07/1852Infamation of the Lungs  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 031 # 124
Doolen/DeneenJohn 1860 Deneen CatherineDower 10/11/1840Fitton 13.06Worc.  Worc. 1860 W3    "Hayes, Patrick""Hayes, Mary Mrs"     PatrickmWorc.1850           
DooleyRichard   Margret                     RichardmGrafton03/15/1858 6 09/15/1858Choleria Infantum GraftonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 189 # 59
Dooley/DoodyWilliam   EllenConnelly 3/2/1835Fitton 2.07Worc.     2/081.12/31/1836"Kelly, Dennis""Underwood, Catherine"                    
DoranthKilian   AnnFaris 1/12/1843Fitton 21.02Northampton       "Burns, John""Moran, Maria"                    
DoratyJerimiah   Nancy                     CatherinefWorc.08/19/18451 1208/31/1846   CBG  p. 191
DoretyPatrick   Margret                    ctyMaryfWorc.08/03/1847           
DormodyJerimiah   Catherine                     JohnmWorc.04/28/1844112606/24/1845Scarlet Fever  CBG  p. 172
DorrMichael   Bridget       Farmer Leicester 1855           JamesmIreland00/00/1835     Factory     
DorrMichael   Bridget       Farmer Leicester 1855           JohnmIreland00/00/1845           
DorrMichael   Bridget       Farmer Leicester 1855           CatherinefMA00/00/1849           
DorrMichael   Bridget       Farmer Leicester 1855           ThomasmMA00/00/1851           
DorrMichael   Bridget       Farmer Leicester 1855           Mary AnnfMA00/00/1852           
Dorrely                          Johnm/sIreland182225  09/28/1847Dysentery  CBG  p. 206
DoucetJoseph   Betsey       Teamster            BirthBk1849 pg.118 #744Julia annfWorc.10/05/1849           
DoucetJoseph   Zoa           Liberty St.          ?Worc.03/08/1859  103/09/1859Infantile Worc. Liberty St. #19Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 111 # 081
DougherlyJames   AgnesBradley 4/27/1845Gibson 32.1Worc.     3/155.9/22/1845Gibson M. W.                     
DoughertyHugh   Ann       Tailor   Pine St.        BirthBk1848/9 pg.105 #324SamuelmWorc.05/24/1848           
DoughertyJames   Nancy                    ctyCatherinefWorc.08/18/1845           
DoughertyThomas   Margret                    ctyWilliammWorc.04/08/1848           
DowdDominic   Mary           E. Central St.         MaryfWorc.09/26/18541  09/26/1855Detention Worc. E. Central St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 066 # 259
DowdMichael   Abby       Laborer   Cypress St.        BirthBk1851 1 pg.016 #113MargretfWorc.11/27/1851           
Dowd                          MaryfIreland183714  02/28/1851Liver Complaint  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 019 # 037
DowerJohn   EllenFitzgerald 7/3/1836Fitton 4.06Worc.       "Foley, Mike""Powers, Mary""Ireland, Waterford, Whitefield"                   
DowlingThomas S.   SarahHarding 6/30/1844Williamsonint.6/9/184427.11Holden/Holliston   Framingham v1 p269Framingham MR  "Cody, Thomas A.""Dowling, Elizabeth"                    
Down                Canal St.          fWorc.09/12/18631  09/12/1864Gangrene of face Worc. Canal St.St. John's  City bk. 2 p. 20 # 891
DowneyPatrick   Elizabeth                     Ann JanefWorc.01/28/1845 71409/11/1845Bowel Complaint  CBG  p. 176
Downey                          Bartholemeum/wIreland181237  10/02/1849DysenteryLaborerWareSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 007 # 698
DowningJohn   MargretMackin 8/18/1844Williamson 28.05Worc.       "Donahue, Michael""Downing, Mary"                    
Downing  "Foley, Maurice owns plot"                       Maryf/? 00/00/181936  02/03/1855   St. John'sF/9/2  
Downing   Casey                      Maryf/m 182241  12/20/1863Consumption BostonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 184 # .16
DoyleAndrew   JannetDoherty 5/20/1849Boyce 73.08Worc.     4/156.C9/26/1849"Gilligan, Mathew""Lynch, Bridget"                    
DoyleJames   Ann         Worc. 1860 W3           Mary A.f 1856           
DoyleJames   Ann         Worc. 1860 W3           JamesmWorc.1859           
DoyleJames   Ann           Charles St.         JamesmWorc.08/23/1858  208/25/1858Stoppage of Water Worc. Charles St. #4Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 104 # 324
DoyleJames   Elizabeth                     Lucy AnnfSpencer09/24/1861 1110/25/1861Canker Rash SpencerSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 191 # 167
DoyleJames   Mary         Worc. 1860 W5           Margretf 1852           
DoyleJames   Mary         Worc. 1860 W5           Michaelm 1858           
DoyleJames   Mary           Winter St.         JamesmWorc.05/14/1857  905/23/1857  Worc. Winter St. #3Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 089 # 249
DoyleMichael   Bridget                      mWorc.08/19/1865  1hr08/19/1865infantile  Tatnuck  City bk. 2 p. 29 # 396
DoylePat/Victor28/ 27  HanoraConnolly/ Crowley2410/3/1844Williamson 28.09Worc.   Worcester 3/128.10/8/1844"Connelly, William""Ryan, Margret""Ireland, Waterford, Strabellagh, 338"                   
DoylePatrick   EllenBurke 8/6/1842Fitton 20.01Worc.       "Baldwin, Edward""Baldwin, Ellen Mrs."    ctyPatrickmWorc.04/06/1846c  08/27/1846Bowel Complaint  CBG  p. 191
DoylePatrick   EllenBurke 8/6/1842Fitton 20.01Worc.       "Baldwin, Edward""Baldwin, Ellen Mrs."     JuliafWorc.03/05/1845  103/06/1845   CBG State Vitials vol. 15 p. 167p. 168
DoyleThomas   Ellen                     JohnmFitchburg10/07/18462  10/07/1848   CBG  p. 214
DoyleThomas   Mary                     AnnfLeicester02/2/18601  02/02/1861Teething LeicesterSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 187 #.3
Doyle  "Doyle, Patrick owns plot"                       Maryf 00/00/18535  01/21/1858   St. John'sB/3/1  
Doyle  "Doyle, Patrick owns plot"                       Johnm/? 00/00/1854   08/23/1854   St. John'sB/3/1  
Doyle                          Francism/sIreland184318  05/19/1861Consumption HoldenSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 187 #.14
Drain  m. of Mary Drain                       Bridgetf/m or w"Ireland, Louth"179372  11/18/1865   St. John's  O'Flynn
Driscollblank   Catherine           poor house        BirthBk1850 1 pg.009 #356CatherinefWorc.11/11/1850           
DriscollDennis   Hanora         Worc. 1860 W3           Johnm 1842           
DriscollDennis   Hanora         Worc. 1860 W3           Margretf 1846           
DriscollDennis   Hanora           Spring St.         Mary B.fBoston03/14/185343 06/14/1857Accidental Worc. Spring St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 090 # 275
DriscollDennis   Mary         Worc. 1860 W1           Johnm 1840           
DriscollDennis   Mary         Worc. 1860 W1           Maryf 1844           
DriscollDennis   Mary         Worc. 1860 W1           Katef 1850           
DriscollDennis   Mary         Worc. 1860 W1           Margretf 1852           
DriscollDennis   Mary         Worc. 1860 W1           Dennism 1853           
DriscollMichael   Mary       Trader   Front St.        BirthBk1850 1 pg.002 #084JohnmWorc. Front St.10/20/1850           
Druhan/ MahanNicholas   AnneFour 2/27/1848Boyce8/24/184958.05Worc.  Worc. 1860 W5  4/156.A &4/156.K9/26/1849"Cunningham, Edward""Power, Margret"                    
Druhan/ MahanNicholas   Hannah       Laborer Worc. 1860 W5 Southbridge St.        BirthBk1848/9 pg.105 #351Walter NicholasmWorc.01/07/1849           
Druhan/ MahanNicholas   Hannah         Worc. 1860 W5          BirthBk1850 1 pg.006 #218JohnmWorc.10/10/1850           
Druhan/ MahanNicholas   Hannah         Worc. 1860 W5           Ellenf 1852           
Druhan/ MahanNicholas   Hannah         Worc. 1860 W5           Patrickm 1856           
Druhan/ MahanNicholas   Hannah         Worc. 1860 W5           Nicholasm 1859           
Drumond/ DonnellMichael   AnneBurns 2/11/1848Boyce8/24/184957.08Worc.     4/156.A &4/156.K9/26/1849"Lynch, Patrick""Rourke, Mary"                    
Duby                          AllenmCanada11/24/185736 05/24/1861Croup West BoylstonSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 187 #.16
DuCelle/ InbolleBenedict   JuliannahAnge 2/21/1848Gibson8/24/184958.02Worc.     4/156.K8/24/1849"Menard, Charles""DuCelle, Sarah"                    
Ducy/DorseyJames   Mary       Laborer West Brookfield 1855           KatefMA00/00/1851           
Ducy/DorseyJames   Mary       Laborer West Brookfield 1855           JamesmMA00/00/1853           
Ducy/DorseyJohn   Ann       Laborer West Brookfield 1855           MaryfMA00/00/1844           
Ducy/DorseyJohn   Ann       Laborer West Brookfield 1855           EllenfMA00/00/1848           
Ducy/DorseyJohn   Ann       Laborer West Brookfield 1855           LaurencemMA00/00/1849           
Ducy/DorseyJohn   Ann       Laborer West Brookfield 1855           ElisafMA00/00/1852           
Duffee                          Catherinef/ 181819  10/21/1837   Irish  p. 24
DuffyBarney Barnaby   MaryDevlin 8/2/1846McEvoy 41.05"Worc., Millbury"LaborerMillbury 1850Millbury 1855  4/156.F Millbury VR >18508/24/1849"Hughes, Patrick""Devlin, Catherine"     Francism 04/03/184819 01/03/1850   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 50
DuffyBarney Barnaby   MaryDevlin 8/2/1846McEvoy 41.05"Worc., Millbury"LaborerMillbury 1850Millbury 1855  4/156.F Millbury VR >18508/24/1849"Hughes, Patrick""Devlin, Catherine"     EdwardfMA1851           
DuffyBarney Barnaby   MaryDevlin 8/2/1846McEvoy 41.05"Worc., Millbury"LaborerMillbury 1850Millbury 1855  4/156.F Millbury VR >18508/24/1849"Hughes, Patrick""Devlin, Catherine"     BridgetfMA1854           
DuffyJames   BridgetMcGavey/ McGarny 12/25/1848Gibson8/24/184968.03Worc.     4/156.N8/24/1849Gibson"Rattigan, Mary"                    
DuffyTimothy   EllenDuranty 9/14/1846McEvoy 42.08Worc.     4/156.F8/24/1849"Reardon, T.""Suttam, Anne"                    
DuganCornelius See Millbury 1855 Honora       Farmer Millbury 1855           CatherinefMA1845           
DuganCornelius See Millbury 1855 Honora       Farmer Millbury 1855           JuliafMA1851           
DuganCornelius See Millbury 1855 Honora       Farmer Millbury 1855           ConreliusmMA1854           
DuganCornelius55  Mary AnnWhalen 10/20/1844Williamson 29.01Worc.1st wife Catherine  Sutton aways   "Duggan, Patrick""Duggan, Mary""Ireland, Cork, Ahebologne, 168"                   
DuganDaniel   Mary       Laborer Millbury 1855           CatherinefMA1841           
DuganDaniel   Mary       Laborer Millbury 1855           MaryfMA1842           
DuganDaniel   Mary       Laborer Millbury 1855           JuliafMA1845           
DuganDaniel   Mary       Laborer Millbury 1855           JoannafMA1847           
DuganDennis27  MaryCarroll 10/21/1843Williamson 24.12Worc.Foundry Millbury 1855Millbury Auburn Worcester 2/119.4/24/1844"Dugan, John""Dugan, Catherine""Ireland, Cork, Ahoblug, 119"    ConreliusmMA1845           
DuganDennis27  MaryCarroll 10/21/1843Williamson 24.12Worc.Foundry Millbury 1855Millbury Auburn Worcester 2/119.4/24/1844"Dugan, John""Dugan, Catherine""Ireland, Cork, Ahoblug, 119"    DavidmMA1848           
DuganDennis27  MaryCarroll 10/21/1843Williamson 24.12Worc.Foundry Millbury 1855Millbury Auburn Worcester 2/119.4/24/1844"Dugan, John""Dugan, Catherine""Ireland, Cork, Ahoblug, 119"    DennismMA1854           
DuganDennis27  MaryCarroll 10/21/1843Williamson 24.12Worc.Foundry Millbury 1855Millbury Auburn Worcester 2/119.4/24/1844"Dugan, John""Dugan, Catherine""Ireland, Cork, Ahoblug, 119"    CatherinefMA1856           
DuganJames   MaryRyan 5/3/1847Gibson 47.11Worc.     4/156.H8/24/1849"Dunn/ Quinn, Patrick""Foley/ Kelly, Bridget"                    
DuganJohn   Catherine       Stome mason Millbury 1855           CatherinefMA1854           
DuganPatrick   HanahHearly 8/4/1839Fitton 10.09Worc.       "Murphy, Humphry""Moore, Elizabeth A."                    
Dugan     Hogan                    Judithf/m 181233  03/28/1845   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 19
Dugan  Corneilus Duggan arr.1837Corneilus Duggan                      Catherinef/m"Ireland, Cork, Ahebologne"179146  09/07/1837   Tatnuck  O'Flynn # 1
Dugan   James Duggan                      Juliaf/mIreland181333  11/16/1846Hernia  ?   
Dugan                          Thomasm/sIreland182230  12/16/1852Consumtion  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 038 # 390
Duglass                          AnnefClintonville05/03/1849 3 080/3/1849  ClintonvilleSt. John's  City bk. 1 p. 002 # 516
Dullaghane   Charles Dullingham                      Maryf/mIreland178965  08/30/1854Debility  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 054 # 252
DunlevyPeter   Mary       Laborer   Madison St.        BirthBk1848/9 pg.105 #344Mary AnnfWorc.10/02/1848           
DunlevyPeter   Mary       Laborer   Madison St.         ThomasmBoston09/09/1846 11208/11/1847   CBG State Vitials vol. 33 p. 225p. 204
DunnFrancis   Sara           Mechanic St         Sara JanefWorc.06/07/185414 10/07/1855Teething Worc. Machanic St.Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 067 # 319
DunnJames   CatherineStokes274/3/1837Fitton 5.04Worc.Watchman RR Depot Worc. 1860 W5 Temple St.  "Dunn, James""Quin, Elizabeth"    BirthBk1844 pg.006 #098Mary E.fWorc. School Dist. #102/11/1844392312/03/1847Inflamation of Lungs  CBGA/7/1State Vitials vol. 33 p. 228p. 207
DunnJames   CatherineStokes274/3/1837Fitton 5.04Worc.Watchman RR Depot Worc. 1860 W5 Temple St.  "Dunn, James""Quin, Elizabeth"     William C.m 1839     Clerk     
DunnJames   CatherineStokes274/3/1837Fitton 5.04Worc.Watchman RR Depot Worc. 1860 W5 Temple St.  "Dunn, James""Quin, Elizabeth"     James B.m 1841     Armorer     
DunnJames   CatherineStokes274/3/1837Fitton 5.04Worc.Watchman RR Depot Worc. 1860 W5 Temple St.  "Dunn, James""Quin, Elizabeth"     John A.m 1842     Flag Boy     
DunnJames   CatherineStokes274/3/1837Fitton 5.04Worc.Watchman RR Depot Worc. 1860 W5 Temple St.  "Dunn, James""Quin, Elizabeth"     George W.m 1852           
DunnJames   CatherineStokes274/3/1837Fitton 5.04Worc.Watchman RR Depot Worc. 1860 W5 Temple St.  "Dunn, James""Quin, Elizabeth"     Edward F.m 1855           
DunnJames  Catherine Stokes                      Jamesm/mIreland180978  11/27/1887   St. John'sA/7/1  
DunnJohn   CatherinePratt 4/28/1842Fitton 18.1Norwich     2/107.May1842"Daily, Patrick""Collier, Mary Ann"                    
DunnJohn   Ellen       Laborer   Mechanic St        BirthBk1850 1 pg.003 #120DanielmWorc.12/10/1850           
DunnJohn   Helen       Laborer   Cork Alley        BirthBk1849 pg.109 #563JohnmWorc.07/29/1849           
DunnJohn   MaryMcGharce? 9/19/1837Fitton 6.06Worc.       "Cronnele, John""Brown, Ann"                    
DunnNicholas21  CatherineCawfield/ Crawford241/26/1849Gibson 69.08Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W3 Pine Ct.4/156.N8/24/1849"Leonard, James""Cawfield, Bridget"     Maryf 1852           
DunnNicholas21  CatherineCawfield/ Crawford241/26/1849Gibson 69.08Worc.Laborer Worc. 1860 W3 Pine Ct.4/156.N8/24/1849"Leonard, James""Cawfield, Bridget"    BirthBk1855 1 pg.088 #323JohnmWorc. 14 Pine Ct.11/24/1855           
DunnPatrick   Elizabeth                    ctyMary ElizabethfWorc06/17/1840           
DunnPatrick   Elizabeth                    ctyJohnmWorc.09/25/1842           
DunnPatrick   Elizabeth       Laborer   Pine (Meddow) St.        BirthBk1844/5 pg.021 #109Ann JanefWorc. School Dist. #101/29/1845           
DunnPatrick   HanoraGleason 2/1/1847Gibson 46.04Worc.     4/156.G8/24/1849"Cornbury, Michael""Leatham, Ann"                    
DunnThomas   Catherine           Larmatine St.         MaryfBoston10/20/1843158 06/20/1859Consumption Worc. LarmatineTatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 114 # 203
Dunn  "one James is from Ireland, Cavan"                       Jamesm/? 182481  1873   St. John'sA/7/1  
Dunn                          Williamm/? 183925  04/03/1864   St. John'sA/7/1  
Dunn  StokesJames                      Catherinef/w 181086  10/20/1896   St. John'sA/7/1  
Dunn  "Dunn, Rev Thomas M. owns plot"                       Frank J.m/? 00/00/177485  04/04/1859   St. John'sM/18/126  
Dunn                          Patrickm/Ireland180445  07/31/1849Consumtion  Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 002 # 512
Dunn                          Johnm/sIreland181934  10/29/1853Typhoid Fever  not indicated  City bk. 1 p. 047 # 371
DunningStephen   Mary       Moulder   Temple St.        BirthBk1855 1 pg.088 #295EllenfWorc. Temple St. 1108/21/1855           
DupresCharlee   MargretMartin 1/23/1848Gibson 56.12Worc.     4/156.K8/24/1849"Dupres, Peter""Martin, Agnes"                    
DupreyEmmanuel   LouizaDuprey 5/14/1848/ 4/14/1848Boyce8/24/184861.02Worc.     4/156.A &4/156.L8/24/1849"Martin, Henry""Gannon, Louiza"                    
During/Diving                          Thomasm/m"Ireland, Claire, Kittach"182329  09/02/1852Killed on RRLaborer Tatnuck  City bk. 1 p. 036 # 317 O'Flynn #50
DurnyJohn   CatherineBesenett 1/26/1844Williamson 26.07Norwich       "Danahay, Jeremiah""Danahay, Catherine"                    
DwyerJames   AnneCarmody 8/20/1848Boyce 64.01Worc.       "Reardon, William""Hastings, Ellen"                    
DwyerNicholas   MaryKennedy 1/26/1848Gibson 57.02Worc.     4/156.K8/24/1849"Fitzgerald, John""Buckley, Hanna"                    
DyerMichael   Catherine       Boot Treer   Exchange St. rear        BirthBk1849 pg.110 #603MathewmWorc.07/26/1849           
DyerPatrick   BridgetConlan 11/12/1842Fitton 20.07Saxonville       "Heys, John""Conlan, Mary"                    
Dyer  "Dyer, John owns plot"                       Patrickm/? 00/00/183323  12/28/1856   St. John'sB/10/9      

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