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Index To Forester Members Death Claims 1880-1935

Explanation of Index Columns
Names: Some MCOF members may have multiple entries in the index. A woman may have entries for both maiden name and married name. There may be more than one spelling of the surname. Be sure to check for variants such as Kelly and Kelley, Mc and Mac, and O'.
Courts: MCOF members changed Courts if they moved to a new parish. An entry in the index for each Court location is included.
Age at Init(iation): This is the age of a member upon joining the MCOF, from which the birth year can be inferred. The same initiation age and date appear in any Court change.
Claim number: Each MCOF policy was given a Death Claim number according to the date the claim was paid. Claims were made soon after death and usually paid in a timely fashion.
MMR: missing mortuary record. We may have minimal information about such a claim.
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SurnameGiven NameMNTitleCourt #Court Name Court LocationAge at Init.Initiation DateDate Of DeathClaim #MMR
IbachCharles  93GermaniaBoston37January-23-1898November-2-19072725 
IbisonWilliamH. 84DanversDanvers24March-22-1898December-24-19114146 
IgoJohn  25St. FrancisWest Quincy37September-23-1890October-12-19198075 
IgoVincentM. 244St. DominicFoxboro27May 17 1923December 19 193217571 
IgoeJohnJ. 65St. ColumbkilleBrighton30February-16-1909September-28-192511772 
IgoeJohnJ. 258PresentationBrighton30February-16-1909September-28-192511772 
IllingworthAbagailI.Mrs.116Martha WashingtonLynn37October-31-1911May-19-192914595 
IrelandAliceA. 139Fr. DenvirBeverly38February 24 1897May 27 193217114 
IrvingMary J.Mrs.97St. AnthonyMedway46December 19 1912June 9 193217143 
IrwinWilliamF. 19WilliamsEast Boston39February-15-1914October-31-192713295 
Irwin John  104SpringfieldSpringfield39December 19 1915December 16 193217590 
Irwin PatrickJ. 198Dorchester (Crescent)Dorchester45June-23-1913January-1-19155272 
IrwineArthur  48SarsfieldNorth Attleboro29March 8 1892March 22 193418837 
IrwineFannieJ.Mrs.48SarsfieldNorth Attleboro34December-11-1900August-1-192914735 
IversEdmundJoseph 5LeoEast Boston24October-5-1898May-30-192713020 
IversEliza Mrs.136Fr. ConwaySalem46October-3-1905August-3-19166055 
IversEllenR.Mrs.48SarsfieldNorth Attleboro37June-18-1895January-12-192612002 
IversWilliamE. 48SarsfieldNorth Attleboro35January-24-1893June-17-192612378 
IversWilliamJ. 14LafayetteLynn28May-10-1893January-20-19134450 
IversWilliamJ. 16EssexSalem28May-10-1893January-20-19134450 
IvoryDaniel  83John Henry NewmanEverett46June-15-1897July-6-19011429 
IvorySusanG.A.Mrs.229AllstonAllston39May 30 1924March 29 193418850 

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